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Leia-Ann Woods announced in


that she had recently celebrated her 40th birthday, which was a shock, she looks much younger. These days Ms Woods seems to be exploring her BDSM side more but I was always a fan of all the spanking video work that she has done and there is lots of that about. I have to admit that I am a bit in awe of Ms Woods. When playing I am a bit of a squirmier and dancer, when all hell is raining down on my rear end and have always aspired to be more able to hold my position and take my whups with more poise. In that respect Leia-Ann Woods has become somewhat of a role model for me, she always seems to take her strokes and swats with a level of stoicism that I can never hope to aspire to. I tried to leave a Happy Birthday message on her blog but you can only do that by signing into a Google account and I hate blogger so much that I refuse to do that. So instead I thought that I would post a photo tribute to Ms Woods in celebration of her birthday milestone.

Happy (if belated) Birthday Leia-Ann Woods and may you enjoy many more


>August, The Month Of The Imperial Spanko


The Roman spanking month

The artifact above is the decoration from the back of a Roman mirror, depicting a Roman schoolroom disciplinary scene, note the flogger, bared buttocks and horsing. The type of thing that would have been in the possession of the subject of this post, the person without whom this would be the month of Sextilis. I am of coarse referring to the first emperor of Rome.

Augustus Caesar

I have been searching the web for some time now, looking for direct references to the kinky activities of Augustus but have found nothing that looks like a reliably quotable source for this man’s pain play adventures (perhaps I have been looking in the wrong places, the Roman era is not one of my normal areas of historical interest). But it does seem to be generally excepted that he enjoyed being on the receiving end of a good whupping. Behind such a great kinkster there was a good Top.

His second wife Livia

In public Livia was the model of a submissive roman wife, putting up with all her husband’s foibles and mistresses but in their home she was said to have been a formidable Head Of Household, ruling with a rod of iron (or other material of choice) and with such a strong female lead relationship they where married for a long time in a situation where they could have been easily torn apart by politics and intrigue.

In honour of this great leader, who initiated Pax Romanus (200 years of mostly peace for the roman empire) a month was renamed and so it remains till this day.

It is because of this pair of hero’s that we can enjoy the kinksters month of August rather than being bored by the vanilla month of Sextilis

If you wish to learn more about the rise of Augustus as emperor you can click on THIS LINK

Happy August all, Prefectdt

>Spankee Hero – T.E. Lawrence – A Hiatus Repost


THIS POST was written in my first month of blogging and is about one of the great icons of the spanking world.

From time to time I hope to write about my spankee heroes and heroins both contemporary and historical. This is the first.

Thomas Edward Lawrence AKA Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence was often described as suffering from a “flagellation disorder” as a result of his torture and rape during his time of captivity at Deraa. However evidence has shown that before this he used to write letters to himself from a fictional Uncle, describing violations that he had committed back in Britain, giving him excuses to be beaten for these imagined offenses by his own men during the Arab Revolt.

During the 1920’s he paid a man called John Bruce to birch him and was known to attend flagellation parties in Chelsea (London) run by a German who is only known by the name of Bluebeard.

Lawrence was well decorated for his efforts having The Order of the Bath, the Distinguished Service Order, and the Legion D’Honnour. He was recommended for the Victoria Cross but this was not awarded and was offered the Knight Commander of the British Empire but he refused this honour.

Lawrence was many things, a graduate of Oxford University, an Archaeologist, a Leader of Armies, a Diplomat, an Author, a Translator, a Biker and amongst all these things he was a Spanko.


>Spankee Heroines – Women A, B, C, D. – And Thought For The Week


Women A, B, C, D.

There is a news paper that thinks that persecuting minority groups for it’s own political and financial gains is a good thing (seems to remind me of a political party who became the government of a mainland European country back in the 1930s, can’t seem to remember the name of the party right now). Of coarse I am talking about the Max Mosley case and the judge made a good decision in the verdict.

Max Mosley took on the news paper and struck a blow to those that would use lies to oppress free thinking, consenting, adults, who live less than mainstream life styles and I think we all owe him a great big thank you.

It is important to remember the four brave women who stood up and put themselves on the front line, to help defend the rights of us all in a hard and difficult situation, where they had to expose themselves to the unreasonable insults and accusations of the gutter press without the opportunity to be able to defend themselves in open public forum.

