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Earning A Spanking And Videoing How

With the aid of some special knickers (panties), a remote control and an evil attitude this guy demonstrates why he should be limping his way to bed with well welted buttocks. By the end of the video, it looks like his girlfriend would be more than happy to dole out that whupping of a lifetime. Can’t believe he made a video about this.


Prince Harry, Should He Be Spanked?

Before I start the post proper, I would just like to say that I am not proposing a punishment spanking for the person in the title. Curious now? Then read on.

The Prince Harry scandals

As most of you will have seen, Prince Henry (AKA Harry), the third in line to the British throne was recently photographed playing a game of strip pool (or was it billiards, I forget) in Vegas.

So I went on a Google news search to see what is brother had been up to. Sure enough there at the bottom of the fourth search page was a small article about Kate and Wills house hunting in Scotland. This little piece of title tattle could possibly have been something bigger, speculations on Prince William leaving the military or getting an undue posting away from Wales, where he is stationed now, or something like that. But it had all been buried by Harry’s Vegas adventures.

This is not the first time that this has happened. At some public occasion William is photographed in a less than flattering way, less than an hour later Harry is drunk and being an idiot in front of the press. It is about to be splashed across the front pages that William and Kate have been sharing a flat (a long time before they were married) and so Harry turns up at a fancy dress party dressed as a Nazi officer and gets the headline again. One can only suspect that Prince Harry is taking the publicity heat off his brother, on purpose.

A phone call from the Queen

There is probably a more formal way that it happens but I prefer my silly fantasy. Imagine that HM Queen Elizabeth II is telephoning Prince Henry.

HM Queen – Hello is that you, Harry my boy?

P Harry – Hi Grandma. Hows it hanging?

HM Queen – One is fine. Enjoying your Hols?

P Harry – Lovin it, Vegas rocks.

HM Queen – One will cut to the chase. Your brother is about to get some bad press again. One was wondering if you could do One a bit of a favour and do something really daft and public, to divert attention. You know, the usual drill.

P Harry – No probs Gran, Vegas was built for public and daft.

HM Queen – Thanks so much. One will see you on the front page tomorrow then.

P Harry – You bet. Bye Gran

And so we end up with this

I have to admire Harry, he always seems to be prepared to “Take one”, as the Americans like to say, for the Royal team. The problem now is that this was a bit of a big one and next time that William is photographed having a fight with the milk man or something like that, Harry is going to have to think up something pretty spectacular to get the Paparazzi looking in his direction instead. This is my suggestion

Harry’s next great public boob

I think that the Spanking community should help Harry out by finding him a good harsh disciplinarian and then we only have to think of a way for this to “accidentally” happen in front of someone with a camera or camera phone. Then we can see something like this plastered across the front pages and the internet.

If this was Harry’s rear end, it would sell a lot of copy and his brother could get away with almost anything. The only problem now is to find a girl feisty enough to weal a whippy cane and stripe the Royal posterior.

Has anyone any suggestions for a female spanker?

Would any of the girls like to volunteer themselves for the task?

Thanks to Bruised Bottom Guy for the last image


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Xmas Hiatus Post – Bad Gifts

It’s the day after Christmas and it is likely that all of us had at least one gift that was less than we desired. These guys got it so wrong that they have earned a spanking. In fact I think that they would have preferred a spanking 🙂


How A Young Guy Can Earn Himself A Spanking By Following Some Bad Advice

Hi all, the hiatus is finished and it is back to business as usual. I am planning to have a Blog Stuff Roundup on Tuesday or Wednesday but today I thought I would tell you about some very bad advice that I heard being handed out, whilst I was away.

The advice

An experienced older woman is telling a teenage lad how best to go and chat up girl, that he does not know, in a pub (that’s a bar for you lot across the Atlantic) and tells him something along the line of “Just walk up to her, start talking and be totally honest.”. This had me in fits of laughter because I thought of the reaction of a lass to myself at 18 or 19 being TOTALLY HONEST during a chat up attempt. The reaction?

