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A New Blog – A New Book – Dreaming On – A Couple Of Goodbyeeees – And In The Toy Store


A new Tumblr blog


Pin Ups of Dominic Sodano is a blog with some very nice illustrations, some of them spanking related. This blog is being added to the Tumblr or third blog roll.

A New book from Devlin O’Neill


Devlin O’Neill tells us of his new book in this post New Book – “A Sourcerer’s Apprentice. it is available for download from this link A Sourcerer’s Apprentice eBook: Devlin O’Neill: Kindle Store.

Darker Dreams


Pandora Blake has had some problems from her billing company for the commercial side of Dreams of Spanking. Some clips have been removed from this site but instead of binning them, they have been put on a free site Downloads – Darker Dreams. This gives a great insight into what you get from joining the main site.

Goodbyeeee Strictly Spanking Network and Spanking Photography


I continue cleaning up the second blog roll and both Spanking Photography and Strictly Spanking Network have not been posted on for some time and so we wish their owners well and remove them from the list.

In the toy shop

There are some children in the world that should have this happen to them.


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A Couple Of Goodbyeeees – A Blog For The Tumblr Roll – Adding A Site – And I Think This Song Has Happened To All OF Us


Goodbyeeee The Pink Report and Spanking 360 (Audrey Knight)


I am working my way through the second blog roll, removing the blogs that have ceased to be blogs, whilst I was busy for the earlier part of this year and this week it is time to bid a fond farewell to the blog of the spanking model Audrey Knight, Spanking 360, which has totally disappeared from the blogasphere, presumably because of the retirement of Ms Knight. Also The Pink Report has stopped posting for some time now and will be removed from the list, though it’s owner still has a Tumblr blog The Pink Papers.

A blog for the Tumblr list


The Chief from Spanking Blogg has a Tumblr blog. This is called Chief’s spankingblogg pics and will be added to the third (specifically Tumblr) blog roll.

A new website for the Campaigners Page


I do not agree with everything that this organization is campaigning for but I agree with the general philosophy and so am adding Backlash to the Campaigners Page.

A very true parody

You’re young, drunk and the mood is right. And then, the next day, you wake up next to someone you wish you had not woken up next to. This song is about that. My vulnerable times for this was at music festivals, during my younger days.


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A Goodbyeeee – A Blogger Returns – A New Spanking Site – Chrossed – And Yes Or No


Sorry that the Roundup is a bit late this week but I am still having visual problems from a thrombosis and it is taking me some time to get around all the blogs on the list and it is easy for me to miss stuff. Anyway, on with the Roundup.

Goodbyeeee Zille Defeu’s Fetish Fantasies


Zille Defeu’s Fetish Fantasies is the blog of a very successful spanking and kink model but it has not been posted on for some time and is being removed from the second list. Miss Defeu is continuing in her career (as far as I know) and all here wish her luck with that.

Red Rump returns.


Our artistic friend at RedRump has ended the long hiatus and is hopefully back to blogging but is warning that posting may be intermittent for a while.

A new spanking site


Thanks to Spanking Blogg for informing us in this post New Spanking Site News, that there is a new spanking site in town. The site is called Spanking Them.



Thanks to chross for linking this blog in the weekly Spankings Of The Week, this week.

A social experiment

This clip is of a social experiment. And I had to ask myself if I would say Yes or No and have concluded that I would have replied with the questions “If it involves a spanking? you or me your choice?”


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A Goodbyeeee – A Link For The Resources – Spanko On The Move – BDSM Day – Useful Weekend Links – And Thoughts For Norway

Goodbyeeee Natty’s Spanking Blog

Natty’s Spanking Blog has not been posted on for six months now but is still present on the web and so it is time to remove it from the rolls. This is a blog from a USA spankee about her life and desires. Thanks for the blog and good luck for the future.


A new site for the resources page

Bottoms Up Book Review – This is a website that reviews spanking and kinky books and is being added to the Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites page (Link below the blog title banner). Thanks to Erica Scott for telling us about this in this post New site reviews spanking-themed books!


Amy Hunter on the move

Amy Hunter is moving from Chronicles of Correction to Atomic Briton. As the new blog is not yet fully active, both blogs will be listed on the second blog roll for the time being.


24th of July (24/7) International BDSM day

Thanks to Morningstar who informed us of this in this post The Adventurous Journey: 24/7. Apparently today is international BDSM day and I would like to wish all the BDSMers out there a happy celebration.


Informative links

Pandora Blake has started having a regular weekend links post on her blog, Spanked, Not Silenced, with some very useful links, especially where activism is concerned. You can see the posts through this link hyperkinks.


Thoughts for Norway

Events in Norway on Friday have left nearly a hundred people (count as of the time of writing of this post) dead in two attacks. Due to one of the attacks being on a youth camp on an island, many of the dead are of the younger generation. If you can spare it, take a moment for the victims of these attacks. For those who do not know of this, there are more details in the clip below.


A Spanking Machine Website

Look what I found 🙂



I don’t do forums and other things, I just tend to stick to blogs for my info, so if this is old news to everyone else, please except my apologies. But on a little web surf I did come across this site The Spanking Machine. As some of you might remember, I did try and fail to build a spanking machine myself, as can be seen in the series of posts that ended in this post SALI mk1 is Born – Part Twelve (And Last). I do intend to try again but it has proved difficult to find some of the materials, for some of the ideas that I have had. This website is great for inspiration though. It has illustrations and pictures of spanking machines both real and fictional as well as some good ideas on how to build a machine. If for nothing else but curiosity it is worth visiting.


The link is The Spanking Machine again


And just to round off this post

here is a little clip that I found on YouTube illustrating how a vintage spanking machine works.


>Spanking Tube – A Couple Of Questions For Readers


Question #1

Spanking Tube has changed it’s format recently and part of this format change has included some unasked for pop up windows for a live chat show website. I am not against websites making an honest buck but in my opinion unwanted pop ups are not acceptable on any site. I am very protective of the contents of my side bar links and would not have linked Spanking Tube there in the first place if the site had had this from the beginning. But this site is such an excellent resource for spanking clips that I am loathed to lose it as a link now. So my question is…..

Do you as a reader think that I should dump the link on ethical grounds or keep it, as this is just an annoyance on an otherwise great site?

Question #2

I have had trouble embedding clips from Spanking Tube on this blog before but the embedding seems to be working now, when I view it in the post preview. Taking into account that this is a scheduled post and I will be at work when it appears on the blog my second question is…..

Can you see this clip and is it playing OK?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help on these matters.