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>Learch Engine Finds And A Hiatus (Sort Of)


A sort of hiatus and if I suddenly stop posting

Due to an elderly parent back in the UK, who is going into hospital this week, I am sort of bouncing off the walls with stress and worry and am finding it a little difficult concentrating on coming up with posts for the blog. So instead of posting here without due care and attention, I have decided to “dumb down” the posting for a while and just post easy stuff, “Spec”tacular spanking pics, funnies that I have on the hard drive, stuff like that. So here is the plan, “Thought For The Week” will happen on Friday and the blog stuff round up will happen on Saturday but from Sunday, until things change, you will find the “Sort Of Hiatus Posts”. As a little consolation I am hoping to post daily while I do this.

I am in a situation where there is a bag packed in the hallway ready to grab and scoot back to the UK if necessary, so if I suddenly stop posting this only means that I have had to hit the road in a hurry and I will be back and posting as soon as is humanly possible. I thank you readers for your understanding, in advance.

Learch Engine Finds

Master Bates through her panties – Well either her panties are very large or Master Bates is very small

Dominant older females over six feet tall willing to spank men – A tribe of Amazonian spanking women! If I find out about any I will blog about them

Why should adult males crave to be spanked – Because it’s so much yummy fun of coarse

Kilts tawsed – Kilts are very thick, better flip the kilt up first

Cane headmaster schoolgirl sit – Yep this guy/gal must have two dogs named Cane and Schoolgirl

Jessica Rabbit spanked by Roger Rabbit – Jessica is scheduled to spank me first

Red a learch – ?

Kinky British mom farm – What, is there an Agricultural breeding program?

Spanking Brussels 1 hour – Brussels is a fair sized city, I think it would take more than one hour to spank all of it.


>Learch Engine Finds

To be honest, it may be a possibility that most people who read this blog, that get here from a search engines, are drunk or worse. So lets see what drew these internet nomads here from the wastelands of cyberspace.

Spanked and wetting womnen – Womnen? Womnen? non of those here, spanked, wetting or otherwise

Footballers wives spanking – it would do some of them some good, me thinks

Spanked by Cherie Lunghi – at last a sensible search

Niki Bacci – Well Dr Frankenstein has been at it again. I wonder which bits he used from each

Headmaster caned knickers – well thats one way for a headmaster to get the dust out of his knickers

Tracy Emit artist – 1/ that is obviously a false statement 2/ how did that get you here?

How to spot a spanked man – by the great big grin on his face

[encrypted] by AOL] – [confused] by PREFECTDT]

Women spanking women and mit flogger – mit flogger? that has given me an idea

Spanked little sister’s wet nylon knickers – wasn’t that a song by The Doors

Well spanking man – he can spank the well as much as he wants but it won’t get the water up

Rapid paddling spanking – paddle harder, I can hear banjo music

Lady spanked men – good lady, have a lady snack

4 wives spank strip – who’s Strip? and why does he have 4 wives

Permanent bondage ankles – the mind boggles

Schoolboy spanking miss – perhaps that should be the other way around

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>Learch Engine Finds

Time to list some of the weird, wonderful and warped things people put into search engines that wash them up on the shores of spankedhortic.

Spank smarts – Well duh!

Hand in knickers bottom caning – One way to get your knuckles rapped

Village ladies up for a spanking – It’s not all jam and Jerusalem you know

Kinky historic couples – Oh yes! Got to try that one myself

Peed during caning – No I did not

Pictures of women in slippers getting spanked – And I thought the glasses thing was bad

Spank for fun – Can’t think of a better reason

1950’s school girls switch nylon panties – ?

Kinki girl gets spanked – Someone should get spanked for bad spelling

Bottomjeansspanktight – You may find the wide key at the bottom of your keyboard useful

Women has fun spanking men – That’s HAD not HAS, see me after class

Planet where women are spanked – Er Earth!

Handtobutt – Is your space bar broken?

Earned a spanking – Yes, more than one!

