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Monday Blues Busting Blistered Butts

A hard caning

061This image was found at RGE Films

And I got a well needed butt whupping this weekend

battered butt may 2013 Prefectdt


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I got Spanked :)

What I did on my holiday

Well it had been a long time since I  had the opportunity to play (far too long) and so I decided to seek professional help with this problem. I found a very nice German lady who agreed to get very nasty on my posterior. Before I proceed with this post I would like to say to say that I got exactly what I asked for, no limits where breached and I would have been disappointed if I had been spanked less severely. And so I would like to ask anyone who has a problem with the results to keep it to themselves. Everyone should play at the level that they feel comfortable with.

It was only a half hour of spanking but I did enjoy it and felt wonderful afterwards. I did not realize at the time but soon after we started to play I remembered that I had played with this Domme before, though in my defence it was a few of years ago (I soon remembered when I felt the spanking style). Her name is Mistress Eva and she does a good line in butt whuppings. I was flogged, whipped, caned, belted, birched, paddled and probably spanked with a few other things that I forget.

And I am proud to say that my old hide managed to break a rattan birch bundle (Yay! my butt). The photographs in this post where kindly taken by Mistress Eva herself. I can’t wait to play again.


Confidentiality – When I play with someone, a fellow enthusiast or a payed professional, I always respect the level of privacy that they set. I do not want people thinking, that if they play with me, I will run straight to my computer and publicize the occurrence. If someone requires confidence of me I will keep my hands off my keyboard and my mouth shut, if that is what is agreed. I gained permission to post the material in this post.


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A New Pervertable

A dreaded bath brush


This is my new pervertable, a wooden bath brush. I have been spanked with a wooden bath brush before but this is the first one that I have ever owned (I did have a plastic one but it wasn’t very good and broke easily). I have never been spanked with a brush like this one before. Take a look at it’s profile.


As well as being 37cm long it is 2.5cm thick (that’s an inch to those of you that still work in rods and hog’s heads) at it’s impact point. I think that this is the thickest piece of wood that has ever met my rear end and it was a very different experience than I thought it was going to be. It was delivered over jeans, rather than on the bare and it felt more like being clubbed than spanked. It physically pushed me forward and the person on the delivering end decided that 10 swats was more than enough, as I was making a sort of “Ungh” sound rather than my usual “Ouch” or “Aargh”. It has left me with some DMT (Deep Muscle Trauma), that I can feel as I sit here typing this but did not leave any visible marks that lasted until the morning after. I think that this is one toy that is going to have to be experimented with and used with care. Still a good bargain, at just €4.00.


>Playing With Mistress Eva, A BDSM Experience – Part Two


The clamp down

Normally I would not go for any type of tie down the first time that I play with someone but I felt safe enough and my desire to try the restraining bench, that I wrote about in Part One of this account, helped make my mind up, to make an exception this time. Ordered to the adjoining room to remove my clothes, I returned wearing only a male thong (I always use these for a non sexual play, it’s a psychological thing, tells the little fella down stairs not to get exited). I was then ordered onto the bench and the center bar was raised uncomfortably high under my waistline, wrists and ankles where then placed into metal cuffs attached to the bench and held tight by screw down clamps. Four leather straps held my forearms and legs from the knee down flat to the device, another strap was secured over my back. The metal collar was put around my neck and tried at a couple of heights but I felt threatened by this and so it was removed and put to one side. Apart from my head and my shoulders (a little), I was now thoroughly immobilized and totally uncomfortable, this bench was made to cause strain and discomfort and it did it well.

Ouch time

Five toys then appeared and Mistress Eva showed me a flogger, a crop (a true crop and not a batter), a heavy ‘American school’ style paddle, a leather paddle and a very thin cane and I was made to kiss the cane. She informed me that I would receive ten of each and then would have to
choose one. I have to admit here that I safe worded with the wooden paddle after only two swats, it is a toy I am not used to and the situation was alien enough to me as it was, I would like to try this again under more familiar circumstances. The swats of the other toys where applied to each buttock separately, this came as a bit of a surprise with the thin cane as I am used to it being applied across both buttocks at once. I have seen canes applied this way in some BDSM clips, using only the very tip of the cane, it was not unpleasant but I think I prefer the way that we spankos use the traditional old rattan. The crop was appetizingly harsh and the leather paddle was just luscious, the best leather paddle that I have ever felt. In the end I chose the flogger, Mistress Eva delivered it with a nice piquant mixed stingy, thudy snap and with all the unfamiliar things happening to me I found the comforting familiarity of a type of toy that I regard as an old friend, a nice security blanket to wrap my mind in.

