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I Did Get A Watch Though

Well, I bought a watch with a combination of some Christmas money and Birthday money. So I got time for my birthday (today as I write this, but yesterday and you read this), I also booked a day off on Monday to do my chores so that I could have time to do not a lot and enjoy it, on my birthday. This is not the watch that I was planning to get but when I got to the jewellers, that had the watch that I wanted, this one had appeared in the window near to it. I not only liked it better, but it was 50 Euros cheaper than the other watch. Having this fun money to burn, I decided to go to a nearby “Grown ups only” shop and was determined to spend it on something frivolous. You know, the type of thing that you want but do not get, because you can never imagine yourself actually using it much. My first thought was a butt plug tail. Like the one below.

But once in the shop, I spotted something else and got that instead and have spent a good chunk of my birthday playing with that. I might post about that next week. It is not spank related, but it had a surprising effect on me 🙂

How old am I? So old that the image below has become true for me.

I still would like to get a birthday spanking. It would be another one off the bucket list. I did not have much time to put this post together, after my adventures with my adult birthday purchase, so I will just leave you with some birthday related images.



Please note that the GIFs used in this post have nothing to do with me or my spankings. They are there just for your entertainment.

A New And An Old Pervertable

Whilst in the UK, over Christmas, I got a new pervertable. The bath brush pictured above. It did not cost much, Just 6 pounds Sterling, but it is a nice little thing and has gotten my imagination going.

You might think that I would already have a bath brush, and I do. The one in the image below.

“So why buy a new one?”, I hear you ask. The answer to that is that the old one is a bit of a beast and I can only really handle being on the receiving end of it, when I am feeling at my most pain sluttiest. It has not been used for about a decade now. The next image might explain why.

I consider it more of a clubbing toy, than a spanking toy. When I have been spanked with it, I have been left with that “Hollow Buttocks” feeling. You know, when you can still feel the sting on the skin, but the flesh of your bottom feels like it is not there any more. The new one might be a bit more bearable. You can see the difference in the next two images.

So perhaps with the new one, I can endure it more often and for longer. A bit like this.

Or this

The new bath brush is made of bamboo. I have never owned a bamboo pervertable before. If anyone has information, about what it is like being on the receiving or giving end of a bamboo pervertable, that would be very useful, to me.

The action side of my new bath brush looks like this

And I hope that it ends up being used in play like this 🙂

But I am still keeping the Old Beast

Just in case Y’know 🙂



Hot And Harsh

It is Tuesday evening, as I type this and I have returned from my short trip away. Whilst away, I did receive a very memorable spanking from the wonderfully strict person that you see in the photograph above. She has a sort of information page that you can see through the following link.


I have been spanked by her before and returned to look for her, several times, for another spanking, as the first one had been so memorable. She was sadly not there as she had returned to her home country and trained in a vanilla skill (I did not obtain permission to tell you what that is) and it is nice to know that she has other career options to pursue, if she so chooses. But luckily for me, has returned to Belgium. And a serious as well as a very enjoyable spanking she gave me too. Three days later, my buttocks are still a little tender and definitely ouchy, if I poke them.

What With?

Her nice boot paddle came into play, but not until after I had been hand spanked. The hand spanking and some buttock massaging also continued between the use of toys.

She also caned me, with two canes, as well as giving me a taste of a cane birch bundle, part of which broke on my bum 🙂 A wrapped fibreglass rod (I think) and a small flogger also came into play.

She also spanked me with some toys that I took along.

My new Rudis

My favourite spanking belt

And some short Hazel (Corylus avellana) switches, That I freshly cut from a coppiced Hazel tree, that I have in my back garden.

If you want to see more on these, you can scroll through my list of Pevertables posts, through the following link.


I especially enjoyed getting belted by Cela. Although I found my last whooping with this belt highly gratifying, it was not until it was in the hands of a knowledgable and experienced Top, that I could experience its full potential.

If you are a bottom or sub who enjoys a spanking from a highly competent professional Top or Domme and find yourself in Antwerp, I highly recommend that you seek out the services of Mistress Cela. But be honest with her about your experience level, if you ask for a hard spanking, it will be hard, if you have not been spanked that much, tell her that and give her a chance to find your tolerance level.

A Picture Of My Ass, Spanked By Cela And Of Its Recovery

Mistress Cela was kind enough to take the picture above, of my freshly spanked rear end. She also enquired about how long I would expect to show marks from this type of spanking. So for the past three days I have taken a picture of my bottom and will send her a link to this post, so that she can see for her self. All images were taken between 4 and 6 O’ clock, in the evening.

