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>The Mega Erotica Beurs Or Erotica Show – A review


The Erotica Exhibition In Antwerp

In General

The Mega Erotica Beurs is an Erotica exhibition that is held at multiple venues across Belgium (click on the link to see venue and dates for 2010/early 2011). It is an exhibition aimed at multiple interest groups and has retailers, artists and other show elements from countries across Europe. I visited the exhibition when it was at the Antwerp Expo (Antwerp Exhibition Halls) on Sunday 14th of March 2010. Entry to the Exhibition cost €20.

The Venue

The exhibition was at the Antwerp Expo in Antwerp. Firstly I would like to say that this is a very hard location to find. I was planning to visit the exhibition on the Saturday but I could not find the place, so ended up making a second visit to Antwerp on Sunday (armed with some better instructions). This Expo is not signposted from the motorway and is not in a highly frequented area of Antwerp for visitors to the city. Better directional signs, on the roads and motorway, are needed. Once there the venue suited it’s requirements well. There was plenty of free parking. The Exhibition occupied two halls of the center, providing plenty of space. Paid entry toilets (the norm in Belgium) where available, refreshments and food could be purchased in the halls and there was plenty of walking space between the stalls and shows. There was no where for smokers to go to get a quick gasper though, meaning that you had to get your hand stamped for reentry and leave the venue if you wanted a smoke (and I did, poor show Antwerp Expo).

Retail stands

There were plenty of retail and promotional stands, catering for many tastes. A good selection of BDSM retailers had a presence at the show and this gave me plenty to look around. As well as these there where the vanilla sex goods stands, artists, body piercers, tattoo artists, specialist clothing stalls, video retailers and other retailers and goods promoters.

Shows and demonstrations

These where a pleasant surprise. I expected a token effort of demonstrations but the shows where full on and well worth seeing. Amongst the shows included in the entry price where, BDSM displays form Steel Moon, a body painting outfit, an interactive glamor photography area, a hardcore (penetrative) Male/Female sex show and Dildo/vibrator demonstrations.

If you wanted to pay extra there where private girl/girl sex shows nude lap dancing and further shows and strip acts in the paid entry swingers bar.

various kinksters and characters where parading around the exhibition in general.

The shows and demonstrations where a lot better than I expected and I wish I had had more time to stay and see more of them.

The hard core area

More than half of the second hall was sectioned off as the hard live show section, with large warning signs for those that did not want to see the live sex shows. Here there where live penetrative sex acts and dildo/ vibrator demonstrations. You could also pay extra for some private shows in this area. The entrance to the Swingers and Gangbangers cafe was also here but it was paid entry, so I did not go in. I did stop here to see a little of a show featuring one guy and two gals, which as far as I could tell seemed pretty good (nothing was hidden anyway) but I left after a few minutes because I find watching vanilla sex a bit boring.


The exhibition itself was very good. Before going in I thought that the 20 euro entry fee was a bit steep but that was before I discovered all the shows on offer. You could very easily pay this much or more for just one of the shows alone, in many places. The retail and promotional stands where interesting and I found the prices charged to be very competitive, for some items a lot less than you would normally pay for the same items in specialist shops.

The exhibition halls, although adequate, did not live up to the standards that I have come to expect from other exhibition halls in Belgium. Antwerp Expo just did not seem up to scratch.

To round up the exhibition was well worth it but the exhibition halls where a bit so so.

Would I go again?

Yes but I would like to see this at a better location. Hopefully I will go to the exhibition when it visits Gent Expo, in November, which I know to be a far better venue.

If you want to see more posts about this exhibition try the following three links, LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK3.


>Plant Clips, Testing A Pervertable – A Hiatus repost


I must say that I did not enjoy doing the practical research for this post at all. I am reposting it as an illustration of how much I am prepared to suffer, to get new material for this blog 🙂
Original post HERE.

Before I start this post I would just like to say that putting cloths pegs and suchlike on my skin is not my type of thing. I did this in the pure light of (a lot of) pain and discomfort for the readers of this blog, with no high or turn on for myself.

Testing plant clips

Many people use cloths pegs on the skin as part of play, when I saw these for sale they seemed to be a far more esthetically pleasing alternative and at a couple of Euros a bag they are not likely to break the bank. As you can see I purchased two different sizes to try. The business end has some nasty looking serrations and the holding force is provided by a circular spring. These are available from most garden supply outlets.

Note:- The writing in italics is taken from notes made at the time of testing.

The comparative test

For this part of the post it was decided to test the two different sizes of plant clip against both wooden and plastic plant pegs. I applied two of each to my fore arm for a period of twenty minutes.

