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>Learch Engine Finds

Well I was planning to post yesterday and life got in the way and I am later than I planned for posting today (life again) but at last I have time to post (hooray). So lets find out what weird, twisted and confusing things people typed into a search engine, to bring them to this blog.

wife spanks/blog
Did the blog enjoy it?

please spank my bottom behind butt – Butt what? butt what!

a pictorial history of the spanked bottom – Now that would be a great coffee table book to have.

mistress who sold off her male subs stories – No Mistress that I would go to.

crave pain spanking daily fetish – Yes, the craving and the fetish are there all day, every day.

headmistress punishes boys using cornertime – Cornertime! Ugh! no fair, safeword!

kink calculator how many swats implement – I want one!

northren spanking brats – Not only misspelling but also confusing your spanking vid producers, tut, tut.

s_it=hf_aolbb_cl_ws_registered&q=pixie wells&rp= – someone actually typed that?

husband been fitted with chastity device – Not on this blog.

archive showing of margaret dick making a lochgelly tawse – if I could find that clip (and I did search for it after seeing this) I would post it.

copper spanking art – Is this spanking art from police officers?

crafters who make spanking paddles – Give me time, it is bound to happen and when it does it will be posted ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>Learch Engine Finds

Well it has been a while since the strange and twisted things, that people type into search engines, that bring people to this blog, have been exposed. So lets take a look at what we have got.

ceples spanking – I don’t even know what “ceples” means

f?m spanking – So you are not sure if it was an f. *sings* Well she looked like a woman but spanked like a man, Lola la la la la Lola (like from This Song)

boobs in the wood spanking – And who exactly were these boobs spanking

s_it=sb_uk&q=spank%20a%20man%20blogs – s_it=methink%20W%20T%20F

random spankings day to day living f/m – Sound pretty good actually

spanking little pay. – Little pay little spanking

wome with glasses spanks – Whom?

suzi perry with a cane on gadget show – OK I Googled that one after seeing it and found nothing. Dammit!

strict uncle lucy spanking – And is strict uncle Lucy a friend of Lola’s?

fff/m spanking – A dream of mine too ๐Ÿ™‚

kinky crafters who make panties – I could give it a go, I suppose

how many couples use spanking – I would guess loads

where men can go to get a butt spanking – If you find any new places, please share

spankef by the couple – Just one key to the left and it could have gone so well

how old is amber pixie wells on october 22 – Old enough to know better but not too old for a good spanking

margaret dick tawse – This one confused me until I Googled it myself and found that Ms Dick is the descendant of a famous Tawse maker


>Learch Engine Finds

While I was on my semi break that list of search engine phrases, of the weird, wonderful and sometimes worrying, sets of words, that bring people to this blog has been building up. So lets take a dive into the twisted psyche that takes hold of people when they connect with Google.

f/m or m/m male or man or men or frat or frats or fraternity or fraternities paddles or paddled or paddle or swats naked or nude or bare ass or asses or butt or butts clips or clip or video or videos – Do you think that this one was after caning photos?

watership down, richard adams, blogspot, like – How did this one end up here?

germany beverly bacci – Well Bacci sounds a bit Italian to me and she lives in the USA, can’t understand why the Germany bit is there

pinkdevils katerina tetova – After how many whiskeys?

french spanking blog – No this one is definitely in English

spanked at 12 – spanked at any time of the day is good for me

freie videos rohrstock – Isn’t “Freie” a region in the Netherlands where cows come from?

ludwig rorschach-palast blog – You might want to try spelling it like this LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST

f/m my boss spanks me stories – If your female boss spanks you it may not be wise to tell stories, she may stop spanking you and that would be bad

i want to be spanked on – On what? the suspense is killing me

bare she caned him – Spanko Yoda is back sees I

S_IT=HF_talk talk_cl_WS_registered ED&Q=well spanked man&RP=whole web – WTF?

spanking machine and jane fonda – good combination in her younger days, I hope you found this one. If so, do share

caned by cassy hunter does it hurt? – My guess would be yes, a lot

leia ann woods bar – I would drink there

nurse spanked me – Good medicine ๐Ÿ™‚


>The Ashes – Learch Engine Finds


Good Luck England

Yesterday saw the opening over of the worlds most important sporting event, I am of course talking about The Ashes test cricket match between Australia and England, that takes place approximately once every two years. Any Americans or Canadians out there who don’t know what test cricket is, should be aware that your nations invented it, although matches last weeks now rather than the original two days. I would like to wish the England the best of luck, give the Aussies hell.
By the way, any models looking for a niche porn market, after some rather extended searching and surfing of the internet, it became obvious that there are very few photographs about that combine cricket bats and nudity.

