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Belts Can Feel So Good

I don’t get spanked often. So it can be no surprise that I am finding it hard not to recall the spanking that I received, about a week and a half ago and the best part of that was when I was belted, multiple times, during the play session. As There is a news item to blog, on Friday, now seems like a good day to celebrate the wonders of the belt, in photographs and GIFs.

It can be used doubled over

Or as a long flat whip

Remember to get the arc of the swing just right for impact

Harsh impacts are wonderful, but it can also be fun for lighter play

It is so sweet, that it has two purposes in life

So buckle up everyone, and enjoy the ride 🙂



Happy To Report, I Got A Properly Harsh Butt Whupping

That is not me in the image above, that is just there as an illustration

A spanking did not happen

I went away on a little trip, just over a week ago, to meet up with someone who might have been a potential play partner, but that fell through. Not the first time that has happened this year.

And then a spanking did happen

Feeling frustrated and needing what I have not had for some time now, a jolly good bottom warming, instead I managed to hastily arrange a pay to play. I cannot go into too much detail about that, as permission of the spanker was not obtained. She probably would have given permission, but I was so high, at the end of the spanking, that I just plain forgot to ask her.

Although the person concerned does not usually hand out bottom spankings (this was arranged in a very short time), she had experience in other forms of BDSM impact play and these skills transferred well to the activity of spanking. I got the hardest and most enjoyable spanking that I have had in about four years. It was bliss. And the special belt that I have, got it’s first proper usage. There will be a mini review of that at the end of this post. If you want to know more about the belt, click on the following link.


And I got marks

Yup, that horrible hairy thing is my battered butt 🙂 It was strange how they came about, though. I have not had markings like this since about 2008 and these did not appear straight away. On the day, my rear end was swollen and very pink. The next day it was swollen but had returned to its normal colour. On day three, the bruises appeared and it is still a little bruised now, but almost fully recovered.

The last time that I started marking again, was when I changed medication for my thick blood syndrome, in 2007 and that lasted for a little over a year. About 18 months ago, my medication was changed to a very new product, Xarelto. Perhaps this explains why I am marking again. It is a little puzzling that the bruising took over 48 hours to appear, though.

It was so nice to have a visual memento of the event, for a change 🙂

My Special Belt, A Mini Review

The Belt

This is a handcrafted, old-fashioned type of leather. 120 cm long, 4 cm wide and 4 mm thick. It is heavy and very stiff.

In Play

It was, mostly, used doubled over and swung with considerable force from a standing position, I could see the person wealing it in a mirror. The impact had a lot of thump and created some noticeable deep muscle trauma, that lasted for about four days after the spanking. Surprisingly, it created a high amount of sting, as well. Although I have been spanked with this before, it was only lightly. On this occasion, it lived up to its wonderfully brutal potential.


I am glad that I spent the money on this 🙂

The report card

This belt excelled in its task, proving to be both thuddy and stingy at the same time, whilst leaving a lasting impression on the individual on the receiving end. This belt gets a solid A. Well done.



Sand Timer Spankings

Time has been on my mind lately. Specifically, I have been trying to rearrange my weekly schedule to find more time for fun activities. But this did lead me to thinking about spankings regulated by sand or hourglass timers. So a search was made for images and it met with some limited success.

Two spankings of female submissives were found

Only one single image of a male spankee turned up

And you have to look hard for the tiny little timer in her hand

There was a book

And as for GIFs


You might think that this subject would be well covered, but instead there seems to be a gap in the market. Still, it made me consider adding some items to my spank related collection



Pervertables were discussed in this week’s Sunday Brunch, on Hermione’s blog. You can visit the topic through the following link.


In honour of that worthy subject, it only seemed right to have a visual representation of some of the more common pervertables available.

The Belt

This is the king of pervertables. A very effective spanking toy, that is easily and discretely transported to a play venue around the waist.

The Hairbrush

An innocent looking item in almost anyone’s luggage

The Slipper

And the slipper includes plimsolls, beach shoes and any other kind of footwear used for spanking

The Wooden Spoon

Found in almost all kitchens

This is such a broad subject, perhaps it should be expanded on, at another time

Имена свидетелей изменены
село Андреевка
Николай жил в шаговой доступности от своего брата Дымтро. «Мой брат вышел из дома с поднятыми руками. Они избили его, а затем казнили на улице», — сказал он.

Жена Дымтро сказала, что видела убийство своего мужа из окна. Она сказала, что также была свидетелем того, как таким же образом был убит их сосед. Дочь Дымтро считает, что оба были расстреляны за то, что ранее помогали украинской армии в качестве добровольцев.
Деревня Дружня
Когда русские вошли в Дружню, еще одно село под Киевом, они стреляли по домам, по словам Сергея, который с тех пор сбежал из дома. «Я думаю, они сделали это, чтобы их не атаковали коктейлями Молотова», — сказал он.