For showing courage, steadfastness and setting an astounding example to us all to follow, it is only just that Women A, B, C and D receive a resounding salute from the whole community.

Women A, B, C and D four true spankee heroes

for links to news articles on the case, please scroll down to yesterdays post.

In this time of victory it is important to remember those that have paid a heavy price in this fight, please support Northern Spanking Institute.


A little more serious Thought For The Week this week.

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live


Spanked heroes was a series of posts I started to do not long after I started this blog. For a few different reasons I decided to stop doing it. Today there seems to be a damn good reason to resurrect it.


>Kinky Island Discs (KID) – The Worthy Vanilla Cup (WVC) – Spanked Heroes

>While away two new ideas for the blog came to light, one from myself that may or may not work and one from Dr Malford, which will work (dam it out thought by a non existent character). Also something that may be resurrected.

My Idea – Kinky Island Discs (KID)

This idea may or may not work because it requires interaction from other parties and that I cannot guarantee. On the UK’s BBC Radio four is a program called Desert Island Discs, where vanilla celebrities who are to be marooned on a desert island have to pick their favourite music to listen to, over their next few years of isolation. In this version kinky models and bloggers are landed on the desert island with a solar powered DVD player and have to choose their favourite five kinky DVDs and some other items to help them pass the time on the island. I thought of calling this Spanking Island Discs but there are a few BDSM bloggers that I would like to approach, so the format was extended a little. Over the next week I will be sending out some E-mails to see if anybody is interested if I get responses this project will go ahead.

Dr Malfords Idea – The Worthy Vanilla Cup (WVC)

On return from my wanderings I arrived home to find several trophy cups, as in the photo above, engraved with the legend “Thank You From The Heart Of Our Bottoms” that had been acquired by Dr Malford (for somebody who does not exist she does like to keep busy). Dr Malford believes that the spanko community is becoming too inward looking and to help remedy this situation she has come up with this award. It is basically an award in recognition to those outside the community who have rendered great service to the world’s spanko community. Thus the name The Worthy Vanilla Cup or WVC. The first of these will be awarded in the not to distant future, if anyone has a nomination for this award please E-mail me and I will pass it on to Dr Malford.

Spanked Heroes

When this blog was started two posts where made under this label, since then it ran into a few problems. I am going to try to bring this back but am giving no guarantees.


>Spankee Heroine – Niki Flynn


Niki Flynn

It is hard to believe that only three years ago Niki Flynns debut performance in The Exchange Student by Lupus Pictures was made available for our viewing pleasure, since then Ms Flynn has worked with more CP, film producers and Spanking download sites than seems humanly possible for one person. Having taken the plunge into her public career at the deep end with Lupus Pictures notoriously harsh and dark production style Ms Flynn has since winged her way around the world working with such companies as the fantasy specialists Northern Spanking Institute, the shadowy world of Pain4Fem, Bars and Stripes with its intricately woven story lines, the severe Dallas Spanks Hard and many many more.

It seems that Ms Flynn is on a mission to explore every corner of the CP industry but as well as this she finds time to fit in an extensive kinky photographic modeling career and has even ventured into the world of vanilla modeling. Yet no one tires of seeing her. Recently in an interview on The Spanking Couple blog when the veteran of the spanking CP world Eve Howard (Shadow Lane) was asked which models she would most like to work with in the future, her list was very short, one name, Niki Flynn.

Soon we can all look froward to reading her memoir Dances With Werewolves. Which will be launched in October for the UK and November for the rest of the world.

What Ms Flynn has brought to the lives of her fans more than any other thing is a sense of adventure. In reality Ms Flynn’s life must be a busy round of planning, communication, travel and shooting but I for one cannot help fantasizing that she is always ready, at the call to action, to drop everything, don a beaten up brown leather coat and a Fedor hat and shoot off on yet another trip into the world of the imagination and spankophilia (hopefully including some car chases with bad guys and large rolling boulders – if only NSI had Hollywood scale budgets).

Niki Flynn The Spanking Adventurer.

For anybody wanting to learn more of Ms Flynn visit her website NIKIFLYNN.COM
or read her interviews on the Spanking Couple and The Spanking Spot blogs (links on the right)