Time to get serious

The bench was facing three full length mirrors and I could see all that was going on behind me Mistress Eva in high heels and bodice stood poised with the flogger like a painted image. Then the flogging started, the strokes soon became hard, very hard, her full arm, from shoulder to wrist articulated, the strokes in a full stroke manner that left me breathless and crying out but the strikes where also coming in fast, too fast for me, my mind could not process each stroke individually and it would be impossible for me to fly in this style of play. I called a break and asked for a reduced speed of play but at the same pain level. Mistress Eva acted very understandingly and play resumed in a way that was very pleasing.
The cane, the leather paddle and I think the crop (but I’m not sure about that) where occasionally interjected into the play but mostly it was the flogger that reddened the flesh. The buttocks got their share of attention but most of the play was happening on my back and soon I moaned, groaned, shouted and yelped and my mind touched the clouds in a mind blowing high. It was while all this was happening that Mistress Eva worked some real magic. She talked to me, complimented me, told me how much I was pleasing her, told me how good I was. Everything she said was positive and reinforced a positive inner feeling of myself. The little brat that lurks in my mind waiting to respond to the usual “bad lad” accusations ran away and locked himself in the cupboard under the mental stairway, not to be seen again that day. She had made me submissive, I wanted to obey her, not in the normal way, because that’s how play works, I really wanted to please her, to be commanded and enjoy being commanded. Perhaps I am wrong, it is the first time that I have experienced this emotion but I think that this is the first time I have experienced submission. Verbal encouragement combined with wonderful waves of pain had taken me to a place that I had never been before. I think I have a better understanding of what BDSM play now, than I had before this encounter.

O! the humiliation

The play suddenly stopped Mistress Eva said something that I could not make out then walked to my head pulled me up by the chin and looked me straight in the eyes and said “You have an orgasm?”. She might as well have thrown a bucket of water in my face, reality came back in a nasty a shocking way, I stammered something like “No, I thought it was clear, I don’t want sex”. She repeated herself “You have an Orgasm” this time I understood, there was no question mark, it was a statement not a question. Ducking my head down, I looked back towards my crotch. There was no erection, I don’t think that there had ever been one (that day), there was not even a semi, if anything the little guy was a more shriveled than normal, as though he was seeking sanctuary by withdrawing into my body. But there was a long sticky stream of liquid hanging from my crotch and a pool on the floor. I was saying things like “How?”, “I haven’t come.” and of coarse a lot of “I’m Sorry.” Mistress Eva took a closer look ” You have not come. It is clear. Like a woman has when she is horny” I helped out with the English term “Pre come”.
I have had this happen before, but not on this scale, usually just a tiny spot on the inside of my thong. It has nothing to do with sexual turn on, no erection or anything, I have always put it down thrill and excitement or perhaps muscle clenches. It has never happened to me to this extent before, even in a sexual situation. I felt very humiliated about it then and still do now and cannot understand why this happened. Mistress Eva cleaned up the pool with some paper towels and seemed to take it as a complement. Any way, it happened, there is nothing I can do about it now but if any one knows how to stop this happening in the future, I am all ears.

Free play

Down a little from the high, I realized how badly I was cramping up on the bench (if anyone can take a full hour on one of those benches, I take my hat off to them) and asked to be released. Play continued with me on the floor and Mistress Eva started working her magic again. I was soon flying and submissive again and over joyed that I could obey commands to change position and please my Mistress. The play ended with fifty hard strokes that had to be counted. I started to count in English but by the end I was counting in Flemish, not sure why or when I changed language, I was on another planet by then. Mistress Eva gave me a hug and some reassurance and after a drink of water and donning my cloths I was dispatched, blinking, sore and happy, back into the world.

Mistress Eva

Mistress Eva is a German Lady who has recently come to work in Belgium after working in Amsterdam. She works from the red light district in Antwerp. She does not have a website and does not accept clients that she has not seen face to face. From what she did for me, I find her to be a very competent Domme but is not for the faint hearted as SHE SPANKS VERY HARD!

[note – the photographs used in this post where taken once I got home and due to my fast recovery rate the marks had already faded a lot, in the couple of hours from when they where made. The black mark low down on my side is a blood blister, caused as I struggled against the waist strap, it is not a strike mark but it is all that is left now.]


>Playing With Mistress Eva, A BDSM Experience – Part One



Confidentiality – When I play with someone, a fellow enthusiast or a payed professional, I always respect the level of privacy that they set. On this meeting I was forbidden to take photographs of either Mistress Eva or her premises of work but I was given full and direct permission to write, about the play that we enjoyed, on this blog. I do not want people thinking, that if they play with me, I will run straight to my computer and publicize the occurrence. If someone requires confidence of me I will keep my hands off my keyboard and my mouth shut, if asked to.