Learch engine finds

The witty, the weird and the downright mind boggling things that people type into search engines amazes me, here are a few that landed them at Spankedhortic.

How do you spank a man F/m – Well first you send me an email

Vintage carpet beater mistress – What vintage do you want her to be?

Good bottom thrashings sexy – Bottom thrashings are always good but if you think I’m sexy, it might be time to see an optician

Spring awakenings over her knee – I want one of those alarm clocks

Spanking internet changing spaces – Sell that idea to Fox TV, fast

I got tawsed – Lucky you

Firefly spanking Mal I agree, there should have been a Spanking

Straight men want to be spanked – Well this one does

Caning academy for naughty boys – A few terms there would do me some good

Build a spanking machine – I tried and failed but SALI mk2 is in the planning stage, WEG

Nude WPCs – If they are nude, how do you know that they are Women Police Constables?

Southern couple spank – And then play banjos

Photos of normal people get spanked by mom – Sorry, mom does not allow cameras in the punishment room

Internat spanking – Yea! spank those gnats, inter or outer

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>Learch Engine Finds

When people are with other people they usually control themselves and do not let their imaginations run wild but when they sit in front of a computer, they are alone and can unleash their twisted thoughts, usually with the aid of a search engine. So let’s find out what weird and wonderful phrases lured the unsuspecting to this blog. Remember, in cyberspace, no one is chasing you with a straight jacket.

Chelsea spanks Tube – Who’s Tube? Is she a new spankee star?

Female teacher spanking Tube – There she is again, to get so popular so fast she must be very good.

This lady knows how to spank hard – This lad likes to be spanked hard.

Streng Gouvernanten who spank men – And they must be able to do it in two languages.

Goodbye vanilla thumblogger – Wasn’t that a song by Elton John?

My inner vision Japanese blog – very Zen!

Cained in the woods – Do you think they were looking for “Caned in the woods” or “Chained in the woods”?

Chromed handled flogger – Nice! I wouldn’t mind one of those myself, sounds expensive though.

Josephine spanking – Not tonight.

Spanking bare bottoms in Blackpool – *Everybody sings* Oh I do like to spank beside the seaside, I do like to spank beside the sea.

Spankable Erin Grey – No! Erin Grey is definitely a top.

Oldest spankee – Not yet but I’m working on it ๐Ÿ™‚

Adultcorporalpunishment – There is a big wide key at the bottom of your key board. You should try it out, it’s very useful.

Kinky Belgian women – Yes, there is a great demand for these, especially from me.

Free 20 second spanking clips – Why only 20 seconds?

Niki Flynn – pirate’s – pirate – eunuch – The mind boggles.

Schoolgirl gets spanked and analyzed with her teacher – I suddenly want to be an annalist.

Catherine Zita Jones spanked video – If you found one please tell us where to find it.

Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.


>Learch Engine Finds

>In this post are some images of kinky ornaments, that I found on SEXCULTURAS, a while ago. They have been put in this post because I think that they are really cute and I have not found an excuse to put them in a post yet, so they are here for no reason at all.

It is time once more to find out what weird and wonderful search phrases loured people to this blog, enjoy.

Learch engine finds

Amanda Pixie Wells – Has Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells got a cousin? strange that they both have the same middle name.

Wespankgirls – I hope that they are better than Westlife

Bent over desk clip – That must be a very big desk clip

Non consensual spanking – Not on this blog mate

Joanna Pritchart pussy – Is that a LOL cat?

Kinky men as housemaids – Not yet but give me time (or an excuse)

Spanjed hubby – Spelling!

Spnaked hubby – You again! buy a dictionary and visit Spanked Hubby

Home made spanking machine – Are you trying to give me ideas? Could work

Whipping machine lucky – Not for all those out of work Tops, that it is

How tall is Leia-Ann Woods – I have had this repeatedly for weeks now, check out this post Spanking Model Spotlight – Leia Ann Woods!

Volunteers for spanking – ME! ME! ME!

Hamster porn spanking caning – Absolutely no kids or animals here

Ssny spanking – Ssny?

Rohrstock ballast – Is that what you find in the hold of the good ship ROHRSTOCK

Clare Fonda rectal thermometer – You had better ask Clare Fonda’s permission before using that.

Parachute cream – I don’t know how that got you here but you are well lost