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One For The Bucket List

I like to try new spanking implements but I never even thought about trying this one. It might require a post spanking shower though 🙂

This image came from


I have decided that I will, from time to time, post a little update about the present situation in Belgium concerning myself and COVID 19. Normal posting will continue and I will tack these updates to the bottom of the post, to make it easy to just skip them, if you are not interested. If there are major changes here I will do a big post about them.

My Life And COVID 19 In Belgium – As Of The 22nd Of March 2020

I will put some relevant links both to this blog, another blog and English language news sources for Belgium at the end of this post.

1 – Work – My employers have decided that it is not viable to have all concerned reporting to the same depot at this time and have reduced the work force to a maximum of 9 on any one day. A rota has been drawn up and my working week has been reduced to 2 days, next week.

2 – Volunteering – I think that it is important that everyone is prepared to do their bit during this crisis. Thus I have asked for my name to be put on a list of volunteers to help set up an emergency triage centre for the local area. Major population areas have been given priority for these facilities, so I do not know when work will start on this in our little borough but I am happy to lend a hand when it does.

3- Shopping – I’m not sure if it is because of the restricted access to essential shops or because people have stopped panicking but on a visit to one of my local supermarkets yesterday, I found that most things had been sufficiently restocked and you can now get almost all the food and household items that you need (even toilet paper). I HAVE JELLY BEANS YAY!

4 – I need a spanking – Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not been spanked since last June. Two plans to get spanked last weekend both fell through because of the situation here and it looks like I’ll have to wait a while for a butt roasting. I feel so pain slutty right now 😦

5 – Lists – I am developing a strange compulsion to write everything down in lists.

6 – This is not a lock down – Despite repeated reports in the international news media and although the regulations are strict here, Belgium is not in a full lock down. There will now be a video from Spain, to show everyone what full lock down looks like.

Lock Down In Spain

I have been following this couples vlogs as they and their two dogs and a nearly thirty year old campervan, have travelled around Europe, for about two years now. Unfortunately they have had to retreat to their apartment in Spain. This is their video about the lock down there.

Their travels to the Arctic circle last year and to central Europe the year before are well worth watching. If you want you can have a dig through their video archive through


Useful Information Links





Keep your peckers up everyone and keep washing your hands



What Kink Related Things Can You Do If Your Stuck At Home

I have been wondering of late “What if I get told to self isolate?” because of the COVID 19 virus. I know that I am in a high risk category for flu infections because of my history of being hospitalised with pneumonia and pleurisy three times. I don’t know if this puts me in the high risk category for this new lurgy going around, it’s a very different animal to flu. But I have to be ready to self isolate, if I am told to do so. This is not good for me, I am very outdoorsy and don’t cope to well being stuck inside all day. On the occasions when I have had to stay at home through illness before, I have found it helps to keep busy. During a recovery from a broken ankle, I taught myself to touch type, with the aid of a Mavis Beacon program CD (pre internet days), that helped a lot with the isolation and frustration of not getting enough out door time. I have listed some vanilla projects that I could do around the house but I was thinking of what I could do to satisfy my kinky, spanky side.

Join A Spanking Video Site

This could occupy an hour or two ever day but which one should I join? I have narrowed it down to three candidates.

Dreams of Spanking

I have been a member of this site before and really enjoyed it but that was a long time ago and I am wondering what their most recent productions are like.

Triple A Spanking

I see this one around a lot and know that it offers a lot of content and am interested in seeing if it is as good as it seems.

Girl Spanks Girl

This one interests me a lot because it will have a lot of females topping and I like to see women doing the spanking 🙂

Note – I have not been sponsored by any of the above sites and am making no financial gain from them in any way.

Some Kinky DIY

I have, in the past, posted a few spanko and kinky item self builds and modifications such as the following two items



Doing stuff like this is very appealing as it is physically active, requires a bit of brain use to figure out how to do it and it would be something to blog about. On the downside, I could not just pop down to the local DIY supplier for anything I was short of and would have to get inventive, using only what I could find around the house.

And At This Point I Ran Out Of Ideas

So like the lady in the photo above, I thought that I would get naked lean on my mantel piece and have a good think about what kinkiness I could get up to, if I get stuck home alone. But if any of you out there have some bright ideas I would love to hear them.



Adding Two Blogs

The following two blogs will be added to the



An interesting mixed blog about spanking and other kinky topics and musings.


This is a blog mostly about spanking in mainstream media, such as films and plays. Sometimes it has other stuff like interesting photographers and news items.

What Shall I Do With This Blog?

There are two things that I like about having a spanking blog. The first is being part of an on line community, which I have from this blog at the moment. The second is being able to “spread the love” a bit by linking to articles on other blogs, this is a bit of a fail right now. Before I was forced to shut this blog down, I could put a link in a post and happily be told, in the stats, that I had sent between 50 and 200 visitors to that blog or web page. These days I see that I usually send between 5 and 12 visitors to a link in any one day. There is no great secret to why this is. It is because of the reduced numbers of visitors this blog attracts, between 80 and 150 in any one day as opposed to the 1200 to 1700 visitors that it used to get, at the height of it’s popularity. With so many other social media sources available now, I would never expect to get the amount of traffic here that I used to get but I would like to increase the foot fall a bit, so that I can get more people to follow links to somewhere fun.