Accuracy – I will attempt to keep this account of events as accurate as possible but as any bottom or sub will tell you, once your mind has entered sub space, recollections of events can be a bit fuzzy and swayed by the inner emotions that you felt at the time and may not be 100% on the nail.

That Saturday

It was Saturday 28th of March, having recovered from the post Christmas financial slump there was some cash in the fun budget, I had an afternoon free and not having played since the beginning of January, I was feeling very pain slutty. The combination of these factors flipped my switches and I decided it was time to go and get my old hide thoroughly whupped.


I jumped on a train and headed for Antwerp, my favourite playground. This had been an, on the day decision, and I did not have chance to make an appointment with anyone and so I decided to head for Antwerp’s red light district, near the river. The red light district in Antwerp is a lot smaller than but similar to the red light district in Amsterdam with Girls working from windows. Amongst the girls offering the usual services there are also SM and BDSM Mistresses offering, walk in with no pre arrangement, services.

Meeting Mistress Eva

I will admit that I was hoping to find one of two ladies that I had played with before, one a German and the other Polish but the problem with walk in service is that the Mistress that you want may not be available, neither of the two ladies where available that day and so I started looking around for an alternative. After wondering around for a while I spotted, sitting in a window with a sign offering SM, a tall, elegant looking lady, in knee high boots a leather bodice, her long hair pulled back into a long pony tail, in short someone who gave all the outward signs that she knew how to present herself and was unlikely to be a beginner or a wannabe and so I decided to approach her. I walked to her window which she opened and we went through the normal negotiations – Did we have a common language? Yes English – What services was I seeking? A corporal punishment session – I stated that I did not want any sexual services, she stated that she did not offer any, that established her as a BDSM Mistress. It is important to note here that there are two types of Mistresses that work in this area, BDSM Mistresses who offer play without sexual contact and SM Mistresses, who are legally registered prostitutes that offer play along with sexual services, when negotiating it is important to establish which type of Mistress you are talking to. SM mistresses are usually content to play without sexual contact but it is best established clearly from the start that this is the arrangement, if you do not want any unwished for sexual advances. The negotiation complete a price for a one hour session was agreed and I was invited inside.

The play rooms

Once inside I was shown up a flight of stairs and was very pleasantly surprised to be shown two spacious and well equipped play rooms. Usually in this area the rooms are adequate but a bit on the small side and not extensively furnished but in this case the opposite was true. One room was comfortably furnished and the other was very stark with two very interesting looking types of restraining benches and a cage. one of the benches was similar to the piece of furniture pictured below but with some extra straps and no attachments, fore and aft.

The decision

We chatted about what I wanted to happen in the session. Normally at this point I disclose that I am a spanko and that I want a spanking style of play rather than a BDSM style play, all Mistresses that I have played with in the past have been happy to accommodate this preference but on this occasion, I was interested in a little role play and the atmosphere of the environment was intriguing. So I decided that although I wanted the session to be Corporal punishment orientated, I was happy to play the slave and find out a little about what BDSM CP entailed. I asked to play in the stark room. Mistress Eva asked me which piece of equipment I preferred and I asked her to recommend one, she recommended the one similar to the one in the photograph above, so I chose that one. And so play began.

Part two of this experience will be scheduled to be posted on Thursday 2nd of April at about 4:30 am (my time).


>A Whupping I Got


A very good play

These pictures are of a very enjoyable play that I had about four weeks ago, I cannot think why I have not posted them before. The lady concerned was a wonderfully harsh German SM Mistress.

My backside immediately after the play

The action started calmly enough with a riding crop on my bum while I was crouched on the floor. Then I was ordered to lay flat on the bed and was caned, flogged, whipped, paddled and beaten with a rubber truncheon type of thing. I did not like the truncheon much so that went back in the box but everything else was most enjoyable.

The best whip ever

My apologies for the fuzziness of the photo but it is the only one I have of the whip that was used. This was the best whip that I have ever experienced, it was only about a meter long, thick, heavy and had about 6 short tassels on the end, I have to get one of these. Apart from the canes, everything was used on my back as well as my buttocks, including a leather paddle, which was surprisingly good for back play. The canes where applied interspersed between the other toys, I think I had about 140 strokes of the cane but it is hard to remember precisely. The last 2 times that the canes where employed where very intense, each in a set of 40 strokes. Although the canes where only short they where coming in very hard, one of them broke completely and I think the end of another one was damaged. A little blood was drawn.

Back home

A couple of hours later, when I got home, I took the two pictures below. As you can see the marks where already fading, I wish they would stay longer. In the morning all but a few of cane marks and a couple of marks from the end of the whip, on my back, where totally gone.