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>Poll Results


And the figures say

Well the poll that came from this post Apparently I’m A Woman, What Are You?, yielded the following results that 70% (41 people) of the readers here are men and 29%(17 people) of readers are women. This means that those analytical websites that say that most of the readers here are women are wrong although, as Raheretic pointed out, the poll seemed to be working a little strangely and so might not have been totally accurate. But I am happy to have all readers here regardless of gender and I hope that you all enjoy this blog. I would like to say thank you to all those that voted, this was by far the most popular poll that has ever been posted on this blog and it gave me a nice warm glow to see that not all polls run on this blog are going to fail. So please accept this rose for your efforts.

Image found at Male Submission Art


>Apparently I’m A Woman, What Are You? A Poll


The poll

If you look to your right you will see a poll in the sidebar (just below the “If your not old enough go away” blurb). It is a very simple one about your gender. It is a no names or details poll and I am very grateful to anyone who will help me by participating. The reason for this poll will be explained in the next part of the post, if you choose to read on.

I am a woman and it seems that most of you are too?

The reason that I am conducting this poll is because over the years that this blog has been going I have often gone to those “put your address in here and we will give you your demographics” type websites. They have pretty consistently told me that between 60 and 70 percent of the readers of this blog are female. When I put the addresses of other spanking blogs into the widgets, they tend to give figures that say between 70 and 90 of the readers of those blogs are male. This leads me to one of two possibilities, 1/This blog attracts more female readers than most spanking blogs, or 2/These sites are just buttering me up and giving me figures that they think that I want to see, so that I will feel good about the world and sign up for an account or click on their sponsors link and buy myself something pretty. I really would like to find out which it is and that is why the poll has been put there. It will be their for about a week.

There is another reason that I do not trust these analytical sites and that is because they are often wrong. For example this GENDER ANALYZER tells me that I am a woman.* Well really, are there many more women out there posing as middle aged, single, male spankees (this bit is meant to be read sarcastically by the way) for the purpose of writing a blog? I kind of think that this is not a common thing to happen. So if you will help out by taking part in the poll it would be a great help.


*OK I’ll admit it, my real name is Mandy and I am a 38c 24 36, 5 foot 10 inch tall brunette, with legs up to my armpits, who is poly amorous, single and a total nymphomaniac. So if you too are a good looking lass posing as a single middle aged man, in order to write a spanko blog, why don’t you drop me a line and we can arrange to go shoe shopping or have a semi naked pillow fight or whatever us hot chicks get up to, when the men aren’t looking 🙂

>Poll Results – Who Is Going To The Planet Greenass To Spank The Aliens

>Well the results of the poll are in and it has been decided who is going to be our Spanking Ambassador to the Planet Greenass.

In fourth place with no votes was Pavel Statsney from RGE Films

In Third place with one vote was David Pierson from Punished Brats

And in third place with three votes (this was NASA’s choice) Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard

The winner with nine votes, who will whup ass where no asses have ever been whupped before is Cassie Hunter from Cassie Canes

Here She is all suited and booted and ready to give those aliens what for

I heard on the Internet ether that some people at the Full Force Forum where a little concerned about Ms Hunter’s absence. Well although she will be spending several years on the planet Greenass, because of the (insert your favourite SC-FI geeky word here) factor she will not seem to be gone from the planet Earth for more than a couple of minutes and will not have aged at all.

Houston we have a cane


>We Come In Peace, Please Spank Us – Or A Fun Poll


No probes this time

I promised you a fun poll and this is it. Basically Aliens have been picking up internet broadcasts, the signals have been a little garbled but they have become intrigued with this thing we Earthlings call “Spanking” and wish to experience it themselves.

Through the garbled signals they have seen only four Earth spankers but cannot decide which they wish to take back to the planet “Greenass” to introduce their species to this new activity, so they have decided to let the spanking community of Earth decide who will be the best Ambassador.

Here are the candidates they propose.

Dallas – From Dallas Spanks Hard

Cassie Hunter – From Cassie Canes

Pavel Stastny – From RGE Films

David Pierson – From Punished Brats

If we fail to provide an Ambassador of worth, the Earth will be obliterated. So who will you send to save Mankind and introduce a new era of inter stella spanking to the galaxy.

The Poll is on the right hand side of the blog.


>Poll – F/m Videos – Results


Image From Over Her Knee

Well the results of this poll where minimal, only six votes and one of them was mine. But thanks to the other five guys who voted.
I blame myself this was a bit of a heavy subject for a first poll so next time I will find something a bit more fun, just to get people used to the idea of voting on this blog.
Anyway the results where five votes for male submissives taking the lead in producing F/m videos and one who did not care. Obviously this is too few votes to represent any great mandate, so I will draw no conclusions from this.

Like I said next time something a bit more fun.


>Poll – F/m Videos


Drawing From Over Her Knee
I look at my DVD and VHS collection and I see mostly M/f and F/f materiel, the reason for this is that most of the F/m material that I have seen is uninspiring. But the video’s that I bought back in the mid 90’s Featuring female bottoms/submisives where not dissimilar to the F/m material being produced now, a series of nameless backsides being lined up to be reddened or striped in half arsed (excuse the pun) scenario’s.
I cannot help thinking that the influence of female players in production companies, Christine (SIT spanking), Lucy McLean, Leia Ann Woods, Amber Pixie Wells, etc has had an influence on this side of the industry even outside of their own companies, leading production of all the M/f F/f production companies in the right direction. I think if us lads did the same perhaps there would be an improvement in the F/m world. So if you scroll down you will see a poll on the right hand side of the blog, please let your vote count.

It would be great to hear some comments on this one, both from men and women, but I am not going to answer comments left in this box, it is just for you to state your opinion.