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They Were Good But They Could Have Been Better

A Spanish Patting

This first scene is from a Spanish production, that I do not know anything about. Everything about this scene is great, the setting, the sub-plot, the atmosphere and all the technical details, except for the actual spanking scene itself.

I can see no reason why they could not get a professional stunt bottom in to take an actual spanking. There is no need to see the spanking itself, nor the paddle making contact with the bottom, but images of the actor taking some proper swings would have stopped this scene disgracing itself, like it did. Also, if they had taken footage of the stunt bottom’s face, while the spanking was happening, that would have given the actor playing the recipient a chance to see what real expressions she should try to recreate with her own face.

The Famous Handmaid’s Tale Belting

Again, a great scene. And apparently a real belting did take place, although protection from bikers protection gear was used to safeguard against any damage to the posterior.

But look at the way he is bringing that belt in. Top down on someone who is bent over. I suspect that if anyone did this at a spanking party, plenty of people would have interceded and told the spanker how it really should be done. Here, it would have been a good idea to get an experienced advisor, on how to carry out a belting, in this position. Perhaps someone like…

Mistress Baton, both an experienced Dominatrix and in her other role, as Yvonne Van Den Bergh, an experienced actor, who will know a thing or two about both spanking and professional, on film, drama production.

These companies spend a lot of money on producing their wares and do not seem shy about bringing in stunt performers for action scenes, advisors for technical accuracy and a whole host of other people, to make their productions look convincing. So Why, O, why, do they spoil the ship for the sake of a tuppence of tar, when it comes to spanking scenes?



How To Clone A Willy

In the following video, the presenter shows you how to make a sex toy with the Clone A Willy Kit. In this case, a vibrating replica of her own hand. But this does look a lot easier to use than I thought it would be. But as soon as I saw this, it did activate the Amet longe fenum (Spanko) gland, in my brain. This will be expanded on, after the video.

I thought that with the right support structure, in the silicone, it would be easy to create a spanking toy, that would be your own unique spanking toy. Anything from a replica of your own hand to a silicon coated carpet beater. The possibilities are endless. The diagram below shows how the process works.

All you have to do is replace illustration two with the shape of spanking toy, that you want to create. Then replace illustration 4 with the support structure, flexible or stiff, depending on the type of toy you are trying to create. And bingo, the most unique toy in your collection. Now all you and I have to do is use our imaginations, to invent something very special ๐Ÿ™‚

A Review Of two Electric Wands

From the same channel, I found this very interesting review. I thought I would throw it into this post as a bonus for those out there, who are into sensation play.



Spartan Women, The Ideal Spouses

Over the weekend, I listened to a BBC Radio 4 program about the women of Sparta. It was so good I had to hear it twice. It described why Spartan women were my type of Gals. If you want to listen to it, follow the link below.


Unlike many women, in ancient history, they were not expected to be pretty wall flowers, or an extension of their men. But were raised from a young age to be strong and independent leaders. To start with, they exercised and trained to be physically fit and strong. A bit like…

And would take part in many sports, both individual…

and team sports, the same as the boys.

Greek athletes always trained and competed nude, by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚ A female Spartan participated in sports including wrestling, long- and short-distance running, horseback riding, hurling the javelin or discus, boxing, and racing.

From the age of 7 they also received a good, academic education

They were also trained in martial arts and combat, from a young age. As their men would spend a lot of time away fighting, they would be the home defence team for their house, town or city and be expected to hold their own in a combat situation.

Spartan women did not normally marry until they were between 18 and 20. Relatively mature, by the standards of that period of history. However, between menstruation and marriage, girls were encouraged to be sexually active, with other girls of their own age.

There were choir clubs, songs and other activities to encourage this. So they came to the marriage bed with a good idea of how they needed to be satisfied.

At home, the Spartan wife would have been in charge of everything, domestic organization, finances, running the family business and everything else of great importance. The Spartan economy revolved around the leadership of its women.

And they did not, as most spouses in the ancient world, spend all their time looking toward the cooking and cleaning. They got their slaves to do that for them.

