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Double Pumped Iron, A Sex Toy For The Boys

I have been humming and hawing about doing this review for some time, as it is not spanking related. But I have seen many reviews on Girls sex toys, on female Spanking and BDSM blogs and so thought that it was time to even things up a bit on that front.

What Is The Double Pumped Iron?

This is a non vibrating, male masturbation aid made of soft silicone, contained within a hard plastic tube, with entry points for the penis at both ends. It cost me just under 30 Euros to buy. The full kit that you get looks like this.

One end is designed to simulate a vagina

And the other end simulates an anus

All closed up, it resembles a training weight

The only thing that you need, that is not included, is water based lubricant.

How to use it

Firstly, remove the plastic caps from both ends of the toy, so you have one end to enter and the other end to expel and intake air. Unless you like that “Dead Flesh” feeling, warm the device before using it. I tend to do this by dumping it in a bucket of hot, but not boiling, water for half an hour before I require it. The hard, black plastic easily wipes dry and the vagina end being a bit damp just adds to the realism of the experience. Alternatively, you can hang it on a string for a couple of hours over a heat source, such as a radiator. Do not put it directly on a radiator, as from experience I can tell you that this could melt the silicone. Then apply water based lubricant, to the end that you desire, and insert an erect penis. The rest I will leave to your imagination.

What Was The Vagina End Like?

I was very happy using this end of the toy. It felt as realistic as I would imagine a device like this could be, without being part of an actual woman. Of course, it cannot provide the muscular contractions and other real life qualities of having sex with a real woman, but otherwise, entering the toy and the feeling around the penis, of the walls of the silicone, was surprisingly realistic. This is the fourth such device of this type that I have owned and the main criticism, that I have of the other three, was that they were too “Snug”. Unrealistically tight, to be frank. This type of device was not available when I was an inexperienced teenager, but if they had have been, I would have been doing my damnedest to get hold of one. If I had obtained one of the other ones that I have owned, that would have left me with unrealistic expectations about the internal size of a real vagina, when I finally encountered one. So for the inexperienced, I would get one of these instead, so that you have a more realistic idea of what it is like to enter a real woman. On the whole, I was very contented, interacting with this end of the device.

What Was The Anal End Like?

This is where I am at a bit of a disadvantage in comparing this to a real life experience, as I have never entered another person’s anus with my penis. So I will just tell you what it felt like to me and perhaps someone with more experience in this field can comment on if this sounds like the real thing or not, to them. Entering the anal end felt very tight and as I moved around, inside the device, the entrance point remained tense around the shaft of my penis. However, the internal part of the silicone felt a bit baggy and did not stimulate the rest of my member much. This did the job, but I was not so impressed with the experience at this end as I was at the vaginal end.

And Sanitary Considerations At The Point Of Orgasm

Using the vaginal end, all bodily fluid produced remained within the Toy, until it was removed. This I consider a good thing. Using the anal end of this device, there was a little fluid ejected from the vaginal orifice, so it is a good idea to keep some tissues handy, when using this end, unless you enjoy cleaning the furniture.


This was pretty straight forward, for this type of Toy. Remove the silicone from the plastic shell. Turn the silicone inside out and clean it and the plastic shell in a bucket of soapy water and then rinse with pure water. Pat dry as much as possible and then leave to air dry for at least two hours. Next turn the silicone back the right way out, wipe it clean with soapy water, then wipe with pure water and leave that to dry for a couple of hours. Then use the provided plastic bag and the instructions to reinsert the silicone into the plastic shell.

In Conclusion

The vaginal end of this device was pleasing and as realistic as could be expected of something like this. The anal end was not so pleasing to me, not in the sensation or the potential for making a bit of a mess.

The Report Card

This human body part simulator performs exceptionally well at one end that should earn it high marks. However, it is let down by the other aspects of its nature. One end gets a good, solid A. The other is instructed to report to the Head Mistresses’ office to have its very poor D dealt with.

Other Options

The same company also offers the Steel version of this toy, with a vagina/mouth combination and the Gold version with a mouth/anus combination. I have not experienced either of these.



How To Clone A Willy

In the following video, the presenter shows you how to make a sex toy with the Clone A Willy Kit. In this case, a vibrating replica of her own hand. But this does look a lot easier to use than I thought it would be. But as soon as I saw this, it did activate the Amet longe fenum (Spanko) gland, in my brain. This will be expanded on, after the video.

I thought that with the right support structure, in the silicone, it would be easy to create a spanking toy, that would be your own unique spanking toy. Anything from a replica of your own hand to a silicon coated carpet beater. The possibilities are endless. The diagram below shows how the process works.

All you have to do is replace illustration two with the shape of spanking toy, that you want to create. Then replace illustration 4 with the support structure, flexible or stiff, depending on the type of toy you are trying to create. And bingo, the most unique toy in your collection. Now all you and I have to do is use our imaginations, to invent something very special πŸ™‚

A Review Of two Electric Wands

From the same channel, I found this very interesting review. I thought I would throw it into this post as a bonus for those out there, who are into sensation play.



