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My E-stim device


P1040476 (2).JPG

If you don’t know what an E-stim device is then check out the link for the post that was written on this blog last week.



The problem with the E-stim device


P1040469 (2).JPG


The thing that I do not like about my E-stim device can be seen in the photograph above. It is that to turn the juice on and off you have to use a dial and then turn up the juice until the required erotic mmmmness or painful ouchyness is achieved. This is annoying and fiddly. It also means  that the sub on the receiving end will feel the build up of the pulse every time that the device is turned on and off.


What I wanted from the device




What I wanted to do is be able to set the E-stim device to the required pulse rate and intensity level desired and then just turn current on for short, two to five second, bursts, without having to fiddle about with the knobs and dials every time.


The solution




Install a simple switch, in the wiring, between the device and the electrical contact pads. The switch above is easily available and cost effective. It is the type of thing that someone might put on the cable of a table lamp, to turn it on and off. This is the switch that I installed in the wiring.


How the instillation was done




This is what the normal set up of the device would look like, ready to punish that bad wallet that lets all my money leak out so quickly.




First the wire was split at the place where the switch was to be located.




Then the wire was cut and the ends striped so that they would give a good contact for the connectors in the switch. The switch was opened and disassembled ready to be wired up.




The wires where then connected up to the main part of the switch. Making sure that the same wires went into and out of the same side of the switch. This was easy to achieve because one of the wires had a thin brown stripe running along it.




the switch was then reassembled.




I then tested the new set up with the contact pads on the back of my hand and wrist and found that it worked just as I wanted it to. Now the contact pads can be attached to the desired location, with the required settings and just turned  on and off for short periods of time.


Let the torture scene playtime begin


An idea for an alternative use for the E-stim


P1040483 (2).JPG


You will notice, in the photo, that this E-stim device has a belt clip. The device could easily be wired up to a sensitive part of a submissive in a D/d or 24/7 relationship and the wires be hidden under clothing and the E-stim device put on the sub’s belt, the device set to the required pain level and the switch placed in one of the pockets of the sub. Then while the couple are out and about, shopping, at the bank or whatever and the sub commits a minor infringement, that upsets his or her dominant partner, the offended party, instead of waiting until they get home to inflict punishment, can just reach into the pocket of their partner and give them a short, sharp shock (pun intended) there and then.


bad boy time.jpg

This idea makes me realize that I have a deviant mindset 🙂






Note – The photographs in this post are of paddles that are very similar to the one that I experienced but are not exactly the same as the actual paddle that was used on me



I do not own one of these paddles but have recently had the experience of being spanked with one at the hands of Meesteres Cela,  who is a real challenge to play with and I would say a very well worth while opponent for the experienced but beginners beware. The paddle itself is a simple, shaped piece of varnished wood with a work boot style sole glued to one side.



During a very hard spanking session I was shown the paddle and asked which side I wanted to try. On one side was the work boot sole and on the other was smooth varnished wood, similar to but not as thick as a normal American wooden paddle. I am not a great fan of American paddles but have been spanked with them before and so I played safe and chose the smooth side, which gave the same brutal, all enveloping pain that a normal American paddle would. But after this I was informed that I was now going to be on the receiving end of the boot sole side of the paddle. The result was a pleasant surprise to me. This was still not a lightweight toy, it gave a lot of pain if not quite as much as an American style paddle. The type of pain was very different though and did not feel as brutal as the plain wooden side. I am presuming that this is because the pattern of the tread gave the flesh of my bottom somewhere to go, on impact.




I have seen paddles like this in shops before and was very critical of them, dismissing them as a worthless novelty. But now, having experienced one I am tempted to go out and buy one of my own. I would say that it is a high end of painful toy with an interesting and enjoyable sensation, well worth your time if you are seeking a hard but satisfying spanking.



If you are ever shown one of these and asked to choose which side, I recommend the boot tread side 🙂



>Toy Focus Tuesday – A Hiatus Post


This is a scheduled hiatus post, for details read the information in THIS POST

The hairbrush

Simple and effective

She is going to have quite a selection

And he can always borrow one of hers

And the hairbrush is one of the least embarrassing pervertables to buy

Images courtesy of spanked over panties, Spanking Pixie and Boy Bitch Spanking.


>Toy Focus Tuesday – A Hiatus Post


This is a scheduled hiatus post, for details read the information in THIS POST

The Tawse

Sometimes on the back side

Sometimes on her hand

Or from her hand to his

The tawse is undoubtedly Scotland’s finest export

For more information on the history of the Tawse follow this link Tawse: Information from

>Hiatus – Spankolife Is Back – The London Tanner’s New Website – And Inconspicuous Machines


Taking a hiatus

I’m not going away but blogging is becoming a bit of a grind right now and I have decided to take a three week break (unless something important crops up), normal posting should resume on Monday the 25th of April. I am not leaving the blog cold though, a series of mostly picture based posts will be left in scheduled posting, for your entertainment. The Sunday Swishing will be posted as normal and on other days of the week we will have The Monday Blues Busting Blistered Butt, Toy Focus Tuesday, The Wednesday Vanilla Giggle, “Spec”tacular Thursday, Friday Frilliness and The Saturday Cinema. Hopefully I will have a chance to think up some interesting posts while I am resting.

Spankolife is back

I was going to report the problem with the disappearance of SpankoLife today but checking into the site this morning I found it to be live and well. I am not sure what happened but for those that frequent this site the news is good.

A new website for The London Tanner

Thanks to Richard Windsor, who passed on this information in this post New London Tanners Site and Samantha Woodley. The London Tanner has moved not only countries but also continents and is no longer based in the USA but now in England. There is a nice shiny new website available to view, that can be seen through this link The London Tanners.

Kinky machines made from everyday items

I have to take my hat off to the inventive mind that made these kinky machines, including some for spanking, from everyday household items. The effectiveness of some of them might be questionable but every new invention starts with a prototype.

Elektrotechnique from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.


>A Tuesday Toy Of Desire


A British Army style Cat O’ Nine Tails

This is the closest modern equivalent that I have seen of those British army cat o’ nine tails, that you see in the old illustrations. Notice the long handle and the knotted ends to the tails. It is not just the cat that I would like to try, it is the whole ceremony. The battalion paraded on three sides of a square with the triangle and punishment detail forming the fourth side. There is only two things that I would like to change from the original scenario. 1/The real cats would have their tips hardened to deliberately draw blood and cause life long scaring, I would not like life long scaring, so no hardened tips thank you. 2/ The punishment was usually delivered by male drummers of the regiment, I would prefer female drummers but still in the period uniform 🙂
Tied to the triangle the drums rolling as two drummer girls deliver the 300 lashes and an officer keeps count, as the whole battalion watches. The thought of it makes my spine tingle.