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Sarah Gregory is very active in the spanking video production scene and has been for some years now

At the last count she was involved in the running of 6 spanking websites, as well as appearing on other peoples sites

She also runs the Lone Star Spanking Party

Apart from that she was born in 1984, I know very little about Ms Gregory’s background

Her long term partner is John Osborne, who you may know from the blog


Outside of spanking her interests include singing, dancing, photography and graphic design

She seems to specialize in OTK spankings but does often appear in other positions. And she is not so delicate that she is frightened of being spanked to real tears

Watching Ms Gregory being spanked, strapped, paddled, caned or punished with anything is always a treat, so let us hope that she continues with her career for many years to come

She also is happy to hand out some licks

And I believe offers her services as a professional disciplinarian

If you would like to find out more about Sarah Gregory, just type “Sarah Gregory Spank” into any search engine and you will be deluged with links



This is only the third in this GIF and photo series of posts as I have found it difficult to find enough good GIFs of interest featuring many performers that I would like to post about but I did find enough to compile this post about…

Samantha Woodley

Ms Woodley appeared in spanking videos for more producers than I can count

She has retired from the spanking production scene, some time ago now, which is a shame as her performances were always worth seeing

Many of us see someone living in our neighbourhood and imagine that they would look good in a spanking video. With Samantha Woodley, I see her in a spanking video and can imagine her living in my neighbourhood. Because of her real life hot type of image

I know little of Ms Woodley other than she liked to travel

And I believe that she decided to move back to her homeland, the USA, as her place of residence

I hope that she is happy doing whatever it is that she is doing now

She has certainly left a legacy of productions that will be popular for a long time to come

And I have yet to see a performance of hers that is not enjoyable

Unfortunately I have no bio or social media links for Ms Woodley, so her videos and photographs will have to speak for her



For the second of this mostly photo and GIF based focus on spanking performers I thought that we could take a look at….

Alison Miller

I have only seen Alison Miller in spanking scenes from Firm Hand Spanking.

But she makes quite an impression as a spankee, with great screen presence and an ability to take a hardy spanking.

I would like to tell you some facts about Ms Miller but I found that it is hard to find any sort of biography of her. All that I know, from an interview, is that she is also or used to be a Hip Hop dancer.

She has sported other hair colours.

But usually sticks to her signature colour of flame red.

She is not shy about giving out a spanking either. And O! do I fantasize about being on the receiving end of one of those.

But I suspect that many people fantasize about it being the other way around.

As Ms Miller has just had some new spanking clips posted at FHM, let’s hope that we will be seeing more of her in the future.

Although it has not been posted on for some time Ms Miller does have a Twitter feed, that you can see through the following link.




This is an experimental post that might turn into a series if it proves popular. I’m planing run downs of submissive spanking performers. Mostly photo and/or GIF based posts with a few tit bits of information thrown in. For this first one the focus will be on……

Ella Hughes

Ella Hughes has appeared in many spanking videos from many different producers

Ms Hughes was born in 1995 in the UK and apparently is definitely not from Southampton

She also appeared in season 6 of Game Of Thrones but I could not find any decent photos or GIFs of that

On screen her pert bottom, clean limbed, sharp featured looks combined with a crisp, clear speaking voice make her perfect for many rolls where she receives corporal punishment

It is always pleasing to see her performances as a spankee

She was training to be a lawyer but gave it up. Not only to appear in spanking films but to follow her main career of performing in hard core pornography and modelling

If you would like to see more of Ms Hughes you can click on this link


Or view her


If you are so inclined you can even purchase an item based on one of her body parts


Note – This is a not for profit blog I get absolutely no commission or other rewards by posting that last link

Let’s hope that Ms Hughes continues to have a long and fruitful career as a spanko submissive performer