After the pegs where applied I made the following notes.

The least pain full are the small plant clips, the large plant clips and the plastic pegs are about the same pain level, the wooden pegs are the most painful.

After 10 minutes.

The wooden pegs are noticeably painful, the rest are irritating, the whole of my forearm has become itchy.

At the end of 20 minutes the pegs where pulled off without opening the ends.

small plant clips – not too bad. Large plant clips – a bit ouchy. Plastic pegs – about the same as the large clips. The wooden pegs – Aaarg!


Comparatively the wooden clothes pegs produce the most pain while on and being removed. The Large plant clips and the plastic clothes pegs where surprisingly similar and the serrated grip seems to make no difference. The small plant clips are the mildest of the group and for this reason and because I am a beginner at this type thing I decided to choose these for a more intense and personal test.

The second test
Small plant clips meet scrotum

For this part of the test I decide to attach 12 small plant clips to my scrotum for a period of an hour, with three tasks to complete while wearing them. While attaching the clips my inexperience with this type of play showed itself, I put the clips in a fringe around the bottom of my scrotum, shortly after the attachment was made, the scrotum retracted in some kind self defense reaction and the pegs ended up around the base of my penis. Still they where on and they where staying on so I replaced my underwear and jeans and continued the exercise. Again notes made at the time are in italic script.

took photos, can definitely feel the presence of the clips but the pain is not to bad.
Put on underwear and jeans, increased pressure on the clips is causing some pain and bending down is difficult.

Task one, watching TV

The first 20 minutes was to be spent watching TV.

Sitting is hellish hard but once settled the pain reduced to a sharp ache.
Movement when sitting is found to be unwise.
End of the 20 minutes – pain very sharp and intense now breathing deeply helps a little.

Task two, Washing up

The next 20 minutes was to be spent washing as much cutlery, pans, etc as I could manage.

Standing and walking (slowly) eases the pain a little but bending down to retrieve my dropped pen introduced me to a new kind of blinding hell.
Managed to finish the washing up. Standing is better than sitting but the pain is very harsh now.

Task three, spending time at the computer

Sitting in an upright chair in front of the computer is too much pain, decide to work standing at the computer after less than one minutes sitting.
15 minutes before the end of the test – Removed jeans and underpants this helped relieve the growing pain a little.
After managing to write 2 replies to comments on the blog I gave up and surfed other blogs, 8 minutes before the end of the test I could no longer even manage that, the pain was so great – Every second is a living hell now I tried a little self hand spanking to take my mind off of the pain, at impact it helped but it caused the pegs to jiggle and increase the pain afterwards.
After that I just leaned on my desk and sweated out the last few minutes.

Removing the clips

The clips where not ripped off but carefully opened and pulled off, as I did not want to risk damaging my scrotum. This was the most painful thing of all and I can describe it in one word, OHMYGODA-
The pain lessened pretty quickly but I could still feel some aching for several hours afterwards.


Even the small plant clips produced a painful experience over a period of time and the larger ones where just as painful as plastic pegs but for those seeking the highest pain level from the four items tried here, wooden pegs are the way to go. The plant clips are better looking than clothes pegs though.

Personal conclusion

I like the sensation of strike pain and not the grinding aching pain of this type of toy. I have never tried this type of play with a Top or Domme but I suspect even then that I may find it not to be to my taste.

Prefectdt (limping a little)

>Men In Pain – A Review Of An F/m BDSM Paysite


[Post update]

Since this post was written new material from this organization is being published at Divine Bitches but membership of this new site allows access to all Men In Pain video clips and photographs.


I review as a paying customer
– I do not except free memberships in exchange for reviews. I am not participating in any affiliate programs and make no money from sites that I review. I paid for a membership of Men In Pain and am reviewing it as a paying customer.

The guys at Men In Pain are paid
– I do not review F/m pay sites that do not offer their male bottom/sub models some form of financial renumeration. Men In Pain pays their models a fee for their time and work. F/m sites that do not compensate their male models for their time and work are abhorrent to me and I will not join an F/m site that expects it’s male models to appear without some form of renumeration.

Click on the banner below for a link to the site

Introduction – Men In Pain is an F/m BDSM site from the group of pay sites. This site specializes in the bondage, domination and pain subjected on men by female Dommes.

Costs and billing – The credit card receipt showed the billing company to be C.E.LLC. At the time that I joined it cost € 21.43 for a thirty day recurring membership, no 30 day non recurring membership was available. A currency converter is available, at the bottom of the side bar to the right, if you want to convert the costs into a currency more familiar to yourself.