Recently, whilst suffering from a seasonal lurgy, I did a daily single “Spec”tacular Spanking image post, as I did not feel able to spend too much time at the computer. This sent visitor numbers up on a nice climbing curve but as soon as I got back to the normal posting routine, the numbers dropped to what they where before. From this it looks like more regular posting gets more numbers than quality posting. So far I have come up with four options as to what to do now.

1 – Carry on as things are now and put up with not being able to spread much click love.

2 – Do cheap and easy daily picture posts with just the occasional well planed and thought out post.

3 – Carry on with my three posts a week and fill in the other days with quick and easy single picture posts.

4 – Give up on this blog and find a more popular platform like Twitter (this is my least favourite option).

If anyone has an opinion on which is the best one to pick or can think of any other options, I would love to hear about them.


Dead Dead The Bitch Is Dead

Finally Thatcher has gone to hell


Normally I never blog or use any password on WiFi but for this one occasion I had to make an exception. At last, after 87 years of spreading her destructive malevolence upon the face of the earth, the piece of filth that was Margret Thatcher is no more. It is time for all good people to dance and make merry in the streets to mark this most joyous of days. I feel privileged to have lived long enough to see it.

To mark the occasion I have started a little song, to be song to the tune of “The witch is dead” from The Wizard of Oz

The Bitch is dead

Dead dead the bitch is dead

Which old bitch

The stupid bitch

Dead dead the stupid bitch is dead

Dead dead the bitch is dead

Howd she die

No one said

But I hope a house fell on her head

Dead dead the stupid bitch is dead


Please feel free to create more verses and sing them with joy and happiness


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This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.

I Just Can’t Right Now

I just can’t blog, that is. Sorry to those of you that were expecting the Blog Stuff Roundup but I just have not been getting round the other blogs enough to put one together properly. As reported in this post Happy New Year – And Christmas Used To Start In September, my mother is terminally ill and was readmitted to Hospital yesterday. I spent most of the wee hours packing a bag, in case I had to return to the UK again and generally worrying and not sleeping. Emotionally and mentally I feel a bit screwed right now and just cannot concentrate enough to blog properly. I have two nearly finished posts, that were originally meant to have been posted between Christmas and New Year, that I will finish and schedule in for posting on Tuesday and Thursday, after that I will have to see how the situation and my own state of mind are for continuing this blog, in the short term future.

Normal posting will resume as soon as I have sorted my life out


Happy New Year – And Christmas Used To Start In September

Sorry for my prolonged absence from this blog and thank you to those of you that left the kind comments on earlier posts while I was away. Firstly I would like to wish all the readers here a…

happy 2013 bottom

Original image blatantly stolen from Spanking Blogg

And now something that is in reply to a request from Morningstar at The Journey. It is not spanking related, there are no illustrations and my literacy condition will make sure that the grammar and punctuation are terrible. So for the two or three of you who are now left here is a little recollection from times gone bye.

When Christmas used to start in September

It was back in the 1990’s that I needed to go to a friends house to drop off some camera equipment. It was a beautiful Sunday in the first weekend of September and I had decided to walk to my destination. I was happy and usually am during this weekend of the year as it holds fond memories from my childhood and youth.

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s, the first weekend in September or sometimes the last in August was when the family, young and old, descended on my parents house for the yearly ceremony of the making of the Christmas Cake. The largest mixing bowl and cake tin were dug out for their once a year use and all of the measuring and mixing was done by hand, with no mechanical help, as this might bring bad luck to the December celebrations. As the long winded mixing took place, any children in the house would be ushered into the front room, with my father, to help craft some handmade Christmas decorations (it took weeks to vacuum all of the glitter out of the carpet). Whilst all the adults sat in the kitchen topping, tailing and peeling a huge bag of small onions and throwing them into large jars ready for my mother’s special, spicy pickling mixture (that my brother in law blamed as the cause of his ulcers).  Enough onions would be pickled for the whole year but they had to sit until Christmas before they were deemed properly pickled. Nips of Whiskey and other drinks would compensate the peelers for their time and tears and the banter would be light hearted and fun. Eventually The Cake would be ready and all the house would gather to give the mixture three stirs each, for good luck, before it was put in the large cake tin and put in to bake. Between the baking and Christmas, the cake would be doused three times a week with three spoonfuls of Brandy so that it matured properly for the big day. The vinegar and spices would be put in the onion jars and they would be sealed for their maturation period. A tea of sandwiches and cakes would be enjoyed by young and old before people started to drift away home. It was a nice day and personal to our family, with no commercialism or outside pressures to determine how we enjoyed the day and is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Back to the 1990’s. I arrived at my friend’s house and when the door was opened found chaos and bedlam. His four, usually very well behaved, children were in very bad moods and determined to upset their parents in any way that they could. My friend looked decidedly unhappy and his poor wife looked like she was on the point of breakdown. Enquiring into the reason for the situation my friend informed me that the kids were always like this on the last weekend of the long Summer holidays, as were many children facing the return to school and then asked me. Wasn’t it like this, on this weekend, in my house when I was a child? I had to admit to him that it was not and I had to admit to myself that sometimes it can take decades to realize what good parents you have.


During a medical procedure that my mother had over the holidays, to clear fluids from her liver and pancreas, a large cancer was found in her pancreas. At 82 the treatments for such a cancer would be likely to kill my mother before the cancer could be cured and so her condition was pronounced terminal. It is unlikely that she will see the end of 2013 and so I will be travelling back to the UK as often as I can to spend time with her and help with her care ( I am going back on Sunday). This will effect the already limited time I have to spend on this blog and posting will be erratic at times. I apologize for this in advance.