«Таким образом, все эти дома вдоль главной дороги от Бордянки до Макарова пострадали, и некоторые люди погибли. Потом стали ходить по домам. Они убили учительницу, которая кормила своих цыплят на улице», — сказал Сергей.



Perverting Wordle

A lot of you, especially those of you active on Twitter, will already know what Wordle is. But for those of you that don’t, it is a word game that you are only allowed to play once a day. You type any five-letter word into the first line and have six lines in total, to guess what the word is. If you have the right letter in the right place, it will show green. If you have a letter that is in the word but is in the wrong place, it will turn yellow. If the letter is not in the word, it will show up grey.

There is a better explanation of this in the following link


And if you want to have a go at the game yourself, try this link


I got into this over the Christmas break and now it is the thing that wakes my brain up, over my morning coffee. To start with, I chose sensible words, with lots of vowels, for my first try. But soon my twisted little mind insisted that I start with spanking related words. It amazed me in the difference between the word I started with and what I ended up with. I thought that it would be nice to share a few examples here.


In 4 lines I got



Image found at


In 3 lines I got



In 4 lines I got



In 3 lines I got


Horse (used as a verb)

In 4 lines I got



In 3 lines I got


Some of my other efforts were also far from where they started. Scold became Unify. Whack became Rebus. Birch became Boost. Bench became Banal. Strap became Truss. Brush became Gorge.

I am running out of spanking words now, any suggestions are welcome

Or perhaps I should broaden out into general BDSM words like Bound or Domme or Clamp 🙂

Try the game, it is a lot of fun, here is the link to it again




Notes – 1/ None of the images in this post are of the spanking that I received, they are just ones that I found on the internet and are there for illustrative purposes only

2/ I did ask for and receive the permission of the other person involved in this spanking to write a blog post about it, whilst not revealing her identity or location

Spanked Flesh To Flesh

I did get spanked back in June, but that spanking, like the one the year before it, was only with implements, as a lot of people are still paranoid about direct physical contact. 17 months ago, I shook hands with a friend and that was the last skin to skin contact that I had with another human being, till last week that is 🙂

Employing Services

I really wanted a hand spanking and physical contact with another human being. So I approached a professional who normally offers more intimate personal services and is therefore already used to getting close up and personal with people, but was not above turning her hand to a bit of spanking. I would like to point out two things at this point, 1/ Although she offers them, I did not partake in any of her sexual services and 2/ I have been double jabbed with Pfizer, some months ago now and the lady in question also stated that she had been inoculated.

It Started With A Hand

As she sat on the bed, I bent over her lap. She was only wearing underwear (her choice) and I was bare apart from my man thong, finally my skin touched that of another human being and it felt so good. Not in a sexual way, but in a comforting, reassuring sort of way. Skin to skin contact with other people is one of those things that you do not know the importance of, until it is not available to you. Then she proceeded to spank my bottom with her hand…. heaven.

Then A Hairbrush

Unfortunately, the hand spanking did not last long. This was because, as she had pointed out to me before we started to play, she was not very experienced in spanking and my gnarly old bottom hide was hurting her hand too much. I had taken some pervertables with me and handed her a hairbrush, then resumed my position over her lap, to receive the sweet kiss of wood on flesh. This worked well for both of us

Slipper Time

By this time, I needed a higher pain level. I took a position on all fours, on the bed, while she stood and attempted to slipper me from the side, with one of the beach shoes that I told you about in


As I said before, she is not experience in spanking techniques and struggled with this. Then I remembered a GIF, that I had posted in a previous post, the one above and suggested that we tried this position, this was new to me too. This worked so much better than I had hoped. It played well with my mind, having her buttocks pressing hard into my shoulders. I felt happily restrained by her body on top of mine and the breath restriction that it caused, intensified the feeling of pain that I perceived. She was new to this and reluctant to spank as hard as I would normally be spanked, but this seemed satisfying to both of us

It Finished With A Belting

Last year, I purchased a new belt. You can read about it in


This was the first time that it was used. I lay on the bed and was belted with it, not too hard, but this leather bit hard anyway. I want to do a review of this belt, but I will wait until it has been swung by someone with more experience. Even though my spanker was not willing to get too harsh with me (sensible of her, as she had not developed the skill level to do so), the belting did hurt and I noticed that, unlike many other belts, the pain was along the entire length that it struck and not just in the last inch or two. And that concluded the spanking

And it was so good to be touched by another human being again, after nearly a year and a half of pandemic caution