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>New Magazine – New Book – New Blog – And Some Canadian Police Earn A Spanking


A new spanking magazine

As reported in these two links Leia’s New Musings!: New spanking magazine and Get Spanked – new UK spank mag out now. ~ YEOWCH Spanking Blog 2011, There is a brand spanking new (pun intended) spanking magazine available from the UK. If it is available world wide or not, I do not know but you can check out the mag’s own website to find out through this link Get Spanked Magazine.

A new book from Devlin O’ Niell

Devlin O’ Neill has a new book in the pipe line called Dream walkers (working title). You can check out an excerpt from this new work from this link A Bit From The New Book.

A new blog from Fred Blogs (Just My Random Perverted Thoughts)

Just My Random Perverted Thoughts author, who will soon be closing down his current blog, is starting a new blog called “Sexsential”. Although I have nothing against this type of pornographically based blog it is not my kind of thing but it may be worth your while checking it out to see if it is your kind of thing. You can find some details about the new blog in this post Just My Random Perverted Thoughts » Blog Archive » I am a pornographer and the blog itself in this post Sexsential.

Some coppers earn a spanking

In the deep frozen waists of Canada conducting a high speed car chase can be somewhat of a challenge. In this case the phrase “Get out and walk” takes on a whole new meaning.


>Moving A Blog – Blog Renovation – A New Spankling Website – And A Man Who Should Be Spanked


Moving a blog

Caroline Grey – Getting It has not been posted on for some months but I am hoping that we have not seen the last of this blogger. So instead of removing this blog altogether, it is being moved to the dormant blogs list (near the bottom of the side bar on the right).

Blog undergoing renovation work

The Cherry Red Report is having some major changes made to it. Let us hope that Dave has things the way that he wants them soon.

A new spanking website

Several bloggers have made reports on a new site called AAA Spanking. You can read three of these from the following links.

Leia’s New Musings!: NEW SPANKING WEBSITE!!!

Spanked, not Silenced: Pyjama punishments at Triple A Spanking

A GREAT NEW SITE « girls pyjama spanking

A man who needs a damn good thrashing

I am not sure what was going through the mind of this idiot, when he decided to pull this stunt but every woman on that train should be armed with their implement of choice and given free range on his hide.


>Christmas Hiatus Post – Earning A Spanking In The Snow


Snowmen are fun to build but even more fun to destroy, especially if you can do it in such a stupidly dangerous way that you should get spanked for it.


>Christmas Hiatus Post – Earning A Spanking On Boxing Day


Boxing day

Christmas is over and soon you will have to start worrying about how to pay for it but right now you can kick back and relax and think about how to earn that next spanking. Here is a clip of some guys have found a way to earn that spanking whilst getting rid of those unwanted presents from yesterday.


>A Blog Returns – Paddle Master Back – Cause For Paws, Last Chance – Two Other Items – And How To Earn A Spanking Whilst Dating


A blog returns

Spanking Delights – Has announced it’s comeback and so it is being taken off the dormant blogs list (way down low, in the side bar) and is returning to the second blog roll

Paddle Master Products is back

I do not know when this happened but Paddle Master Products, who’s close down was announced in THIS POST is back up and trading. Thanks to Sarah Gregory for this information, that was in THIS POST.

Cause For Paws last chance

It is your last chance to add to the Cause For Paws campaign, as donations have to be in by the end of August (That’s Tuesday). Remember the more that is donated, the more backside battering goodness will be included in the annual campaign’s video.

Blog harassed out of existence

The blog Parker and Brinlee’s Life has closed down. Unfortunately I never had the chance to familiarize myself with this blog and now I never will. It shut up operations after being flooded with abusive and aggressive comments. I think that this is a warning to us all that we have a long hard road to travel before we get our just rights and acceptance. You can read a more detailed report in THIS POST from The American Spanking Society.

Putting the record straight for sex workers

THIS POST from Heresy Corner highlights the problems that some sex workers are facing from some (definitely not all) women wearing the feminist label. The point is very well represented in THIS VIDEO. I thought that this may be of interest to some of you because BDSM mistresses, professional disciplinarians, spanking models and performers are legally regarded as sex workers in many countries.

How a guy can earn a spanking or a restraining order
Would be a better title for this clip


>Domestic Differences Between Men And Women

>I have never been in a Domestic Discipline relationship with a woman and although I would not be adverse to trialing such a situation I think that it may be difficult for both parties. Any woman involved with me in such a way would have to be very determined, strict and be willing to spend a long time correcting my waywardness. On my part, I would probably need such harsh and frequent correction, to reach reasonable goals, that it is doubtful that I would be able to sit comfortable for at least the first two years of the arrangement. I suspect that the biggest problem would be the differences between definitions of domestic cleaning values between myself and a woman. I have come up with a few examples for this post.

A woman’s definition
These windows are not cleaned properly, I can still see the smears
My definition
You can tell that I have cleaned the window because there are smears

A woman’s definition
This room is filthy and covered in dust
My definition
This room has a lived in charm

A woman’s definition
look at this mess, no one can find anything in here
My definition
I know precisely where everything is, on the floor

However this arrangement would have certain advantages over a similar vanilla arrangement

The vanilla solution
Have a roaring great row about it

The DD solution
Harsh but fair measures are taken to resolve the difference in opinions

(Photo found at Ma’am yes Ma’am)

Vanilla result
Man slinks off in a huff to have a beer

DD result
Man resolves his ways hoping to please his other half

I think that the results in this case justify the methods 🙂