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Longing For The Sweet Harsh Kiss Of The Open Hand

It must be nearly two years now since I last presented my bare buttocks for a hand spanking

For me it did not use to represent the high point of spanking play but absence has made the heart grow fonder

Now I long for the heat of thighs beneath me, the feeling of muscles in motion as the hand is brought crashing down upon tender flesh, over and over in a heavenly nightmare of rapidly repeated impacts, exploding in wonderful pain

To be honest with you I long for the physical, skin to skin touch of any human being right now, pain play related or just normal vanilla contact. But at the top of my list of desires for the human touch, the magnificent submission of being over a woman’s knee and hearing palm striking bottom, holds a high summit

Back in February of this year, I arranged to go for a coffee with a friend in a nearby town. When we met we shook hands. That was the last time that I had physical, skin to skin contact with another human being. Eight months ago

Now I long for skin to skin contact in it’s most gloriously extreme form as someone drives their hand so hard into a buttock, it is as if they are trying to create enough heat to weld the two together

I was lucky enough to get a successful play date back in June, which considering my circumstances combined with the difficulties of the pandemic, leaves me feeling very happy that I had the opportunity to enjoy that this year. But by mutual agreement both of us decided to keep as much distance as is humanly possible whilst in a spanking play situation. We did this with the use of a belt two floggers and a cane. But I have to admit that the interaction lacked somewhat, from not being able to get close up and personal. O! I want a hand spanking so much right now

I guess that the old saying is true “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”

Let’s hope that this all ends soon and we can all get back to some sort of normality



The Original Song By Joni Mitchell

I don’t think that I have ever done a spanking related song parody before, so I thought it might be worth having a go. It is based on the song Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell, who I regard as one of the finest lyricists of the 20th century. You can see the original in the video above.

Both Sides Now, A Spankos Version

Rows of canes and leather tails

Bundled birch twigs on a chair

Painful fun things every where

I’ve looked at toys that way

But now they break upon my butt

They hurt too much or not enough

So many highs I could have had

But toys worked the other way

I’ve looked at toys from both sides now

From hurt to fail and still somehow

It’s toy illusions I recall

I really don’t know toys at all

Stern and strict and very proud

With mighty will, that toy they weald

Their harsh attention you will reap

I’ve looked at Tops that way

But now they turn and walk away

Sometimes to come another day

But in the end they’ll fade away

They’re never here to stay

I’ve looked at Tops from both sides now

From hard to fun and still somehow

It’s Top’s illusions that I recall

I really don’t know Tops at all

Mental escapes and breathing slow

To scream “Yes Ma’am” and mean it so

While fairies dance inside your mind

I’ve looked at play that way

But now my hide is aching bad

The crash has come and I feel sad

From spinning highs you hit the ground

It happens every time

I’ve looked at Play from both sides now

From joy to cry and still somehow

It’s play illusions I recall

I really don’t know Play at all

Have a great week



This week Hermione from HERMIONE’S HEART revealed that her and her other half, Ron, where now the proud owners of a new flogger and asked for advice, for first time flogging in this


I have to admit that I love floggers and being flogged. One of the commenters recommended a video from a BDSM mistress about the use of floggers, which I watched. This video advocated the twirly, BDSM style of flogging and that is worth trying (I’ve tried it) but on the whole I prefer the high impact, punishment style floggings, such as you see in this image.

It just hurts so good ๐Ÿ™‚ The best thing about floggers is that there are so many different types, each with their own unique impact sensations. I currently own two floggers and they are very different from each other.

Old Faithful

This one I purchased with the intention of never using it, as it is cheap and poorly made. I just wanted a prop for a vanilla fancy dress party. But it has been used and I love it. It is highly thumpy and despite it’s build quality has never broken. It is one of my favourite toys.

Rubber Hell

This one is a high quality, handmade item that cost a lot of money. It is over a meter long, is made of rubber, gives a pain at a high level and is very stingy. It is just the thing for when a good thrashing is desired.

I did have a third, good quality leather flogger but that was stolen, along with an original Walsall Tawse, during a house move (the thief was right in thinking that I would not report the missing items). This flogger had a whole other sensation of it’s own.

On the whole floggers are great in the range of sensory play that they can give and if you like being on the receiving end of a punishment play and have never been flogged, I recommend that you give it a go one day.

Any way, enough about my love of being flogged. Lets have a bit of flogger fun.

How To Flog Your Pirate

This is nothing serious but a very fun flogging and you have to love their outfits ๐Ÿ™‚


Expat Spankos

Being an expat and a spanko myself I tend to notice other expat spankos and BDSMers around the place.

I cannot help but to but to ponder if the kinky gene and the travelling gene are linked in some way.

When you think about it, the place that you find the most number of spankos posting and reading on the web is North America, especially the USA and Canada. nearly all of whom are descended from people who decided that they wished to move country.

Even spankos that decide to stay in the country of their birth tend to range far and wide in their free time.

Perhaps we are just looking for a place where we can feel comfortable with what we are and what we do. Maybe a fabled place that we can call Kinksterland (I would love to hear the national anthem ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

What about you. Are you a BDSM or Spanko expat? Or if not do you get itchy feet and the urge to travel a lot? Are these things linked in your opinion? I would love to hear some views on this.

All the above images depict expat kinksters and come from the following sources

Spanking Model Database

On the Way of Exploration

Richard Windsor’s Spanking Blog

Caroline Grey’s Vintage Dress Spanking


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Musing On Rocking Chair Spankings

I have never been spanked whilst occupying aย Rocking chair but coming across this post, Grandma’s Rocking Chair, on the blogย British Spanking Mags did get the imagination flowing about this possibility. I was also firstly inspired and then put off a little by two very nice illustrations, used in this post.

Tender cheeks awaiting the start of spanking play

And being caned on the rocking chair

It was this second image that worried me a little. Liking to be caned hard I could imagine this small, old fashioned design toppling over resulting in the kind of head on floor “Ouch” that would be a less than enjoyable element of play. Still interested in the idea of being caned or strapped into motion, on such a chair, I did a little surfing, to see if modern designers have come up with something more appropriate and found two nice solutions to the problem.

Almost a purpose built spanking bench on rockers

And super futuristic

Although if found to be kneeling reversed on the second one a person might be forgiven for wondering if they were there to be caned or to pilot a space ship.

I like the idea of being on the receiving end whilst on a rocking chair and am curious about the practicalities of such an event. This one is a new item on the bucket list and something to fantasize about, and hopefully turn into a real experience one day.


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80’s Jeans Were Better

Focusing on the female bottom this post felt a bit sexist, so for those that prefer it I have included a clip about some male eye candy in (at least some of the time) 80’s Jeans. I hope that this balances things up.

Women’s bottoms just look better in 80’s style jeans

I recently came across some old adverts from the 1980’s and thought that the posteriors that they encased looked so much better than they would in modern jeans.

See what I mean. I think it is because of two factors. Firstly they have a waist that is where a woman’s natural waist is, enhancing the natural shape rather than biting into the hips and causing an unnatural and very often unsightly, second, false waistline.

Secondly they seem to be cut to follow the female hip shape in much more flattering way than modern jeans.

And there is a spanko advantage

This photo shows that the higher up back pockets style, usually favoured in the 80’s, left the most important target area covered in only one layer of denim, rather than the double layer that modern, lower down pockets result in ๐Ÿ™‚

The above image was enhanced from this picture.

Now some male eye candy in an 80s jeans commercial

for those that prefer this

And a funny jeans ad rip off for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