The day after Cela spanked me

Two days after my spanking

Three days after my spanking

I think that by day four or five, I will have a bottom that looks like it has returned to normal. But I can feel that the Deep Muscle Trauma is going to last longer than that. Which makes me happy 🙂

Thank You, Mistress Cela For Such A Wonderful Memory



The Surprising Little Church At The Châteaux In Chimay

Whilst on my recent travels, there was an opportunity to visit the princely castle of Chimay. Which is in a beautiful little town in Wallonia of the same name, famous for its beer, cheese and being the last non-royal principality of Belgium. The castle was gutted by fire in 1935, losing much of its Baroque furniture and interior decoration. Over the last few decades, some rooms have been restored to their former glory, including…

The Chapel

Which is a very pretty place for Catholic worship. But the more that I looked around, the more that images like…


Started to flash into my imagination. It became clear to me that, some hundreds of years ago, someone had said, to a baroque interior designer, “Build Me A Spanking Church”.

The Prayer Kneelers

The first of these, that I noticed, were these

Excellent for kneeling on to receive a back flogging or bending over the other way for a holy birching. Just a nice height for either of these activities and comfortably padded…

Unlike Some Others That I have Seen

But when I turned around…

There Were Some Even Better Ones

That were far more sturdy, solid and unlikely to move around during a severe punishment of a sinner, under the torment of a holy lash. And even more…

One For Chastising A Pair Of Sinners At The Same Time

And then I noticed the general seating of the chapel which were just the right size, height and shape to be…

Padded Birching Benches

Which could easily be used…

Like This

Or This

I suppose you have to have a spankos mindset to see what the designer had in mind, when furnishing this Chapel. But there are some spiritual spankos out there who need a friendly place to pray and play, sometimes. Perhaps this is the place for them.


This post was inspired by the Netflix series




While I Was Gone

Well, my holiday did not go to plan, I was supposed to be on a trip to the UK, but that fell through. So I decided to stay in Belgium for this one. I headed south, intending to end up in the Ardennes. On the way, I stopped off for a day to visit a castle.

The castle had a chapel in it, that looked like it had been designed by a religious spanko.

That is not a picture of it. If things go to plan, there will be a special post about that at a later date, including my own photos. Then the weather got so hot, I changed plans and headed for the coast.

There I visited an open air museum and after that just chilled for a few days, enjoying the sea breezes and the coastline. Towards the end of my travels, I headed off to get spanked and took along a fun toy or two with me.

That is not a photo of my spanking, but it did involve a caning and I have permission to tell you about it this time. There will be a post about that sometime in the next two weeks.

Whilst at the coast, I took a smartphone photo, that I am a bit proud of. I think I could have improved on the image, if I had my real camera with me, but at the time all I had was my phone. Considering the limitations of a phone snap, I think that it turned out all right. What do you think?

Fun break over. Back to real life now.



Happy To Report, I Got A Properly Harsh Butt Whupping

That is not me in the image above, that is just there as an illustration

A spanking did not happen

I went away on a little trip, just over a week ago, to meet up with someone who might have been a potential play partner, but that fell through. Not the first time that has happened this year.

And then a spanking did happen

Feeling frustrated and needing what I have not had for some time now, a jolly good bottom warming, instead I managed to hastily arrange a pay to play. I cannot go into too much detail about that, as permission of the spanker was not obtained. She probably would have given permission, but I was so high, at the end of the spanking, that I just plain forgot to ask her.

Although the person concerned does not usually hand out bottom spankings (this was arranged in a very short time), she had experience in other forms of BDSM impact play and these skills transferred well to the activity of spanking. I got the hardest and most enjoyable spanking that I have had in about four years. It was bliss. And the special belt that I have, got it’s first proper usage. There will be a mini review of that at the end of this post. If you want to know more about the belt, click on the following link.


And I got marks

Yup, that horrible hairy thing is my battered butt 🙂 It was strange how they came about, though. I have not had markings like this since about 2008 and these did not appear straight away. On the day, my rear end was swollen and very pink. The next day it was swollen but had returned to its normal colour. On day three, the bruises appeared and it is still a little bruised now, but almost fully recovered.

The last time that I started marking again, was when I changed medication for my thick blood syndrome, in 2007 and that lasted for a little over a year. About 18 months ago, my medication was changed to a very new product, Xarelto. Perhaps this explains why I am marking again. It is a little puzzling that the bruising took over 48 hours to appear, though.

It was so nice to have a visual memento of the event, for a change 🙂

My Special Belt, A Mini Review

The Belt

This is a handcrafted, old-fashioned type of leather. 120 cm long, 4 cm wide and 4 mm thick. It is heavy and very stiff.

In Play

It was, mostly, used doubled over and swung with considerable force from a standing position, I could see the person wealing it in a mirror. The impact had a lot of thump and created some noticeable deep muscle trauma, that lasted for about four days after the spanking. Surprisingly, it created a high amount of sting, as well. Although I have been spanked with this before, it was only lightly. On this occasion, it lived up to its wonderfully brutal potential.


I am glad that I spent the money on this 🙂

The report card

This belt excelled in its task, proving to be both thuddy and stingy at the same time, whilst leaving a lasting impression on the individual on the receiving end. This belt gets a solid A. Well done.