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I own a rather large carpet beater and I love the way it makes me dance in a play situation. Although I have been spanked with that and two other carpet beaters they have all been of the same design, which is easily available from a chain store here in Belgium. I would like to experience some of the other designs of this toy and have discovered some GIFs of the variations available of this particular type of pervertable.

This one is a lot like mine

And so is this one

I like the three leaf clover style of this one

This one looks like it would be sharp and concentrated

This one looks like it covers a large area with good airflow

And finally this one seems to create the most pleasing wobble

Me thinks that I will have to explore expanding my collection of this particular type of pervertable 🙂

A Kinky Christmas Card



Luckily, whilst I was on my little break away in June, I managed to get my rear end so spanked that it ended up being redder, hotter and more glowing than a hot, red glowing thing. Due to my diligence about keeping confidentialities, I am afraid that I cannot tell you any details about that. But it was the first time in nearly a year and it did my state of sanity no end of good. Due to the worsening situation in Belgium, regarding Covid 19, it is a possibility that lockdown restrictions might return and the thought of waiting another year for a spanking sends me running to the whisky bottle. Could getting a spanking machine be a possible solution, should the worst happen?

Building something like this might help

But I would not have a clue how to make a machine like this and as very long term readers of this blog might remember

My own attempts at building a spanking machine crashed and burned

So I took a look on YouTube to see what is available

She found the second whup highly effective

This looks like it might be worth while when set on ten

Solves the problem of hitting the same spot every time

Now this one shows potential but I’m not sure about getting a compressor

In interesting times these things have to be considered 🙂



A Punishment Corset

This kind of thing floats my boat. Mostly because I have found that things that restrict breathing, during a spanking, increase the effect of the rush of endorphins. But I do not like to have plastic bags put on my head or have my mouth and nose blocked. Things like being in an OTK position or similar, that put pressure on the torso therefore causing a decreased breathing capacity are more my thing and why this corset is an object of desire but it does look very expensive.

Bespoke locking punishment corset video

More COVID 19 Restrictions Eased In Belgium

The bad numbers for Belgium have continued to decrease and so we are to get more freedoms, mostly as of Monday the 18th of May 2020

School lessons are resuming

This actually started on Friday the 15th of May. School lessons are to resume with a phase in period and certain restrictions respected. As I have no kids I have not looked to much at the details of this.

Museums and other cultural attractions are allowed to reopen

Visitor numbers at any one time are restricted. Tickets must be pre booked on line, no purchasing entrance at the door. Social distancing and other safety measures must be respected.

Hair dressers, and other close contact services like nail salons may reopen

Although, unlike in the photograph, proper protective clothing and masks must be worn by both staff and customers. Face shaving is going to be difficult, with a mask on.

Small markets may reopen

Small markets, with up to 50 stalls may take place as long as the local authorities concerned agrees to host them. Social distancing must be respected and all stall holders must wear masks.

Zoos, amusement parks and other fun stuff may reopen

As with the museums and galleries, visitor numbers at any one time are restricted. Tickets must be pre booked on line, no purchasing entrance at the door. Social distancing and other safety measures must be respected.

Weddings and funerals are allowed up to 30 people attending

Up to 30 people may attend a wedding or funeral service, whilst respecting social distancing regulations. This is for services only. No wakes, receptions or other social gatherings are allowed after the ceremonies.

Sports and outdoor activities

Yes, I know, ice hockey is an indoor sport and does not count in this but I just liked this photograph so much.

Organised outdoor sport training for up to 20 people at any one time may resume. Eating and drinking facilities and any other social gathering place at the grounds must remain closed. Competitions are still banned.

Skate parks, basket ball courts and other such facilities can reopen for those not involved in club sports. But the governing authority of these facilities must provide supervision of the site whilst it is in use.

And that is the news, as far as I know it, from Belgium at the moment.



My New Pervertable

Like every true spanko, I love everyday objects that can be turned to more fun and painful purposes, which pretty much a description of what a pervertable is. Not only do such things have enjoyable uses but they are usually cost effective too. This one only cost me three Euros and Ninety cents.

It is a silicone headed strainer spoon, with a good, sturdy handle and a slightly flexible head. I have only tried a few self spanking swats with it but it is a bit different from an normal, wooden, spoon. About the same pain intensity but a sensation that is a little less concentrated on the crown of the spoons curve. Looking at that photo I also realize that my scale ruler has seen better days (I have had it since the 1980’s) and I should replace it. It never gets used for spanking.

