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I thought that I would have a go at this but it did not fit into my normal posting schedule. So here I am a day late, which should have already earned me a spanking. Let’s see how much more of a whupping Deserve after doing this project. If you want to know more about TMI Tuesday, follow the link


1. Have you ever cheated at a board game? Why?

Yes, frequently. That board game is Snakes and Ladders and the reason for repeatedly cheating is that I am usually playing someone very young and I want them to win. Even if it is for honourable reasons, cheating is cheating and I should be spanked for that.

2. Which board game are you unbeatable?

I know it is a game of chance and guessing, but I cannot remember ever being beaten at Cluedo. Sentence, spanked for bragging.

3. Which mythological creature would be your worst roommate?

Never thought about this. Er… A Hippocampus. Sentence spanked for a weak answer.

4. Give us a three song playlist.

1/ Be my enemy by the Waterboys

2/ It’s a sin by The Pet Shop Boys

3/ Clampdown by The Clash

Someone is not going to like at least one of those, so I get a spanking.

5. What famous person have you met or been within a few feet of (music concerts and book signings do not count).

I was once in a royal meet and greet line-up and got to, very briefly, meet HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales. Another spanking for bragging, I think.

Perhaps I should do this more often. It seems like a good way to earn a lad a very sore bottom 🙂



I decided to participate in March questions month and here are the answers that I have given. The questions are ranked in chronological order from the first asked to the last

morningstar Asked

I know you go to pro dommes (I’m right aren’t I?)
Do you find spankings arouse you? and if they do……. is it difficult considering the spanking isn’t with a primary partner?

You are right morningstar I do employ the skills of pro Dommes and Disciplinarians, including those of the lady in the photograph above. Fantasizing about spankings arouses me but actually being spanked has the opposite effect and I find that I would much rather enjoy the spanking and the high that it gives me, than participate in “Adult happy Time”. I have participated in sexual activities in play situations in the past but this was to satisfy the desires of the other party involved and not for my gratification. I also play with fellow amateur enthusiasts but I will not be likely to write about those encounters on this blog

Naughty Nora Asked

Hmmmm….well, as you have probably gathered, my particular kink is spanking as discipline. Could you share with your readers about a memorable time you were spanked for being naughty? Or, if that doesn’t apply….perhaps you could share about your most memorable spanking?

Nora I play for fun and the high that I get from playing. BUT I have always aspired to be a stoic spankee and I do not always achieve that, being a bit of a dancer and flincher when taking some. When I cannot control myself whilst playing, I feel better if I am punished for that at the time rather than beating myself up mentally about it for weeks afterwards. Once some time ago I was being caned and repeatedly blocked with my left hand. I requested that I be dealt with for this offence but the person I was playing with was reluctant to be more harsh as we were already playing very hard. She told me to sit on the table, that I had been bending over and then gave me six hard cane strokes on the front of my thighs. I did not like this, neither psychologically nor the type of pain it caused. The threat of it happening again proved to be an effective deterrent and I kept my ordered positions for the rest of the play session.

Fondles asked

Would you name 3 implements that are employed regularly (or have been in the past) besides the hand, on your behind (or your spankee’s behind) and rank them in order of preference pls

Number 3 – Belt

Number 2 – Flogger

Number 1 – Cane

morningstar Asked Again

I am curious how you came to live where you do? I know your parents are in Britain…

My parents are now both deceased but did live in the UK. I found work with an organization that operates internationally. First they sent me to The Netherlands and then they sent me to Belgium. Then they wanted to send me back to the UK and I did not want to go back there and so left that organization and found work here in Belgium and decided to settle here permanently

KDPierre Asked

In what capacity do you use your botanical skills? Vegetable yields? Garden design? Something else? As a gardener with small ponds, I’m curious.


Also……….what is your opinion of Affligem Tripel?

I am afraid that I have not tried that beer yet. There are so many to get through in Belgium but I will give it a go next time that I see it

By qualification, I am an Amenity Horticulturist specializing in the use of plants and other ornamental green stuff in areas to be used by people. I have designed and created maintenance plans, am a trained and experienced adult instructor and my personal specialities are in topiary and herbaceous perennials although I am skilled in many other aspects of ornamental and utilitarian horticulture. Having said that I currently and for some years now, only working as a professional gardener, due to having less than perfect written Dutch and my own desires to keep my hands in the earth and avoid a desk job

Roz Asked

As I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong), you have experienced being both spanker and spankee. Which is your preference?


Where in the world would you like visit (when that becomes an option again)?

The next place to tick off is a trip to the Rhine Gorge but I think that I would throw that over right now, for a chance to have a tour of the UK to see some of my family, none of whom I have seen since Christmas 2019

I am by nature a spankee but have and am still prepared to switch if the occasion arises. Although I never seek to Top, I am happy to help someone else get to their happy place and I believe that experience on the receiving end helps develop the skills to achieve that

MJ Asked

How about just letting your readers know just a little more about you. I know you are British, but that’s it.

