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And I am not talking about an archaeological find, this is a very modern set up.

In a raid by Dutch police, a warehouse was found to with seven cargo containers in it. Six of these where believed to be containment cells and one was set up as a torture chamber.

Although I think that I could have done a better job of converting a dentists chair to a piece of restraining furniture, it is still very scary that people are making things like this for real life use and not for fantasy play.

Here are some quotes from news sources

“Six suspects have been arrested after Dutch police discovered a secret “hell-like” prison with a torture chamber near the Belgian-Dutch border.”

“Officers raided the site at Wouwse Plantage on the Dutch-Belgian border”

“Six of the containers were intended as cells in which people could be tied up and one container was intended as a torture chamber”

“A search of the containers uncovered bags containing tools including hedge cutters, scalpels and pliers. The items “were likely intended to torture victims or at least put them under pressure”, the police said.”

If you would like to read more try the following links

The Brussels Times


The Guardian

And a video report of the raid

The fantasy of torture chambers is great but the real life version is scary and definitely not for me or you, I hope.



Like most people, I fantasize about winning the Lotto and having my ideal home. And obviously this would have to include a large play room. So I have done a bit of tootling around the internet and investigated some items of furniture, that I would consider for the job.

A pillory

A good traditional favourite. It holds the recipient firmly and gives good positioning for the posterior.

I might consider this one

Excellent for leaving the spankee wondering what is happening where they can’t see and great for a back flogging. I think that it might need some redesign, to allow better access to the buttocks though.

A boxed in restraint

Not sure about this one but I kind of like it. perhaps it would be better seeing it in real life first before buying.

Come fly with me

The rush of endorphins is often called flying and with this bit of kit you are in a flying position. It is well designed though, giving access to all the important areas of the body and almost totally immobilising the one on the receiving end.

A variation on a classic

Pretty much a classic spanking bench design but it has a sort of minimalist feel to it.

A classic A frame

Old fashioned stick in the mud that I am. The play room would have to have one of these.

And a bit of DIY

This looks like a bit of a home made bench. It does give good positioning and looks comfortable for the person on the bench. It would be fun to have a go at making something like this myself.

Well that has been a good start on kitting out the play room. I suppose I had better think about The Study and The Class Room now 🙂



These images have been sitting on the hard drive for some time, I think that they came from ebay originally but to tell you the truth, memory fades. I like the historical bathing costumes that the participants are wearing and the clever but simple mechanism to create a spanking in action.

Position one – take aim

Position two – get into the swing

Position three – miss big time 🙂

The actual strike missed her butt but I still like this and think that it is clever. Presuming that their bathing costumes where contemporary, when the card was manufactured, it can be estimated that the card was produced in the 1920’s or 30’s.

I wonder how many of these ever actually got posted



There is very little televised sport going on in the world right now. When it returns a lot of people will be very happy but would it not be a great opportunity to introduce some new sports to our televisions. I for one am a bit tired of the same old same old. I have posted about this before but then I did not realize that this was already an officially, government recognized sport in Russia. I am of coarse talking about Ass Slapping competitions. If you do not know what these are, here is a compilation video that should give you a good idea of how they go.

Russian Ass Slapping Compilation

The following video is a news report and a little explanation of how the competitions work. It is about a champion of the sport who won a fitness cake for her efforts (better sponsorship needed, me thinks). She, like most of the competitors, is a fitness model. And she explains how points are gained by holding your stance and not reacting to the strike with facial expressions.

Natasya Znotaya Booty Slapping Champion

And of coarse, all sports need commentators and pundits. Here is a guy who seems to be up for trying out for the job.

Kawber On Russian Butt Slapping Competitions

And finally, what televised sport would be complete without slow motion replays, like this.

Ass Slapping, Slow Motion Replays

There is a men’s version of this sport but it involves arm and face slapping, which does not interest me. But if they had a male butt slapping competition I might be up for it. If they had a male – female competition I would be very interested. Although it would only be fair to match physique for physique. So find me a 95 kilo, 5 foot 8 inch woman, who is used to doing lots of physical, out door work, put us in a ring together and get ready to rumble 🙂



Pencil Skirts That Is

There is just something so complimentary to the female form, about the way that these hip, thigh and bottom hugging garments fit to the wearer

Like most males that like to bend over and take some punishment, I do have sexual fantasies about spanking scenarios. And in these imagined interactions I very often find the spanker is wearing a pencil skirt.

But when actually playing, like most male bottoms and subs, I find that sexual activity is not something that I want at that time. Most find, as I do, that spanking makes any trouser excitement go away or not appear in the first place.

But even when sex is not in the mix, pencil skirts are an attire that exudes authority and control. They are just so neat and tidy and no nonsense.

So if imagining a sexy interaction with a fantasy Top.

Or actually bending over and receiving my just desserts in real life.

Pencil skirts always seem appropriate 🙂

I wonder who first designed this wonderful garment?



Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall. Who Has The Cutest Curves Of All?

Whose Butt Is It Anyway – The Answers

And these are the identities of the owners of the six wonderful posteriors from yesterday’s quiz.

Number 1

Pandora Blake

Number 2

Amelia Jane Rutherford

Number 3

Lucy Lauren

Number 4

Sarah Gregory

Number 5

Alison Miller

Number 6

Snow Mercy

I hope that you all enjoyed that challenge and it helped pass some time.