And I Did Get A Good Caning πŸ™‚

A few weeks ago, I had a very satisfying pay to play That I told you about in


Unfortunately, at that time, I forgot to ask permission to tell about it properly, on this blog and I never play and tell without permission. The person who spanked me, impressed me so much, that I decided to seek her out once more and she spanked me again, but this time I did get her permission to blog about the experience.

Getting Spanked By Alexia

That is a photo of her, from the internet, with her trademark leg bands. She works from the red-light district in Antwerp and does offer intimate services as well, but I did not partake of those services, preferring to get spanked more. Although very slender, she does have strong arms and the ability to hand spank hard, as well as weal toys with a gusto. Although, she does not really have much by the way of weapons of ass destruction. This time I took my special belt again and some pervertables. So she could have a good go at walloping my rear end, and she did, with most satisfying results. One of those toys I will be reviewing at the end of this post. For the first part of my chastisement, I was laid face down on a bed, whilst all hell was let loose on my rear end with the pick and mix of toys that I had taken with me. And most enjoyable that was too πŸ™‚

And Then I was Caned

I also took a short, German style peeled cane with me, that I can bend and fit into a regular backpack. For the second half of the spanking I was bent over, freestanding, supporting myself on the sides of the bed and then was caned.

That GIF is not myself and Alexia playing together, but it does give an idea of how it went. Alexia is not that experienced with spanking toys, but she listened well to what I asked of her and delivered a memorable and satisfying caning. I did get caned last year, but that did not go so well. Alexia handed out, what felt like, the best caning that I have had in years, despite her limited experience. I hope that she gets more practice at the disciplinarian arts. She is very good at it now. With more experience and maybe a little training, I suspect that she could become excellent in the art of Topping. Now for a review of a pervertable that I took with me, for this playtime.

MY Dogging Strap, A Mini Review

The Strap

This is a short but sturdy decorated strap, measuring 30 centimetres long, 3 centimetres wide and 4 millimetres thick. It is small and easily portable. You can read about where I obtained it through


In Play

This was the first time that I have been spanked with this strap and it surprised me. I was expecting it to be a convenient, OTK strap, much like any other, but it was not. Despite its short length, it was incredibly painful and had a sensation that felt more like being cut than strapped, although it did not break my skin, it felt like it was. It was a challenge to take and had a brutal impact that its visual appearance would not suggest. It was difficult but satisfying to be spanked by this. I think that it might take a bit of getting used to, though.

The Report Card

This strap did its job better than was expected and added a new sensation to the spanking mix, in a severe way. It has earned a good, solid B plus.



Happy To Report, I Got A Properly Harsh Butt Whupping

That is not me in the image above, that is just there as an illustration

A spanking did not happen

I went away on a little trip, just over a week ago, to meet up with someone who might have been a potential play partner, but that fell through. Not the first time that has happened this year.

And then a spanking did happen

Feeling frustrated and needing what I have not had for some time now, a jolly good bottom warming, instead I managed to hastily arrange a pay to play. I cannot go into too much detail about that, as permission of the spanker was not obtained. She probably would have given permission, but I was so high, at the end of the spanking, that I just plain forgot to ask her.

Although the person concerned does not usually hand out bottom spankings (this was arranged in a very short time), she had experience in other forms of BDSM impact play and these skills transferred well to the activity of spanking. I got the hardest and most enjoyable spanking that I have had in about four years. It was bliss. And the special belt that I have, got it’s first proper usage. There will be a mini review of that at the end of this post. If you want to know more about the belt, click on the following link.


And I got marks

Yup, that horrible hairy thing is my battered butt πŸ™‚ It was strange how they came about, though. I have not had markings like this since about 2008 and these did not appear straight away. On the day, my rear end was swollen and very pink. The next day it was swollen but had returned to its normal colour. On day three, the bruises appeared and it is still a little bruised now, but almost fully recovered.

The last time that I started marking again, was when I changed medication for my thick blood syndrome, in 2007 and that lasted for a little over a year. About 18 months ago, my medication was changed to a very new product, Xarelto. Perhaps this explains why I am marking again. It is a little puzzling that the bruising took over 48 hours to appear, though.

It was so nice to have a visual memento of the event, for a change πŸ™‚

My Special Belt, A Mini Review

The Belt

This is a handcrafted, old-fashioned type of leather. 120 cm long, 4 cm wide and 4 mm thick. It is heavy and very stiff.

In Play

It was, mostly, used doubled over and swung with considerable force from a standing position, I could see the person wealing it in a mirror. The impact had a lot of thump and created some noticeable deep muscle trauma, that lasted for about four days after the spanking. Surprisingly, it created a high amount of sting, as well. Although I have been spanked with this before, it was only lightly. On this occasion, it lived up to its wonderfully brutal potential.


I am glad that I spent the money on this πŸ™‚

The report card

This belt excelled in its task, proving to be both thuddy and stingy at the same time, whilst leaving a lasting impression on the individual on the receiving end. This belt gets a solid A. Well done.