This is not the only special spoon in my collection there is also one in this bottom cooking set.

Which, if you like, you can find out more about the creation of these through


Spoons And Spanking Potential

As we are on the subject of spoons for spanking, I did take a look at Etsy and found a few for sale especially for spanking purposes. And thought it would be nice to post some images of these and some images of how they could be used 🙂 A link to the Etsy page is at the bottom of the post.


This post is not sponsored by Etsy.



My E-stim device


P1040476 (2).JPG

If you don’t know what an E-stim device is then check out the link for the post that was written on this blog last week.



The problem with the E-stim device


P1040469 (2).JPG


The thing that I do not like about my E-stim device can be seen in the photograph above. It is that to turn the juice on and off you have to use a dial and then turn up the juice until the required erotic mmmmness or painful ouchyness is achieved. This is annoying and fiddly. It also means  that the sub on the receiving end will feel the build up of the pulse every time that the device is turned on and off.


What I wanted from the device




What I wanted to do is be able to set the E-stim device to the required pulse rate and intensity level desired and then just turn current on for short, two to five second, bursts, without having to fiddle about with the knobs and dials every time.


The solution




Install a simple switch, in the wiring, between the device and the electrical contact pads. The switch above is easily available and cost effective. It is the type of thing that someone might put on the cable of a table lamp, to turn it on and off. This is the switch that I installed in the wiring.


How the instillation was done




This is what the normal set up of the device would look like, ready to punish that bad wallet that lets all my money leak out so quickly.




First the wire was split at the place where the switch was to be located.




Then the wire was cut and the ends striped so that they would give a good contact for the connectors in the switch. The switch was opened and disassembled ready to be wired up.




The wires where then connected up to the main part of the switch. Making sure that the same wires went into and out of the same side of the switch. This was easy to achieve because one of the wires had a thin brown stripe running along it.




the switch was then reassembled.




I then tested the new set up with the contact pads on the back of my hand and wrist and found that it worked just as I wanted it to. Now the contact pads can be attached to the desired location, with the required settings and just turned  on and off for short periods of time.


Let the torture scene playtime begin


An idea for an alternative use for the E-stim


P1040483 (2).JPG


You will notice, in the photo, that this E-stim device has a belt clip. The device could easily be wired up to a sensitive part of a submissive in a D/d or 24/7 relationship and the wires be hidden under clothing and the E-stim device put on the sub’s belt, the device set to the required pain level and the switch placed in one of the pockets of the sub. Then while the couple are out and about, shopping, at the bank or whatever and the sub commits a minor infringement, that upsets his or her dominant partner, the offended party, instead of waiting until they get home to inflict punishment, can just reach into the pocket of their partner and give them a short, sharp shock (pun intended) there and then.


bad boy time.jpg

This idea makes me realize that I have a deviant mindset 🙂






Note – The photographs in this post are of paddles that are very similar to the one that I experienced but are not exactly the same as the actual paddle that was used on me



I do not own one of these paddles but have recently had the experience of being spanked with one at the hands of Meesteres Cela,  who is a real challenge to play with and I would say a very well worth while opponent for the experienced but beginners beware. The paddle itself is a simple, shaped piece of varnished wood with a work boot style sole glued to one side.



During a very hard spanking session I was shown the paddle and asked which side I wanted to try. On one side was the work boot sole and on the other was smooth varnished wood, similar to but not as thick as a normal American wooden paddle. I am not a great fan of American paddles but have been spanked with them before and so I played safe and chose the smooth side, which gave the same brutal, all enveloping pain that a normal American paddle would. But after this I was informed that I was now going to be on the receiving end of the boot sole side of the paddle. The result was a pleasant surprise to me. This was still not a lightweight toy, it gave a lot of pain if not quite as much as an American style paddle. The type of pain was very different though and did not feel as brutal as the plain wooden side. I am presuming that this is because the pattern of the tread gave the flesh of my bottom somewhere to go, on impact.




I have seen paddles like this in shops before and was very critical of them, dismissing them as a worthless novelty. But now, having experienced one I am tempted to go out and buy one of my own. I would say that it is a high end of painful toy with an interesting and enjoyable sensation, well worth your time if you are seeking a hard but satisfying spanking.



If you are ever shown one of these and asked to choose which side, I recommend the boot tread side 🙂