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Dani Daniels originates from California, in the USA. But has proven that she is a truly international model. She has a well-earned reputation as a spankee and has graced the websites of many spanking video producers

And we should be glad to have her presence in our little corner of the kinky world. Her receiving end performances are always a joy to watch

She did not start out in the spankoverse though. Back in 2011, she launched her career, performing in exclusively Girl, Girl pornography

Then later moved on to include heterosexual pornography to her portfolio

Expanding her horizons further, she started appearing in BDSM productions

Including bringing her slim and trim presence into the spanking world

Where she does tend to shine out somewhat

She does have a well deserved reputation for being able to take it very hard

And I have seen a few “Between the takes” videos where she is berating the spanker for taking it too easy on her

Ms Daniels does appear in a wide range of scenes, receiving many different implements, in a wide-ranging number of positions

Try as I might, I could not find a GIF of her on the wrong end of a large American style paddle. The spanking toy that I associate with her the most

She is not shy about handing out some licks herself

But I would rate her as a moderate to light spanker, despite liking it to come in hard when her own derrière is on the receiving end

She shines more as a spankee, than as a spanker

With her sultry, dark, 1930s Jazz club singer looks, (I wonder if she can sing?) let us hope that she continues to grace the spanking world with her presence for some time to come

Sometimes she can bring an added extra element to a spanking scene

It is not difficult to find evidence of Dani Daniels, around the internet. Some resources are linked below




And here is a toast to seeing more of Ms Daniels’ behind being roasted, in the future



Known by several names, depending on what she is doing, this performer is best known to us Spanko folks as Amelia Jane Rutherford. A name that was influenced by a character created by Enid Blyton

Ms Rutherford must have one of the longest running careers as a performer, in spanking video production, as well as in her other modelling and performing genres

She has shot with every spanking video production company, in the UK, that I know of and has also performed in productions for many companies in the USA

The fact that she is a trained and experienced actor does show through in her on-screen presence

I cannot think of a spanking implement that I have not seen applied to her very fetching bottom

Under her other names, Ariel Anderson and Joceline Brook Hamilton, she also shoots BDSM, Bondage, Glamour and Clothing stills and videos

But of course, most people visiting here will love her for her work in the spanking industry

She is probably the one of the UK’s most in demand, kinky models and it is easy to see why

And she does not seem shy about trying new things, within reason

She lives in Wales, with her photographer husband, Hywel Phillips, who’s work you can get an idea of through the following link


Ms Rutherford has her own YouTube channel. This channel has many videos that tell of her life, both working and in general and it has some very interesting videos to search through and watch. You can see her videos through the next link


Under the name Ariel Anderson, Ms Rutherford will, hopefully, soon be presenting the world with a book about her life. Let us hope that the book is as interesting as the person that it is about



Originally known simply as “Pixie” Amber Pixie Wells made the most impact in the spanking video production world as one of the main team behind Punished Brats, both in front of the camera and in helping to produce site content

Although she appeared in the videos of many other companies, such as Firm Hand, Dallas, Good Spankings and so many more

This, I believe, helped her move from an office job, to working full time in the spanking universe

Being in front of the camera or working behind the scenes, she added an air of quality to any production

And even put together the Punished Brats School Uniforms of various descriptions

She stopped blogging a long time ago, but I used to like this blog a lot because it not only had spanking content but mixed in real life events with that

She had a well-earned reputation for being able to endure a high level of spanking play. I was a member at Punished Brats, a couple of times, and I remember seeing out takes, where some poor spanker would be nursing their sore hand while Ms Wells was OTK and saying something like “Just my luck to get old iron butt again”. No matter how hard she was spanked, she never seemed to mark much

She often used to tell of her great love of hiking in the great outdoors and getting spanked there. Even though this would not be for a video

Due to health issues and taking another direction in life, she gave up video production many years ago but is still liked and respected for what she did

She was kind enough to take part in a feature that I used to run on this blog called Kinky Island Discs. You can read her entry through the following link


Her old blog is still visible on the internet. But in its later days it became more of a promo vehicle for Punished Brats. But if you are prepared to dig in the archives, you can find more of the character of Ms Wells. You can view it through the following link


Wherever she is, I hope that life is treating her well and that fortune is with her



Chloe Elise first appeared on our screens in 2007 and then went around the USA spanking video production scene like a rosy cheeked whirl wind

She seemed to shoot with every company in operation, at that time, in America. Punished Brats, Shadow lane, Dallas, Firm Hand, to name but a few

I remember from her own blog, sadly long gone, that her spanking appearances, combined with a second career, as a stripper, helped finance her educational goals. Although she was in a spanking relationship, on her own time

Her tall slim form, combined with having very feminine curves, made her an excellent performer for any producer to work with

Natural Brat, was a label that she carried well. And seeing many out take shots and shooting mini-documentaries tended to prove that she was just as bratty in her own life, as in a spanking video

She is now long gone from the world of spanking videos, but still has a high level of popularity, for the work that she left behind

Combined with her looks and brattyness, Ms Elise had a well-earned reputation for being able to take some serious butt batterings

On occasions, she was not shy about handing out some spankings either

Unfortunately there is very little social media content or biographies available, on the internet to learn more about her

I do hope that she is enjoying life and that things are going well for her



Sarah Gregory is very active in the spanking video production scene and has been for some years now

At the last count she was involved in the running of 6 spanking websites, as well as appearing on other peoples sites

She also runs the Lone Star Spanking Party

Apart from that she was born in 1984, I know very little about Ms Gregory’s background

Her long term partner is John Osborne, who you may know from the blog


Outside of spanking her interests include singing, dancing, photography and graphic design

She seems to specialize in OTK spankings but does often appear in other positions. And she is not so delicate that she is frightened of being spanked to real tears

Watching Ms Gregory being spanked, strapped, paddled, caned or punished with anything is always a treat, so let us hope that she continues with her career for many years to come

She also is happy to hand out some licks

And I believe offers her services as a professional disciplinarian

If you would like to find out more about Sarah Gregory, just type “Sarah Gregory Spank” into any search engine and you will be deluged with links



This is only the third in this GIF and photo series of posts as I have found it difficult to find enough good GIFs of interest featuring many performers that I would like to post about but I did find enough to compile this post about…

Samantha Woodley

Ms Woodley appeared in spanking videos for more producers than I can count

She has retired from the spanking production scene, some time ago now, which is a shame as her performances were always worth seeing

Many of us see someone living in our neighbourhood and imagine that they would look good in a spanking video. With Samantha Woodley, I see her in a spanking video and can imagine her living in my neighbourhood. Because of her real life hot type of image

I know little of Ms Woodley other than she liked to travel

And I believe that she decided to move back to her homeland, the USA, as her place of residence

I hope that she is happy doing whatever it is that she is doing now

She has certainly left a legacy of productions that will be popular for a long time to come

And I have yet to see a performance of hers that is not enjoyable

Unfortunately I have no bio or social media links for Ms Woodley, so her videos and photographs will have to speak for her