Content form and accessibility – Once you have logged into the site the material is presented in a multiple page format, chronologically ordered from most recent material on the first page to older material on the successive pages. There is also a search option for those that wish to see all material featuring one particular Domme or Sub.

The content is downloadable in multiple formats, I chose to download in WMV and it’s HD version. It has to be said that the video quality on this site is the best that I have encountered to date. The standard WMV downloads gave a better quality image than I have experienced from HD downloads on other sites. The HD downloads are of slightly better quality but for my 22″ monitor, the increase in video quality was so finite that it was not worth the extra time and disc space for the HD downloads. If you are intending to watch these videos on a giant screen, the HD download may be worth your while but otherwise the standard WMV download is as much as you will need.

Marketing – This is a very well promoted site but as always, with F/m sites, it is not as well promoted as M/f and F/f material from it’s producer,

Content in General – The content sometimes has a short preamble to play but the action starts very shortly once the scene has started. Some of the scenes are in domestic settings but most are in dungeon scenarios. The scenes involve multiple play elements such as bondage, CBT, corporal punishment impact play, waxing and other types of play. There is a high emphasis of the sexual content of the scenes and there is always at least one sexual interaction shown, such as masturbation, anal sex performed on the male or oral and/or full sex involving the Domme. The play can get quite heavy but it is unusual to see blood or extreme marking. There is normally a pre and post play interview with the people involved in the scene, this is usually interesting and sometimes informative.

The scenes are very well shot, edited and produced in excellent settings, reflecting the resources available to this production company.
There is a huge amount of material available on this site, far more than I could find time to download, during the time of my membership. The content is updated weekly with a full mini film, which can be downloaded as a complete film or as shorter clips. There are always plenty of photographs to download alongside the video material. The quality and quantity of the material on this site is very high and it I found it difficult to find a scene that I did not find interesting on some level and I am a spanko not a BDSMer, so it is impressive how my attention could be held by content that would normally be not my type of thing.

The Dommes – There are a large number of Dommes who have or are working for this site, of varying sizes shapes and playing styles. If you don’t like something about one Domme, don’t worry there will be plenty of other Dommes on this site that will suit your tastes.

The Subs – Almost all the subs on this site show their faces and have scene names, giving them a level of followability for fans. Many of the subs make repeat appearances here and that gives the viewer a chance to get an idea of their playing styles and play personalities. There are several body and facial types of subs appearing on this site so I hope that anyone looking for a bit of male eye candy will be able to find what they are looking for. It is hard to be sure from this side of the screen but from what I have heard and from documentaries that I have seen at Behind, it is indicated that the male subs are treated with the same respect and consideration as the female subs working for and this is positively reflected in the performances of the guys working on this site.

Conclusion – This site delivered a hell of a lot in terms of quality and quantity of material, most of which was very interesting to watch. I was very happy with my membership of this site and feel that I got a lot of value for my money. I am a spanko and not a BDSMer and there are a few things that I could have taken issue with on this site (lets face it BDSM types usually haven’t got the first idea about how to use a cane) but this was well compensated for by other elements of play here ( these BDSMers could teach us spankos a thing or two about how a flogger should be swung) and even if some of this stuff was not to my tastes, there was plenty of interesting play to compensate for this. If your into F/m BDSM play I suspect that you will be very happy with this site. For spankos there is still much that is interesting here and this site gives an excellent opportunity to have a look at the play lives of our closest kink cousins.

To get to the site click on the banner below

All images used in this review came form the non paid for, publicly accessible to all, preview pages of Men In Pain.


>Canes And Caning (A Practical Guide) – A Book Review


Canes and Caning
by Janet W. Hardy
Published by Greenery Press 2004

What is the book about?

This book is one of “The Toybag Guide To” series from greenery press, that are meant to be helpful, practical guides to kinky play. It attempts to inform on several things caning from being a caner to receiving the cane and some other things, like cane making and cane care.

What did I like about this book?

It is small in size and easily hidden in a pocket if you are disturbed by someone. The simple but effective cover design is very pleasing to the eye and it is a nice blue colour. I’m afraid that is about all that I liked about this book.

What I didn’t like about this book?

Unfortunately almost everything. I purchased this book hoping to get some tips and tricks on improving my caning technique but even if I had found it to be a basic “Play safe” beginners guide, I would have been happy to have found a guide that I could recommend to beginners. It was a pity but this book did not fall into either category.

The author made the mistake of wandering off into play philosophies ( a mistake I see in many practical guides, even the better ones, that I have read about pain play), if I want a book about play philosophy I will buy one specifically for that. When I buy a practical guide, I am doing it to gain practical information.