I am afraid that I am not going to answer that one MJ, for the same reason that I do not have an email address on my blog. Some time ago, when this blog got a lot more traffic than it does now, I attracted the attentions of some far right groups in Belgium, who were not happy about my internet activities here. All of the blogs and other internet media that I knew about are gone now, due to anti terrorism laws but with more private platforms available, for example WhatsApp, I cannot be sure that they are not still having bad thoughts towards me and so am not going to hand them, on a plate, my identity. Honestly I think that 999 out of a thousand of these people are just piss and wind but it only takes that one in a thousand nut job to do you harm

I hope that you all enjoyed that. I think that if I do this again next year I will split the answers into two or more posts but it was an interesting project to take part in



March Question Month

It seems that March is a month for questions. I have never done this before but seeing that I already have a question to answer, I thought that I might as well go with the flow, as some other kink bloggers are doing. I am making no guarantees but I will try to answer every question that I am asked. So if there is anything you would like to ask me, put it in the comments box of this post or any other post, up until Tuesday the 30th of March and I will do a post on Wednesday the 31st of March with the answers.

You can ask me anything, Kinky or Vanilla. I might have to Safe Word on some subjects but I will try to satisfy your curiosity as best I can.

So lock me in a cellar

Turn up the Juice

And make me talk

Then satisfy your curiosity



Last week, in this post Questionable March – And Too Angry!, I asked if there where any questions that readers wanted to ask of me and today those questions are answered.


You lost your beloved lurcher over a year ago, I believe. Do you have a dog now? If not, are you thinking of getting one?

I have not got a canine companion at this time but the moment that it is feasible, I will be hunting around the animal shelters, in my local, for a furry friend. The problem at the moment is that I cannot afford to have a dog if it gets sick. It took me until one year and one month after my old pal died to pay off the debt from his vet bills and I cannot find animal heath insurance here in Belgium. Once I have enough in the savings account, for a sick pet emergency fund, there will be another dog.


If you won the jackpot of a spanko quiz and the prize were the chance to play out a scene you always dreamed of, no matter how difficult and expensive it would be to bring that fantasy to life, how would that dream scenario look like?

From a distance it would look a lot like the illustration above. And it would be expensive, we are talking about around a thousand people in authentic period costume with visually accurate equipment of the time.There would be some concessions, such as floggers that are not skin ripping (still painful ones though), the regiment could be at least half female and the people doing the flogging would have to be female. Otherwise it would be traditional military flogging (600 lashes should do it) as performed by red jacketed British troops of the Napoleonic wars era. With the whole regiment in attendance to view punishment.


What implement do you hate being spanked with?

The one in the photo above. It is not the most painful toy that I own (it does hurt a lot though) but it is the sensation it gives when used with even mid range force. Even though it never has, it feels like it is actually slicing the flesh of my buttocks open. This toy plays merry hell on my inner mental workings. I’m not even sure what it is made of.

Have you ever been to a spanking group/party and if not would you consider attending one?

I have been in small closed spanking groups in the UK and The Netherlands but not since the mid 1990’s. All of these groups have been very quiet in the way that they operated and did not like public attention. Even if any of these groups still exist now they would not welcome me back because of the public face that this blog gives me. I would like to meet more open groups but my present situation makes that difficult.

Thanks to everyone for the questions and I hope that you enjoyed the answers.


Questionable March – And Too Angry!

Ask me a question

Apparently it is going round some of the blogs that this March is the time to ask blog owners questions. So I dare you to delve into my mind and psyche and I will do my best to answer as I can. Alternatively, no one can ask a question and that will make me cry.

How angry is too angry?

That ticking off before getting a butt warming can be a wonderful part of a spanking but as with all things too, much can be not good. I would like now to explore good angry versus bad angry using photographs to illustrate.

Just nicely angry

Too angry

Glasses and angry = MMMM! nice

Safeword! Safeword!

And finally

So that’s how she got her nickname

Or was it the curry that I made for her?



Versatile bloggers award

This blog has been nominated for this award by The Blog of Fred and LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST. According to the rules I have to share seven things about myself.

7 things

1/ I am a very highly skilled topiarist.

2/ After getting final results to some tests and scans this week, it has finally been confirmed that I do not have bowel cancer (massive relief here).

3/ Having my longest dry spell in years, I have not been spanked for over four months right now.

4/ I am a pipe smoker (in the evenings)

5/ My favourite tipple is Pastis

6/ I have met Prince Charles (is that name dropping or what?)

7/ After so many years of blogging it is getting very hard to think up things about myself that I have not already shared with the readers here 🙂

Nominated blogs

now I have to nominate 15 blogs for this award. Some of these blogs have been nominated already but what the hell.

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OK so that was 17 not 15 spank me for it if you like 🙂

It feels like something is missing

AH there she is and she is still right.