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Real Life People Being Sex Dolls

WARNING – There is only one GIF in this post, but it is of a more explicit nature, than the GIFs that I normally post. The GIF will be the last thing in this post, and there is nothing else to read or see after that. So if you do not want to see it, there will be a second warning before the GIF and you can refrain from seeing it, if you wish.

This kink revolves around one partner, during an act of sexual intercourse, pretending to be an inanimate, sex doll, even though they are a fully functioning human being.

This is a little confusing, as most of us would presume that people engage in sexual activities with a doll because, for whatever reason, they have no sexual partner available to interact with, at that time. So why get a real life person to act like an inanimate copy of a real life person, when they have a real life person, willing to be their partner? Or is it, perhaps the case, that it is the person playing the doll has a fetish about being treated as an inanimate object?

Some people even go so far as to dress themselves in sex doll outfits

It does look like it takes some effort to get into these outfits


As long as all the participants are consenting adults, I cannot see any harm in this activity. But it does seem hard to see why this is a turn on for some folks. The only reason for this kink, that I can see, is the desire to either objectify a person or be objectified by another person.

Would I Do It?

I would never initiate this kind of sex with a partner, but if a sexual partner was the one who showed an interest in doing this, I would be willing to give it a try. That is, of course, as long as I was the one to play the part of the inanimate doll. My submissive nature would make me feel uncomfortable using another person as if they were a lifeless doll.

WARNING – The following GIF is of a more intimate nature than those that are normally used on this blog. Please look away, if you do not want to see this kind of sex doll action in progress.







This kink definitely falls under the BDSM banner. But it is one that I suspect most of us have never tried.

If you want to get into martial arts, but don’t like hitting people, this is one method, that the more pacifistic of us could use to join in.

Most of the material, that I found, seemed to be F/m orientated. But other variations seem to be available too.

The severity, of this play is highly varied and ranges from “OMG” to pretty symbolic play.

It does seem to appeal to all sexual orientations.

Sometimes it seems specific to certain and various, areas of the human body.

For the more serious players, good training and the ability to tense muscles, for protection, is a must.

And it does seem to be popular with kick boxers too.

In Conclusion

At it’s harshest levels, this is a kink that should only be practised by the very well-trained and experienced. At gentler levels, it should be available to all that want to give it a go.

Would I do it? From most of what I have seen, that would be a big fat NO. But if the dominant were to only target my buttocks, I could imagine myself, dangling by my wrists, on a rope, getting a jolly good ass whupping. Might be fun. You never know until you try it. But as for having my face, torso or genitalia assaulted in this way, that would bring on a good firm SAFE WORD!



When I hear about women humping, I usually think of something happening similar to the GIF below

A grown up girl rubbing herself on a pillow, piece of furniture or the body part of another person in order to reach a satisfying end. But this post is not about that type of “Humping”

Butt Humping

Recently, I have become aware of this kind of Butt Humping

Where a woman bangs her crotch, quite aggressively sometimes, against the recipient’s buttocks

I have to admit that I became fascinated by this. I am not sure how effective this is for the humper, in achieving a satisfying end and I am wrongly equipped to find out for myself. If I did try to be a humper, I think that this would only result in some self-inflicted CBT

It only seems to be a rewarding activity for the humper. There does not seem to be any sexual gratification for the humpee. Unless it is between two girls and they want to take turns

Many times, it does seem to be an act of sacrifice, on the part of the recipient

From what I have found so far, this does seem to be an exclusively, girl on girl activity. I cannot understand why. There must be lots of guys, even the most vanilla ones, who would not mind letting themselves be humped like this, in order to please their partner. After all, it does not involve any sort of penetration

Butt Humping does not even require nudity sometimes. Although, I have to admit, that I find it more interesting to watch when a certain amount of clothing is lost. Or perhaps that is just me deserving to get spanked for this desire 🙂


Normally, in an “Other People’s Kinks” post, this is the point where I usually say something like “I am happy for those that enjoy this kind of thing, but it is not for me”. Not this time, though. I seriously want a woman to Hump my Butt. Especially after my rear end has received a hearty thrashing. The thought of a woman pounding away at my battered rear end, reawakening the feeling of the strapping, caning or other punishment, that she has meted out to me is highly appealing. As well as having the advantage of being a physical way of enforcing mental dominance over me. Showing me who is in charge. Letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that she is the Boss

Well, a guy can dream 🙂



It has been a long time since I have been in a sexual and emotional relationship and even then only of a vanilla nature but it was kind of satisfying when a woman feels that it is not a problem to fart in my presence. Dropping the pretence that she is some sort of super goddess that does not have normal bodily functions and showing a level of trust, in that you will not run out and tell everyone about it. Although I have never found any sexual turn in the occurrence but it seems that there are people who do.

Fart Porn

I first became aware of Fart Porn when I was searching YouTube for interviews with Allison Miller and found that her appearances, giving and receiving spankings at Firm Hand are not her only video activities

Allison Miller letting rip

And she is not the only one

And the internet does not seem to be short of websites catering for people with this particular kink.

Please note that I am making no money or other benefits by linking to these sites, it is just for your curiosity



Personally I think that I will give this particular kink a wide birth (very wide), although it seems harmless enough for those who are into it. I will stick to laughing at cartoon farts 🙂



Last Friday I posted this…


Well These People Seem To Have Another Hobby Too

And this just seems to be the right background music for their activity

And these are not from the same folks but I thought that seeing as we are slapping it up in B&W, why not

Well (said the boy who loves to have his bottom smacked while his pants are around his ankles) Isn’t it weird what some people do for fun 🙂



I have never been into ball busting. I had my two veg strapped once and it was interesting but I had my rear end well whacked by that time and was already flying some. In the end I think that ball busting is not my thing but it is always interesting to have a peek into what other people do and so found this interview informative.

Tales From A Ball Buster

And A Funny Add About Paint And Kink