The information in this book was vague and indistinct. It was not inaccurate but not in depth or detailed enough. Caning can be one of the most wonderful forms of pain play but if done incorrectly can be dangerous. the general wishy washyness of the information in this book could very possibly lead an inexperienced pair of playmates in a wrong and dangerous direction.

The illustrations in this book where poor and of very little help and whoever was responsible for them should get some professional advice before attempting to illustrate another practical guide book.

In the blurb at the greenery press website, The Toybag Guide To series are described as having as much information as a days face to face tuition. I would agree with this, for this book but this book is the same as if someone had written down what was said during a days tuition, which is incomplete without the hands on experience of being at a days face to face tuition. No visual guide to how to swing a cane no practical interactive tuition on your own technique. If this book was an accompaniment to a good DVD about caning, it may have passed muster but on it’s own it is worse than useless.


Would I recommend this book? – To anyone looking for an example of how not to write a guide to caning, yes. To people, like myself, looking to improve their technique, no. For beginners, absolutely not, avoid it like the plague.

The acid test – would I buy another practical guide by Ms Hardy? Based on what I read in this book, no.


If you wish to purchase this book it is available from
Amazon UK The Toybag Guide to Canes & Caning
Amazon USA The Toybag Guide to Canes and Caning

Prefectdt note – I hated writing this review and have no personal grudge against Janet W. Hardy but I feel that, on the evidence of reading this book, that sometimes you have to tell people about the bad as well as the good information out there, especially for the sake of those taking their first tentative steps into the practical side of pain play.


>Clare Spanks Men – A Review Of An F/m Spanking Site



I review as a paying customer – I do not except free memberships in exchange for a reviews. I am not participating in any affiliate programs and make no money from sites that I review. I paid for a one month membership of Clare Spanks Men and am reviewing it as a paying customer.

The guys at Clare spanks men are paid – I do not review F/m pay sites that do not offer their male bottom/sub models some form of financial renumeration. Clare Spanks Men pays their models a fee for their time and work. F/m sites that do not compensate their male models for their time and work are abhorrent to me and I will not join an F/m site that expects it’s male models to appear without some form of renumeration.

Clare Spanks Men

[Click on the image below for a link to the site]

Introduction – Clare spanks men is the F/m spanking and discipline site from Clare Fonda’s group of five spanking sites. The site concentrates on the corporal punishment of men in domestic discipline and work situations.

Costs and billing – I joined the site through CC Billing. At the time that I joined it cost € 19.05 for a thirty day recurring membership, no 30 day non recurring membership was available but a 90 day non recurring option was available. A currency converter is available, at the bottom of the side bar to the right, if you want to convert the costs into a currency more familiar to yourself.

Marketing – This is one of the better marketed F/m sites, with references on Clare Fonda’s own blog and is frequently advertised along side Clare Fonda site’s that feature female bottoms/subs. It does not get much by way of individual advertising on it’s own though. It could do with a little extra advertising.

Content – Once you enter the site there are two ways of accessing the clips. You can go to the page of Female Tops, click on the Top of preference and you will be presented with a list of material featuring her. Alternatively you can go to a list of the sites entire content that is presented chronologically, from most recently added to older content at the bottom of the list.

The content is downloadable in Real Player Format and is a good quality at normal magnifications but did get a bit blocky at full screen magnification. It is about the same quality as standard WMV format.

Content in General – The content tends to have a good story line, preamble to the action, giving a reason as to why the spanking is taking place. Most of the scenes have a nice American feeling to the style of play, mostly OTK and mostly hand spanking although some stand up and bend over spankings happen and toys such as hairbrushes, straps and paddles do make the odd appearance. I would describe the level of play as mild to moderate, the guys are not let off the hook with just patty play, they do get their bottoms well reddened and are genuinely spanked but there are no butt blisterings on this site or serious lasting marks, type play.

The scenes are mostly very well shot in terms of scenes settings and camera work, the quality of production is comparable to many of the better sites offering M/f and F/f material. There is not a huge archive of material on this site but there is more than enough to justify the membership fee and the amount of content is growing at a rapid rate. The site is frequently updated with several clips at every update and multiple updates every week. Once a series of clips is completed the whole lot is offered as an uninterrupted, downloadable mini film usually in one or two parts. All clip sequences are accompanied with series of photographs. With some of the scenes there is experimentation made with different styles of presentation, as with all experimentation sometimes this does not work but mostly it is adding a freshness and variety to the site that is well worth the odd scene that is a bit iffy and promises great things for the sites future.

