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I wanted to start a series of posts on this, but have found that it takes a lot of research time, that I do not really have, and leaves you with very little material to post. So I will try to do this from time to time, focusing on one country at a time. But don’t expect these posts to appear that often.

Is Spanking Play Between Consenting Adults Legal In The UK?

When I lived in the UK

When I lived in the UK (I left in 1992), that question did not really have any relevance, as you would not be prosecuted under the law, for consensual spanking, but it was registered as a sectionable activity under The Mental Health Act. This meant that you could be detained, against your will, for mental medical treatment, for however long the authorities thought that it would take them to “cure You” of your mental condition. Luckily, consensual spanking between adults has since been removed from the list of sectionable conditions. If you want to see what the UK Mental Health Act includes today, click on the link below.


What then?

After that it did become illegal, under two existing laws, Assault and Actual Bodily Harm. And consenting to be the one on the receiving end made the submissive party an accessory to the assailant and therefore also a criminal. The news article below, written in 2018 illustrates what the law, up until then, regarded as illegal.


And Then?

Another law was passed, banning the making of several types of pornographic material in the UK, spanking among them. And then, some of the gallant producers, in the UK, protested against this. This lead to a relaxation of how the laws would be applied, as in the Criminal Prosecution Service was guided not to persecute spanking sites unless it involved activities that would lead to permanent or long term scaring. Consequently, this also applied to couples or groups, playing for their own pleasure.

So is consensual spanking between adults legal in the UK?

Technically no. But as long as scaring does not result from the play, you will not be prosecuted for doing it, under the law, effectively decriminalizing consensual adult spanking play in the UK. Unless you take it too far and leave scars. The link below tells you about the new guidelines that came into action.




Clothed Female, Naked Male – CFNM

As most images and GIFs that you find in the Spanking Universe, tend to feature a female on the receiving end of play, this blog does tend to feature a lot of M/f and F/f content. I thought that I would try to redress that imbalance by having a special week, featuring three main posts, that centre around guys getting their butts battered. Specifically, in the CFNM genre.

Caring For Him

Unlike the first in this series of posts (from Monday), this post is not about how getting a guy naked to punish him, heightens his subjugation, but more how a strong, dominant female can show how much she cares about her man by making him strip off to take his licks. As in the GIF above, rather than just telling her man to drop his trousers, for his punishment, his partner marks the occasion, between the two of them, by making him disrobe, making it a special and intimate act, for both of them.

More than just a whupping in the kitchen

Many men (me especially) need to be made aware of their misdemeanours, in no uncertain terms. But to make sure that a partner knows that he is in a situation of caring correction, for his benefit, rather than just being the subject of retribution, a dominant partner can always make her object of her concern take part in a ceremonial shedding of cloths. Not just to bare his butt, but also his soul.

This especially helps when a guy needs a very strict correction

Making the act one of emotional consideration, rather than just a highly painful reminder.

This can also help her prepare for a situation of a more intimate nature, between a loving couple. If that is what helps a woman get in the mood

For a loved, submissive male, even a maintenance spanking becomes a symbol of a strong bond between him and his partner, when she insists that he bare all before her.

In conclusion, there is nothing a dominant woman can do more than making each corporal play or correction time an act of strong bonding, with their partner, than adding an element that is special to the both of them. And for some couples, this act is getting him the same state as the day he was born.

And that ties up this one week CFNM special. I hope that you all enjoyed it. Next week, back to business as usual.



Clothed Female, Naked Male – CFNM

As most images and GIFs that you find in the Spanking Universe, tend to feature a female on the receiving end of play, this blog does tend to feature a lot of M/f and F/f content. I thought that I would try to redress that imbalance by having a special week, featuring three main posts, that centre around guys getting their butts battered. Specifically, in the CFNM genre.

To Humiliate Him

As in the teacher training image above, it is obvious that the male involved does not need to be fully naked. But it is, at least in the fantasy version, a great way to turn the world on its head, throw out all the misogyny and replace it with misandry. Neither misogyny nor misandry are acceptable forms of behaviour, in real life, but in a fantasy play scene, they can be so much fun. Like in the scene above where the guy has to bare all, whilst the female protagonists get to remain clothed, thus placing him on a lower rung of the professional ladder than themselves.

This also works for a boss disciplining one of her worker drones

Or for a Pro Domme in her dungeon

Females gathered in a group of witnesses, also adds to the subjugation and humiliation of a man being punished

In a one on one Professional Disciplinarian scenario, he only needs to have his trousers round his ankles, to get his bottom smacked. Making him get naked is purely to put him in his place

Or strip him of his uniform and rank for a pretend military scenario

And how much more delicious is it to make your man feel small, by stripping him off and punishing him in front of a friend or relative

Don’t forget to let those lazy work men know exactly where they stand

All in all, making a guy get fully naked just because it adds insult and humiliation to a play scene can be very satisfying and fun. But remember it is only for consenting fantasy play time

Not for real life 🙂

Next instalment of this week’s special series will be on Wednesday, 18th of May



What Is A Sjambok?

A Sjambok is a long, thick, semi stiff rod. Originally they were made of things like Hippo hide, but these days tend to be made of rubber or other synthetic materials. They come from the southern end of the African continent and were developed to help in cattle herding, but are now used in BDSM and Spanking, corporal punishment scenes.

They come in a variety of different colours and styles of handles, but the business end seems to be pretty standard, on all of them.

My Thoughts On The Sjambok

What I have seen of Sjambok punishments creates two sensations, fear and curiosity.


It does look like an incredibly intense and harsh implement. Making me wonder if it is beyond my tolerance limits. This scares me, no sub wants to admit defeat. I know I can handle a good caning and that the cane is no lightweight toy to receive, But in this next GIF, you can see a sub being struck with both a Cane and a Sjambok. Notice the difference in his reactions.

The Cane is harshly applied and gets his attention, but the Sjambok looks like it was even harder to handle.

Curiosity and desire

But the Sjambok does interest me and I am curious to find out what it feels like. But am I curious enough to overcome my fear reaction? Added to that is my desire for lasting marks and the Sjambok looks like it leaves a trail of welts that would last many a moon, even on an experienced submissive’s bottom.


If the opportunity arose. I think that my curiosity and desire to be marked, would win over my fear of this implement. But it still sends a shiver down my spine, thinking what the impact would be like and if I am sub enough to endure it.



One Of The Best Scoldings On YouTube

Taylor Tomlinson is very funny, but there is no sign that she is into TTWD. Having watched this video, though, it is obvious that she could give a masterclass in scolding.

And A Couple Of Good Examples Of Scolding Faces




What Options Does A Spanker Have For Their Non-Spanking Hand

Over the past year or so, there have been a lot of comments left on this blog about what a spanker does with the hand that is not doing the spanking. I thought that it would be nice to illustrate some options available to a spanker.

Hand on the spankees waist

Often seen in OTK situations

And sometimes with standing spankers

Hand on the hip

Restraining the submissives blocking hand

Being used for balance

Guiding the implement

Resting on the furniture

Finally, just letting it dangle

If you are a spanker, what do you do with your spare hand?

Spankees, what do you think a spanker should do with that extra bunch of digits?