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A Stairway to WOW!

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Ghent – The Last Photos From My Recent Tour

I ended my little break with a trip to Ghent (Gent in Flemish). I have visited this city so many times and I still love going there, it’s one of my most favourite, historical city centres anywhere in the world. For this trip I found a very nice campsite (it had a lake with a swimming beach and cycle trails) within the city, which was less than an hour’s easy stroll from historic Ghent, with all it’s ancient architecture and urban waterways. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. The castle is the Gravensteen.



Like A Hot Knife Cutting Butter

A Few Photos Of Floreffe

On my recent trip away I found a park up spot for the Little Devil (my campervan) on the banks of the river Sambre, in a tiny little burg called Floreffe, in the northern Wallonia province of Namur. It is famous for it’s Abbey, which is sadly closed to visitors at the moment due to the Corona virus. So I satisfied myself with some river walking. I did not take a huge amount of photographs here as it was so hot I had to spend a lot of time looking for shade and ice cream.

Spot the Little devil

The Abbey

And a nice boat with an evening bar on board



Speedy Suspension Bondage

Complicated bondage can be very aesthetically pleasing but it can take an excruciatingly long time to complete. This clip pleases the eyes without using up half of your day, enjoy.

Cycling in Limburg and Tongeren

Due to the world crisis and not wanting to risk worsening it, I decided to take my pleasure trips within Belgium this year. For a small country there is a surprisingly large number of places that I have not seen. One of them is the province of Limburg, which I found to have a well deserved reputation as a cycling paradise. So I found a wonderfully quiet park up for my campervan and set off amongst the rolling landscape of Limburg, on one of it’s, mostly off road, cycling routes.

This bought me to the historic town of Tongeren, famous for being one of the oldest towns in Belgium. And I found it to be one of the best looking small towns that I have visited, in this land.

The remains of the Roman Wall

The local hero in the gorgeous town square

And there are also the remains, although modernised, of the medieval town defences

If you are ever in the vicinity, Tongeren is well worth a day of your time.