The Tops – I counted 13 different tops on this site at the time of my membership, from some very well known names such as Clare Fonda herself and Chelsea Pfieffer, through to Ladies who where totally new to me. I would like to say here that Kailee Robinson turned out to be an especially good F/m top in two sets of clips that she did with a guy, who I think was billed as Danny Wylde, with nothing but hand spanking and an interesting ongoing oratory exchange they built up one of the best spanker/spankee dynamics that I have ever seen in any F/m M/f or F/f spanking scene. Definitely a top to keep an eye out for in the future. The majority of the tops on the site did very good, American style, spanking scenes.

The bottoms – There where some anonymous faceless men on this site but the majority of the men had names and faces. Refreshingly much of the material featured the men as part of the scene and not a nameless backside to get whupped. Plenty of facial reactions are shown and there is plenty of two way interaction between the Tops and the bottoms. I am no great judge of mens looks but the guys on this site did tend to be younger and in better trim than most guys that appear in F/m material, I get the feeling that any ladies joining this site will be satisfied with the looks of many men on the site. There are plenty of guys working on this site and the producers of this site are to be congratulated on the way that they present the male models that work for them.


I was very pleased with this site and felt it was well worth the money that I spent to become a member. If you are looking for skin ripping hard action this is not the site for you but for anyone looking for good quality well presented F/m spanking action, with good dynamics between Tops and bottoms, it is well worth bashing the plastic for a membership. I hope that the experimentation with new styles of presentation continues, of coarse this will produce the odd “yuck” set of clips but so far it setting this site off in very promising and exiting directions.
This is one of the better promoted F/m sites but it still lags behind many of the M/f and F/f sites in terms of sales and marketing. It is often presented as an “also ran” site as part of a five site deal, a little more individual promotion of this site, that it does deserve as a quality site, would probably attract a greater clientel.

To visit the site click on the banner below

All photographs used in this post came from Clare Spanks Men preview pages or Clare Fonda Spanking blog.


>A slave In Time – A Book Review


A Slave In Time
by Josephine Scott
Published by Silver Moon Books / Shadowline Publishing Ltd 2006

What is this book about

This book is about the adventures of Abigail Brandon, who has come into possession of a mirror that is able to transport her through time. She is able to visit any period in history that she has the appropriate costume for, from the time of the English Civil War right up until the 1960’s. At first she uses the mirror to satisfy her sexual desires, being a total sex hound in the past, whilst retaining a whiter than white reputation in the present, where she has the nick name of “Sister Abby” amongst her friends. Then on one adventure she experiences the bitter sweet sting of a birching and from then on her adventures go down an even kinkier path. All the Adult corporal punishment scenes in this book are M/f in nature.

What I liked about this book

Pure fantasy – This book was written in a total fantasy scenario which gave it the freedom to explore situations, that are totally unfeasible in real life, without seeming stupid within the confines of the pages of this novel. It is a fantasy base for people who want to escape the wearies of real life for a while, within erotic spanking literature. And it did add fuel to the fire of my own fantasies, although I tended to drift off into F/m dream clouds.

Historic settings – The varying historic settings did allow a lot of variety to the kinds of people that the main character encountered. They dressed differently, acted differently and spanked differently from one historic setting to the next.

Variety of eroticism – Not all of the encounters include spanking, some are purely sexual scenes. The spanking scenes are mostly one on one encounters but there is a group play. The mood of the erotica has great range, from one period to the next.

What I did not like about this book

This book could not be described as “un put downable”. It does not have the kind of literary depth that drags you in and keeps you turning to the next page, even though you know that you will miss your train. I don’t think that this is a major fault but if you are looking for a gripping read this is not the book for you. This is a book for someone looking for a light erotic spanking novel.


Would I recommend this book? – For anyone looking for a light fantasy escape from real life, yes I would. For anyone looking for a deep involving read no I would not. This is a book for those that want a read that they can pick up and put down at their convenience. At the time that I read it, it fitted in well with a busy schedule, that only allowed the reading of a few chapters at a time, it was excellently suited to that. It is not the type of book that you spend an entire afternoon reading in one go.

The Acid test – Would I buy another book by Josephine Scott? Yes I would but I would not go out of my way to do so. I bought this book from the top shelf selection of a vanilla bookshop and the next time I am the same situation, I will have an eye open for Ms Scott’s other works but I am in no great rush to get another straight away. This type of writing is the type that I like to have tucked to one side, for those times in life that are too busy or involved for anything heavier or more gripping.

Available as a downloadable ebook from – Shadowline Publishing Ltd – eBook – A Slave in Time

Artistic illustrations from this post all came from – Lady’s Spanking Blog