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What Is A Sjambok?

A Sjambok is a long, thick, semi stiff rod. Originally they were made of things like Hippo hide, but these days tend to be made of rubber or other synthetic materials. They come from the southern end of the African continent and were developed to help in cattle herding, but are now used in BDSM and Spanking, corporal punishment scenes.

They come in a variety of different colours and styles of handles, but the business end seems to be pretty standard, on all of them.

My Thoughts On The Sjambok

What I have seen of Sjambok punishments creates two sensations, fear and curiosity.


It does look like an incredibly intense and harsh implement. Making me wonder if it is beyond my tolerance limits. This scares me, no sub wants to admit defeat. I know I can handle a good caning and that the cane is no lightweight toy to receive, But in this next GIF, you can see a sub being struck with both a Cane and a Sjambok. Notice the difference in his reactions.

The Cane is harshly applied and gets his attention, but the Sjambok looks like it was even harder to handle.

Curiosity and desire

But the Sjambok does interest me and I am curious to find out what it feels like. But am I curious enough to overcome my fear reaction? Added to that is my desire for lasting marks and the Sjambok looks like it leaves a trail of welts that would last many a moon, even on an experienced submissive’s bottom.


If the opportunity arose. I think that my curiosity and desire to be marked, would win over my fear of this implement. But it still sends a shiver down my spine, thinking what the impact would be like and if I am sub enough to endure it.



Sand Timer Spankings

Time has been on my mind lately. Specifically, I have been trying to rearrange my weekly schedule to find more time for fun activities. But this did lead me to thinking about spankings regulated by sand or hourglass timers. So a search was made for images and it met with some limited success.

Two spankings of female submissives were found

Only one single image of a male spankee turned up

And you have to look hard for the tiny little timer in her hand

There was a book

And as for GIFs


You might think that this subject would be well covered, but instead there seems to be a gap in the market. Still, it made me consider adding some items to my spank related collection



This Is My Ideal Spanking Machine

During the past weekend, Hermione hosted a brunch, part of which asked about spanking machines. You can view the post through the link below.


Coincidentally, on Sunday I posted an image that featured a spanking machine, in this post.


morningstar, from


Speculated that I might be expanding on a theme from Hermione’s blog. I was not, it was just a happy accident. But in the old days, it was normal for bloggers to expand on a theme, from another blog. This was good fun and added to the community spirit. So today, I thought it would be nice to try and revive that tradition, by taking a look at the spanking machine that impresses me the most.

The Spanking Server/Pain 4 Fem Spanking Machine

This machine is a very effective and impressive administrator of a spanking. One thing that it has over many other spanking machines, is that it can, automatically (I presume) change the location where it lands a strike. Covering an area, rather than hitting the same place, over and over again.

As is illustrated in this image

It can also deliver at a notable strength of stroke

And is capable of delivering these strikes with a variety of implements

GIFs of this machine spanking bottoms did not present themselves, but GIFs of this machine delivering breast whippings are available. So you can see it in action.

It does seem to be a most effective device

I suspect that it is based on an automatic, clay pigeon thrower

And seems to be controlled by computer

It does seem to get a strong reaction from the recipient

This makes me think that this is the machine that I would like to be spanked by. I wonder if anyone has published plans, on how to build your own. 🙂


Note – This is a not for profit blog. No financial or other rewards were sought or given for featuring Pain 4 Fem/Spanking Server images or products, in this post.


I own a rather large carpet beater and I love the way it makes me dance in a play situation. Although I have been spanked with that and two other carpet beaters they have all been of the same design, which is easily available from a chain store here in Belgium. I would like to experience some of the other designs of this toy and have discovered some GIFs of the variations available of this particular type of pervertable.

This one is a lot like mine

And so is this one

I like the three leaf clover style of this one

This one looks like it would be sharp and concentrated

This one looks like it covers a large area with good airflow

And finally this one seems to create the most pleasing wobble

Me thinks that I will have to explore expanding my collection of this particular type of pervertable 🙂

A Kinky Christmas Card



Luckily, whilst I was on my little break away in June, I managed to get my rear end so spanked that it ended up being redder, hotter and more glowing than a hot, red glowing thing. Due to my diligence about keeping confidentialities, I am afraid that I cannot tell you any details about that. But it was the first time in nearly a year and it did my state of sanity no end of good. Due to the worsening situation in Belgium, regarding Covid 19, it is a possibility that lockdown restrictions might return and the thought of waiting another year for a spanking sends me running to the whisky bottle. Could getting a spanking machine be a possible solution, should the worst happen?

Building something like this might help

But I would not have a clue how to make a machine like this and as very long term readers of this blog might remember

My own attempts at building a spanking machine crashed and burned

So I took a look on YouTube to see what is available

She found the second whup highly effective

This looks like it might be worth while when set on ten

Solves the problem of hitting the same spot every time

Now this one shows potential but I’m not sure about getting a compressor

In interesting times these things have to be considered 🙂



A Punishment Corset

This kind of thing floats my boat. Mostly because I have found that things that restrict breathing, during a spanking, increase the effect of the rush of endorphins. But I do not like to have plastic bags put on my head or have my mouth and nose blocked. Things like being in an OTK position or similar, that put pressure on the torso therefore causing a decreased breathing capacity are more my thing and why this corset is an object of desire but it does look very expensive.

Bespoke locking punishment corset video

More COVID 19 Restrictions Eased In Belgium

The bad numbers for Belgium have continued to decrease and so we are to get more freedoms, mostly as of Monday the 18th of May 2020

School lessons are resuming

This actually started on Friday the 15th of May. School lessons are to resume with a phase in period and certain restrictions respected. As I have no kids I have not looked to much at the details of this.

Museums and other cultural attractions are allowed to reopen

Visitor numbers at any one time are restricted. Tickets must be pre booked on line, no purchasing entrance at the door. Social distancing and other safety measures must be respected.

Hair dressers, and other close contact services like nail salons may reopen

Although, unlike in the photograph, proper protective clothing and masks must be worn by both staff and customers. Face shaving is going to be difficult, with a mask on.

Small markets may reopen

Small markets, with up to 50 stalls may take place as long as the local authorities concerned agrees to host them. Social distancing must be respected and all stall holders must wear masks.

Zoos, amusement parks and other fun stuff may reopen

As with the museums and galleries, visitor numbers at any one time are restricted. Tickets must be pre booked on line, no purchasing entrance at the door. Social distancing and other safety measures must be respected.

Weddings and funerals are allowed up to 30 people attending

Up to 30 people may attend a wedding or funeral service, whilst respecting social distancing regulations. This is for services only. No wakes, receptions or other social gatherings are allowed after the ceremonies.

Sports and outdoor activities

Yes, I know, ice hockey is an indoor sport and does not count in this but I just liked this photograph so much.

Organised outdoor sport training for up to 20 people at any one time may resume. Eating and drinking facilities and any other social gathering place at the grounds must remain closed. Competitions are still banned.

Skate parks, basket ball courts and other such facilities can reopen for those not involved in club sports. But the governing authority of these facilities must provide supervision of the site whilst it is in use.

And that is the news, as far as I know it, from Belgium at the moment.