She would have had an expression something like this

Because honest me would have been saying this…..

“Hi. I’ve been eying you up from over there and have found that the combination of the way that your face, bottom, legs and other physical attributes are so pleasing to me that they make me want to insert my erect penis into your vagina and/or any other bodily orifice that you posses and might be willing to make available for my use. So firstly I would like to ascertain whether or not you already have a partner or at least if that partner is capable of significantly causing me great physical harm. If you do not have such a partner would you like to join me in partaking in the consumption of alcoholic beverages to the point where 1/ you might be more willing to except my advances on your person and 2/ I have built up enough Dutch courage to make such an advance on your good self.”

And I don’t think that many other 18 or 19 year old lads would have been saying anything different, if they where being TOTALLY HONEST, that is.

All in all it is one of the worst bits of advice that I have ever heard handed out, unless the woman was deliberately trying to get the lad spanked 🙂


A Goodbyeeee – New Pages – A New Blog – Of The Year – Transferred Blogs – And Earning A Spanking On The Beach


Goodbyeeee The Little Red Schoolhouse

The Little Red Schoolhouse has been around since long before I started to read blogs and although it had been getting a little sparsely posted on recently it did have an excellent archive of spanking stories from it’s owner Abby Williams. The blog is Gone from the sphere now and I am sure will be missed by many. Good luck to Ms Williams and I hope that the future treats you kindly.


New Pages

Instead of having an overly long side bar, I thought that I would take advantage of WordPresses facility to have more than one page on a blog. If you scroll up to the top of the blog you will see some tabs under the banner title. I have added a brief profile of myself and The Dormant Blogs List.


A new blog for the rolls

Dana Kane – Disciplinarian is the blog of Dana Kane, a disciplinarian (Duh!), from the USA. This blog is being added to the second roll.




Rear of the year

This years winners of the UK’s annual Rear Of The Year competition have been announced as Anton Du Beke and Carol Vorderman. I’m sure that this will be of interest to spankos world wide. Thanks to the blog Our Bottoms Burn for highlighting this in this post Rear of the Year.


Some more blogs transferred from the old blog

The Official Blog of Audrey Knight:

The Pink Report

The Woody Back to School Unit


Underling’s Humblings

Vintage Spanking Photos


How to earn a spanking at the beach

I hope that this blond lady has a flip flop handy as it definitely needs applying to the rear ends of these blokes (brilliant bit of bratting guys)


>A Goodbyeeee – A Blog For The Rolls – XXX – Spanking Tube – And How To Earn A Spanking At The Laundry


Goodbyeeee Cornertime For Naughty Girls

Cornertime for naughty girls is still there and well worth checking out for it’s archive content but it has not been posted on for six months now and so it is time to bid this blog a fond fare well, as it is moved of the blog roll and wish the best of luck to it’s owner for the future.

A new blog for the rolls

Words on the Bottom is the blog of Wordsmith, a UK based spanko and has a nice mix of written and pictorial content.

New .XXX Domain

There is now a new web domain for the producers of adult material, you can read more detail on this in this BBC article Sex domain .xxx given final approval by Icann. Many in the adult industry are worried about this as you can see in the clip in this link The Voice of – .XXX News from Behind Kink. How authorities will use or abuse this new facility is yet to be seen.

Warning Spanking Tube

As I already stated in this post Spanking Tube – A Couple Of Questions For Readers, Spanking tube has made over it’s format. The plus side of this is that it’s clips are now easier to embed but the downside is that the site now contains unasked for pop up windows for a live cam site. Although I am strongly apposed to pop up windows on any website I have decided to keep the link to Spanking Tube in the side bar of this blog, for now, but am adding a warning to the link.

How to earn a spanking whilst doing your laundry

This is an old commercial for a not so good beer but when I came across it again on YouTube it still made me laugh, as it did over a quarter of a century ago, when I first saw it. So if you want to earn a spanking whilst washing your clothes all you have to do is………