During a short trip away, in June, I managed to get a long awaited spanking. It was about a year since my last spanking before that. Unfortunately, I do not have permission to tell you about who or where or any personal details of the other protagonist. But I did take a new pervertable with me and experienced their effect during the spanking. So I thought that I would write a review of my experience

Beach Shoes

These were competitively priced at just under 5 Euros. They have a synthetic sole and thin drainable cloth uppers. The moment that I saw them, I recognized their potential as a spanking pervertable.

Flexible and transportable

They flatten down quite thin and are far more flexible than their spanking footwear competitors, those being slippers, plimsolls and flip-flops. This means that they can be folded or even rolled for easy transport. In the winter, you could easily fit one into a large coat pocket.

Easy to hold

The flexibility of the sole makes them easy to grip, in a squeezed fashion, making them suitable for any size hand to hold

While being griped, they still present a large enough area, towards the toe of the shoe, to provide a good surface to strike the buttock with

Compared to the competition

The slipper

Slippers can vary a lot, but on the whole tend to be heavier and more substantial than the beach shoes and therefore a bit more painful in play

The Plimsoll

These tend to be the heaviest and sturdiest of the foot ware based pervertables, They are definitely more painful than the beach shoes

The flip-flop

My experience of these is that they can be a bit wimpy, the beach shoes hurt a lot more

In Play

Being spanked with a beach shoe was a satisfying experience. Whilst they are a bit too light and flexible to be very effective in an OTK situation, they work very well when the spanker is standing and taking a good swing. The soles of these shoes are a little too flexible to plant a strike directly on the buttock and are best used in a swipe through motion, similar to the one used in this GIF

The pain level that was achieved with these, whilst not as high as with a slipper or plimsoll, was significant and they caused some deep muscle trauma, that I could feel in my buttocks, when walking, for about four days afterwards


I was very happy to be spanked with these and intend never to wear them. If the occasion arises again, I would take them along to be applied to my rear end. All in all a very good purchase

The School Report

Whilst other shoe base pervertables might be more severe. The beach shoes more than compensate for this with their price effectiveness, easy transportability and good solid performance in a play situation. The beach shoe makes a well-earned B+




I review as a paying customer – I do not except free memberships in exchange for a review. I am not participating in any affiliate programs and make no money from sites that I review. I paid for a thirty five day membership of Firm Hand Spanking and am reviewing it as a paying customer.

Click on this link Firm Hand Spanking to go to the website.


Firm Hand Spanking is a spanking clips and photograph spanking website that features productions from both the USA and the UK. It features hand and implement spanking given by men and women but always has female performers on the receiving end. Although the scenes on this site are mostly in a set in a contemporary era, there are some in historical settings.


I paid for a 35 day, non recurring membership at a rate of $29.95 (US Dollars). Rates range from $24.95 for a recurring 30 day membership to $149.00 for a 365 day non recurring membership. There is a choice of recurring and non recurring membership rates.

Technical Stuff

Photographs are easily downloaded, either individually or as sets in a ZIP folder. The clips are available in lower or high quality downloads, so you can make the choice between quality and disc space usage. The spanking scenes are presented in a series of clips, of which several new clips are available each week. Each clip is accompanied by a selection of photographs.


The first thing to say about the content on this site is that there is a hell of a lot of it. Some of the content was shot a long time ago, so if you want to follow a performer over a period of time this is a good site to join, if they have worked for this producer.

I get the impression that a lot of different people write and produce the scenes presented on this site. This does give a nice variety to the style of the productions available here. There does seem to be a formula for using the same spanking implements in all the scenarios both in the USA and the UK productions, giving a sense of continuity most of the time but after watching many of the clips I did feel that having the odd guest appearance of an, occasional, unusual toy might be a good idea to break the implement monotony.

The vast majority of the scenarios where well shot and edited and also had good sound quality.

There are some clip series that had very interesting story lines along with others that just had a quick excuse to get right to the spanking action. And so whichever you prefer you will be well catered for on this site.

Having productions from two countries also keeps things fresh and varied.

A lot of the clips have slow motion replays of the spanking at the end. These can be interesting but after a while I found myself skipping these parts.


There are many well known performers on this site and plenty that I had never seen before, meaning that you can follow your favourites and get introduced to some unfamiliar faces and rear ends. This site introduced me to two people that particularly impressed me with their ability as scene worthy Tops. They are Alison Miller and John Friday, both of whom I would like to see more of but I have never heard of them working for anyone else. All the performers showed their faces and their abilities to contribute to a spanking production.


There are some interviews available on this site and occasionally some out takes are included at the end of clips. These are a little thin on the ground and I would have liked to have seen more. I think that there is great potential for some special out take clips to be provided in the content.


I was very happy with being a member at this site and thought that it was good value for money because of the amount of content it makes available to it’s members. Almost all of the spanking action was worth while and ranged from moderately harsh to very harsh but without any blood being spilled. Some of the story lines held great interest and I am glad to have experienced them. On the critical side, I would say that varying the range of spanking toys occasionally would be a good thing and a little less slowmo replay and a few more out takes would make things a little more interesting.

The Report Card

Firm Hand Spanking performs well in class and assessments and has earned a good solid B+. Hard work has produced a lot of high quality results and it only lacks in a little variety of materials it has used for it’s submissions.