So in conclusion, Spartan wives were strong, well-educated, powerful women, used to being in a leadership role and they could make that weirdo, hanging around in the park, fear for his life ๐Ÿ™‚

This would be so much better than having the Patriarchy. If only history had continued in this vain.





A Bit Of A Different Kinky Post Today

I have a file on my computer, labelled potential post pictures. Some of these images stay in that folder for a long time. I was looking at them and wondering why I kept some of them, realizing that they were the ones that kicked off my imagination. So let us take a look at some of these.

This is just so clever

It would be nice to know who created this, just to see if they are always so imaginatively talented.

Time for some erotic writing

Made me laugh, hope you did too ๐Ÿ™‚

This is my type of fantasy scenario

a room full of women at a tutorial on how to use a toy or toys and I am there as a subject used in the practical demonstration. A Psychologist once told me that the thing that people want the most is what they cannot have. Therefore, most women don’t want to be objectified because men are trying to do that to them all the time. On the other hand, men want to be objectified because women hardly ever do that to them. I wonder if that is why I like this fantasy so much. It does not even involve any sexual interaction.

Talking of fantasies…

Why isn’t she real, closer to my age and knocking at my door right now ๐Ÿ™‚

Where did they get this stuff?

It is easy to get specialist bondage gear now. But this photo must be around a hundred years old. Where did they buy this kind of gear back then? Did they have to have it specially made? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall, at the local blacksmithery, listening to that conversation.

And this just looks so much fun

Don’t it just make you want to join in

This was a bit of a change from my normal type of post, but this week I am just dog-tired and in a strange mood. It does everyone good to shake things up now and again.



Hopefully We Will Have A Flag That Can Be Waved Like This One Day

What Is This Post About?

Bonnie, of the blog My Bottom Smarts, made a post about having a Spanko flag. You can see the post linked here


I so approve of her idea of a Spanko flag and wholeheartedly support her in that. But I was not too impressed with the flag that she proposed. Which is this one

I had an idea for a Spanko flag myself, many years ago, before I was forced to take a break from blogging, due to the damage that a Thrombosis caused, in my right eye. So the flag and the post never happened. But based on that Idea, I have put together my proposition for a Spanko flag. Please be aware that I do not have the appropriate software to do this and could not find any at such short notice. So this is a very rough and ready version of what I propose, that I cobbled together on Paint.

It does not have the impact in real life that it did in my imagination, but I will tell you the symbolism behind it. It has 12 stripes (2 times 6 of the best) in black and blue to represent the marks that we take pride in. There are three inverted hearts (an old spanko symbol) in red, amber and green to represent Tops, Switches and Bottoms. The colours also represent the “Traffic Light” safe word system to indicate that the play that we take part in is only between consenting adults. I think that my symbolism is good and it could be easily recognized from some distance away, an important factor for any flag. However, it does not match up to what I thought it would be like, in my imagination.

Perhaps someone could improve on one or both of these flags. Or even come up with a better one of their own. It is long past time that we had a universally recognized article to display. This is a debate that is long over due.

Fun With Flags

As an incentive, here are a few ideas of the kind of fun we could have with our own flag, once we have one.

Plus, we really need a flag for the annual Spankos pride marches that we should be having



Excellent Leg Wear For Tops As Well As Bottoms

The blog Contemporary Life recently featured a post featuring the female form clad in Jodhpurs. You can see it through the following link.


It mostly focused on women on the receiving end, whilst wearing Jodhpurs, as is the style of that blog and I can see why.

They are excellent attire for flattering the female form, whilst being chastised. But for me, Jodhpurs are something that I like to see a Top wearing.

They Just Add To That Commanding Image

it puts into my mind the feeling that I am looking at someone who is used to controlling great steaming beasts. And so would have no problem controlling me.

They are the kind of clothing owned by people who know a thing or two about leather, crops, batters and whips.

The old-fashioned, less figure hugging version of this form of leg wear, still helped create an atmosphere of someone who would be in charge.

Even women with the usually have softer, more gentle kind of looks can put a hard edge on their image with the help of a pair of Jodhpurs.

And the owner of these accessories usually know how to hold a good seat and when to rise to the trot ๐Ÿ™‚

And that concludes my exploration of the Toppy side of Jodhpurs. These most versatile of costume articles.