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Sex Work Is Set To Get A Better Legal Status In Belgium

Why do I care about this? I do not pay for, what I consider, sexual services but I do on occasions employ the skills of professional Dommes and Disciplinarians and they come under the classification of sex workers. Some of them do offer sexual services, I do not seek that part of their services, they are offered but are not compulsory. Many only offer BDSM services. Apart from the dress code being somewhat different, I do not see that there is much difference between a non sex service offering Domme and a professional Masseur but society here tends not to agree with me.

What is the situation at the moment?

At this time it is technically legal to participate in paid for sexual services in Belgium, both for the provider and the client. However, this law is overly simple and has a clause to stop a third party from profiting from this transaction. This was designed to penalize pimps and people traffickers and I agree with their activities being restricted or hopefully stopped. BUT, and it is a big but, this law was badly written and can be interpreted that anyone taking money earned from sex work can be prosecuted. For example, if a sex worker uses his or her hard-earned cash to buy a loaf of bread, then the bakery that sells that bread can be prosecuted for profiting from the earnings of sex work. This area of the law is at the discretion of municipalities (Towns and City councils) to apply or not apply as they see fit. As a result some local authorities have effectively totally banned sex work whilst others allow sex work on the professional’s own property or in a brothel or even in Red Light window areas, in some towns. There is a news article that explains this better than I can, it is linked below


The Problem

This has left Belgian sex workers in a grey area of being neither officially employed nor unemployed or self-employed, although they are still expected to pay taxes on their earnings and I believe that most of them do. This has been a greater problem recently as due to a certain global pandemic many of them have not been able to work for long periods of time and due to their uncertain employment state, have not been entitled to any of the benefits afforded to others that have been effected by the crisis. There have understandably been some protests about this, such as the one in a news article that is linked below


What Is Happening Now?

The Justice Minister for Belgium, Vincent Van Quickenborne (Flemish liberal), will hopefully be getting the law changed to take away the vagaries about both the status of Sex Workers and where and when they can spend their taxed earnings. And about time too, in my opinion. You can read a short news article about this in the link below


I hope that this post has left you more informed and hopefully not been too boring



A Fine Tradition

This is a tradition from the Czech Republic. Where every Easter girls hand out Easter eggs after getting some whups from a pomlazka, a rod made of woven willow branches. It would be nice if this tradition spread world wide but the other way around. I wouldn’t mind being the one handing out the chocolate eggs 🙂

Image found at


Black lives Matter

Many other blogs have made posts about the recent protests around the world and I would like to add my support for these actions, when they are as peaceful as the authorities allow them to be. But some authorities use provoking methods to disturb the peace.

These protests help define what the problem is and that is important. But once it is clear to all where the problem lies, it is even more important to find ways of resolving that problem.

The problem is authority figures, from the people at the top through to people at the bottom of the system and all those inbetween who abuse their position in order to further the cause of race hatred. I have known plenty of managers, politicians, police officers and others who are good people and should be allowed and encouraged to continue doing what they do best. But amongst them are abusers and those who support abusers. These are the people who need to be identified and removed from any position where they have authority over others.

There are a few hundred million people in the world who have the chance to remove one of these abusers, from the very top of the pile, peacefully, armed with their right to vote in a democratic election, later this year.

Let’s see how they get on.



In this post about NON CONSENTING, PUBLIC SPANKING OF CHILDREN I posted a video made by Jillian Keenan. It was about some evil people doing bad things to the under aged, that need to be stopped. Ms Keenan has posted an update on the situation and so I thought that it would be a good idea to let the viewers of this blog have a chance to see that.

Spanking Predators Update

Any ideas on how to help fight these people are welcome.



I was not planning to post today but I think that this is important. JILLIAN KEENAN is an international journalist, author, photographer and open Spanko. Yesterday, on her YOUTUBE CHANNEL, she posted a video highlighting a group of really bad people (Family Pro Spank Workshop) openly advertising, on FACEBOOK, an event involving non consenting children being stripped and spanked at a public event. Please watch this video and if you think it appropriate, post it on your own blog, twitter feed or other social media stream of choice and condemn such activities.





Myself, I will be writing a strongly worded complaint to FACEBOOK, which on it’s own I expect will achieve absolutely nothing but if some of you out there are inclined to do the same maybe we can get someone to listen. Remember, one email is a waste of pixels but a thousand emails will get attention.




Post Update


I found it impossible to send an email to Facebook and so instead used their inadequate reporting system, which does not allow you to add details of why you are reporting the group. Then I posted the video on my vanilla Facebook time line. I hope that this will raise some eyebrows over this groups activities.



Where Is Wordsmith?

Has Big Brother got onto WordPress too?


Does anyone know what happened to Words On The Bottom? Wordsmith, if you are out there knock once for yes and twice for no.

If you have clicked on the above link you will see that this blog has gone and has apparently been taken down by WordPress. Does anyone know if this is a one off or has WordPress started to have Google Blogger style pogroms on kinky blogs? All information welcome.

This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.


Two Goodbyeeees – One For The Campaigners Page – Thank You – And Spank The Other Side


Firstly, due to the present circumstances I have not had time to keep up with reading as many blogs as I normally do and so it is highly likely that I have missed the type of thing that would normally be in this round up. I’m sorry for this but I am only human and do not have much spare time right now.

Two Goodbyeeees


MarQe’s Study is now gone, as was warned of some time ago. Fare well MarQe and I hope that all goes well for you in the future.

Holloway’s Road, the blog of a male submissive and video performer has not been posted on for over six months and so it is time to remove it from the rolls and wish it’s owner the best of luck for the future.

A new site for the Campaigners Page


We Consent is website dedicated to issues of Erotic Workers and their allies. It is a good point for information and news for several adult industries and is being added to the Campaigners Page.

Thank you

Thank you to Chross for linking this blog. The extra visitors are most welcome, especially now when regular posting may not be as regular as normal.

Please! Please! spank the other side

That side is just too painful, in a bad way.


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