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We Those Brats out there often go unrecognized, but not unpunished, for all the efforts that we they go to in thinking up colourful bratting schemes. From the simple insulting gesture to the complicated plot, they all take thought and effort. Tootling around the internet, I have managed to find some specialist greeting cards, that we those brats would appreciate, by the way of recognition. I am posting a selection of those cards here, along with a few images and GIFs illustrating how they might be earned.

I think that rewarding your brat with a nice card, to go along with their severe punishment, is a wonderful idea. And to anyone who does not like the concept, all I have to say is…



A good scolding can take many forms, sometimes just the right glance can get a spankee trembling.

But I found a clip on YouTube that represents, to me anyway, the ultimate musical scolding. It is in Italian, a language that I cannot understand and I have deliberately not tried to find out what the singer is singing about or the context of the song. It is far more fun to imagine that she is telling me about what wrongs, that I have committed and exactly what she intends to do to me, as a consequence.

The Ultimate Musical Scolding

That really clicks my “Yes M’s, No M’s, Three bags full M’s” buttons

It does help that it is by Vivaldi, too. His compositions are just so wonderfully busy 🙂



Firstly, thank you to Hermione, for organizing this event. Sometime today, a list should be appearing on her blog, showing you the way to other participating blogs. You can get to her blog through the following link


Don’t You Just Love That Moment Of Impact And The Person Giving It

The above image was found at


For this year’s LOL day, I thought it would be nice to celebrate the feeling of the moment of impact and take this opportunity to thank those who deliver said impact.

Gotta love the personal touch of a hand

The feel of a flogger

The challenge of a paddle

Oh! The sweet kiss of the cane

A wonderfully wealed whip

And all those other things that can batter deserving buttocks

Thank You To All Those Kind Enough To Deliver Those Sumptuous Spanks

You can’t get a spank, without a spanker to spank it. And each one has their own way of playing. So…

Thank you to the teachers of lessons

Thank you to the psychological game players

Thank you to the ones who like to make it more personal

And thank you to the old school spankers

In fact, thank all varieties of spankers, Just remember…




Researching Short Tail Whips

A few weeks ago, a Thursday’s Animated Thrashing featured a Domme wealing a short tailed whip. This brought back some good memories. And I decided to research this subject a little. You can see the originator post, for this post, through the following link.


I am not going to claim to be a great expert on being whipped with this kind of toy. I have only been whipped with one short single tail by one person. But I was whipped by that person several times. The whip that I was on the receiving end of was a thick, semi-flexible, blunt ended whip, similar to the one in the image below.

It was applied usually to my bottom, but sometimes across my shoulders, in a strike and sweep motion. Usually this happened whilst I was prone, but sometimes standing. It was a similar delivery to the one in the GIF below.

The strike sensation was not unlike that of a cane and the sweep motion added a sort of burn to the impact site. This is a very special sensation and it can only be hoped that all impact play submissives get to experience that feeling, at least once in their play lives.

Looking around, it became clear that not all short single tails are the same, some have one or more tongues on the end and some are more flexible than the one that I was whipped with. And some are ended with a small leather ball. Also, there seems to be a lot of variety in the styles of application of this kind of toy. So let us have a little exploration on the variations in the short tail world.

This Domme is whipping from in front of the Sub. The skill to remain accurate, whilst not being able to see the impact zone, has to be admired.

This whip is being used in a “Florentine” manner. Not my kind of thing but it is nice to see that there is an alternative to floggers, for this kind of play.

These two Dommes seem to be using their whips more like short bull whips.

These whips look a lot more flexible than the one that I experienced

The following two GIFs Show the whip being applied in a different proportion to the way that I was whipped with less strike and more sweep in the motion

If anyone else has experiences of giving or receiving short tail whippings and how they felt about this. Please do share your thoughts with us.



They Were Good But They Could Have Been Better

A Spanish Patting

This first scene is from a Spanish production, that I do not know anything about. Everything about this scene is great, the setting, the sub-plot, the atmosphere and all the technical details, except for the actual spanking scene itself.

I can see no reason why they could not get a professional stunt bottom in to take an actual spanking. There is no need to see the spanking itself, nor the paddle making contact with the bottom, but images of the actor taking some proper swings would have stopped this scene disgracing itself, like it did. Also, if they had taken footage of the stunt bottom’s face, while the spanking was happening, that would have given the actor playing the recipient a chance to see what real expressions she should try to recreate with her own face.

The Famous Handmaid’s Tale Belting

Again, a great scene. And apparently a real belting did take place, although protection from bikers protection gear was used to safeguard against any damage to the posterior.

But look at the way he is bringing that belt in. Top down on someone who is bent over. I suspect that if anyone did this at a spanking party, plenty of people would have interceded and told the spanker how it really should be done. Here, it would have been a good idea to get an experienced advisor, on how to carry out a belting, in this position. Perhaps someone like…

Mistress Baton, both an experienced Dominatrix and in her other role, as Yvonne Van Den Bergh, an experienced actor, who will know a thing or two about both spanking and professional, on film, drama production.

These companies spend a lot of money on producing their wares and do not seem shy about bringing in stunt performers for action scenes, advisors for technical accuracy and a whole host of other people, to make their productions look convincing. So Why, O, why, do they spoil the ship for the sake of a tuppence of tar, when it comes to spanking scenes?



How To Clone A Willy

In the following video, the presenter shows you how to make a sex toy with the Clone A Willy Kit. In this case, a vibrating replica of her own hand. But this does look a lot easier to use than I thought it would be. But as soon as I saw this, it did activate the Amet longe fenum (Spanko) gland, in my brain. This will be expanded on, after the video.

I thought that with the right support structure, in the silicone, it would be easy to create a spanking toy, that would be your own unique spanking toy. Anything from a replica of your own hand to a silicon coated carpet beater. The possibilities are endless. The diagram below shows how the process works.

All you have to do is replace illustration two with the shape of spanking toy, that you want to create. Then replace illustration 4 with the support structure, flexible or stiff, depending on the type of toy you are trying to create. And bingo, the most unique toy in your collection. Now all you and I have to do is use our imaginations, to invent something very special 🙂

A Review Of two Electric Wands

From the same channel, I found this very interesting review. I thought I would throw it into this post as a bonus for those out there, who are into sensation play.