Spankers I have known – Aah! sweet memories

Witches spanking men’s bottom – I like that idea

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>Learch Engine Finds

>It’s time to see the mix of keywords and phrases that got people to this blog. Some of these leave me giggling, some of these make me scratch my head.

Amelia-Jane Rutherford enema – If Ms Rutherford is reading this, please note that it is not my idea.

Ent over panties spanking teacherEnts? what next Elves? Orcs?

Caned by his headmistress for his perverted thoughts – Yes please!

Getting an exiting spanking – do you feel that there should be an extra “c” in there somewhere.

Hortic island vanilla Belgium – It would be nice to have my own island but it would not be vanilla 🙂

Lady has knicker hunters fetish – there must be a web site about this somewhere?

Transvestite footballers pics – Are we talking American football, as in the Denver Broncettes or soccer, as in Queens Park Strangers?

Kinky Leprechaun costumes – At the end of the rainbow.

Kinky Suzi Perry pics – If you find some let me know.

Nichole Kidman spanked – Yes about time this happened.

Model Cherie butt – Can you get these from Airfix.

Lady Pandora spanker – I didn’t know Pandora Blake was titled

Spanking central men – And what about the men on the left and the right?

Spank you over my knee – or over the chair or desk, it’s all good for me.

Do ladies agree if naughty must have bottoms spanked – Some do.

Women who tawse men – By rights Scotland should be full of them.

Read only 1,3 and 5 – “The Eagle lands at midnight.” Do you have the microfilm?

Oops I did it again Samantha Woodley – Perhaps you should tell Ms Woodley this.

Sardax kick – He may kick back.

enjoy, Prefectdt

>Kinky Island Discs Next Sunday And some Learch Engine Finds

>Kinky Island Discs

If your looking for Richard Windsors posting for Kinky Island Discs, you will find it in the next post down.

Next Sunday will see a contribution from a well known model newly returned to the modeling and blogging world, the always popular Emma Bishop.

Learch Engine Finds

Here are some of the diverse search engine phrases that point people to this blog (I love these)

Buy download spanking DVD man spank women UK sites only – Are you sure what you are looking for, do you think you could be more specific?

Emma Peel in bondage – Oh yes, now your talking, if you find this anywhere be sure to drop me a line and share the web address.

Please spank my bottom photo – Why stop there? spank my top photo as well and all the photos in the middle.

Erin Grey in spandex – Some people out there have some really good ideas for websites!

English women spank his men – That must be some women or man or hermaphrodite? I’m confused!

Jeans spanking pictures – I think you had better ask Jean about those.

Nikki Flyn bondage – Be careful, Niki Flynn can get a bit up tight about how you spell her name.

Whip spank – I just liked that one. I think I will Google that myself one day.

Kinky spanking – is there another kind?

Women spanking men severely – Yes please!

I have a spanked ass – Lucky you!

Hope you enjoyed these,


>Learch Engine Finds

>Once again it is time to see what people put into a search engine before finding themselves at this blog.

Miss spanking bottom – aim at the buttocks, painting a target on with body paint may help

Carpet beater bare – have you ever seen a carpet beater clothed

Belgian spankers – your not alone I’m always looking for these myself

Pyjamas on into bed or I’ll spank you – yes Miss, right away Miss, can you spank me anyway Miss

Capital reg – OK I typed this into google myself and took a look, gave up after fourteen pages of insurance and financial adviser sites. How did this get you here?

I am going to spank your bare bottom hard young man – My E-mail is on the right hand side of the blog Miss, thank you Miss

Niki Flynn wikipedia – really you need to start using a better search engine

Mr fess A @ spanking – ???

I am going to spank you over my knee photos – being spanked over photos of your knee, why not, don’t knock it until you try it

A reader spanks herself – thank you for sharing what you do when reading this blog

Meet me for a bare bottom spanking – Again the E-mail address in on the right Miss

Whipping stripes – leave the poor stripes alone, whip me instead

Frump spanking – well I don’t think I’m a frump, am I ?

Why does she like to be spanked – why don’t you ask her?