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>Another Time In History – Lucy Mclean

>Deep in the jazz era of the 1930,s Scotland feels that it should follow the American example of prohibition but even the most puritanical Scot would cringe at the idea of not being able to have a “wee dram”. The authorities decide instead to prohibit adult spanking. So imagine the screech of tires as –

This car

pulls up on a Glasgow street and out steps Scotland’s most wanted gangster –

Lucy ‘Baby face’ McLean

Running a string of spank ease’s Baby Face’s gang of SBBW muscle girls have become the most successful smugglers of spanking implements in Scotland. Mysteriously followed by a constant medley of Benny Goodman tunes McLean has elbowed every other spanking gang out of Glasgow and the police tremble in fear at the mention of her name, she is the undisputed boss of organized adult spanking crime north of the border.

If you wish to find out more about this lady click on Lucy McLean’s profile


>Another Time In History – Sarah Collins/Miss Cameo

>We are deep in the 1970’s and Kink is not just a way of life it has also found a musical voice. It is the punk era, a kinky girl can go further than just practicing indoors she can get on stage and thrash the ears of an audience with the raw perverted sound of punk rock.

Sarah Collins getting anarchistic on stage

She is also famous for her topless guitar thrashes

You can see more of Sarah Collins/Miss Cameo at Miss Sarah Collins and Miss Cameo.


>Another Time In History – Leia-Ann Woods

>It is the birth of the 18th century. Most of the kinky material around is being produced by the French, whom Britain is at war with. What is a good looking submissive woman to do, sit back and twiddle her thumbs, waiting for the day that Bonaparte is vanquished so that she can get back into her lifestyle without being accused of being a bit too French, I think not. Time to get into the fray herself and help change the situation. So it’s time to steal some britches, shove a sock in her knickers (panties) and find a recruiting Sergent drunk enough to think that she’s a man (and he would have to be very, very drunk to think that) and join the army.

Leia-Ann Woods – Green jacket

Ms Woods dodging musket balls on a Spanish Battlefield

Can’t help feeling that the chance of ending up on a whipping triangle isn’t an added bonus for her 🙂

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>Another Time In History – Amy Hunter

>In these modern times of Internet and DVDs a woman with the will and ability to become a spanking or BDSM model has many opportunities and companies that they can approach to get them into this type of work. But in days gone bye there was no such thing as the spanking production industry. I often look at a DVD or a photograph of a model and wonder what career path they may have chosen if they where born in another era. I decided to ponder on what Amy Hunter would have been doing if she had been born in the dark ages (or the early middle ages, to give that period it’s more correct name). The facilities at include a map to show the general region (do not worry the precise location of a visitor is not shown) where visitors are coming from and from which source. I find that most of the hits to this blog from Chronicles of correction are coming from a coastal strip about 100km wide across the northern part of Europe and from the Eastern side of the UK, all the areas that where targeted for viking raids and settlement, during the dark ages. So it can be concluded from this that many of Amy Hunters fans have a drop or two of Viking blood in them, so if Ms Hunter was born during this period perhaps she would have taken up a career as…………………

Amy the Viking

Above she is dressed ready for a hard days work, burning, pillaging and raping.
but at the end of the day she might have slipped into something more comfortable and enjoyed a pleasant evenings quaffing of ale and torturing prisoners (can I volunteer to be a prisoner).

Amy (Blood Axe) Hunterson at play

I don’t know if I should be doing posts like this (gives a nervous yet evil giggle)