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A Note About The GIFs In This Post

The GIFs in this post have nothing to do with the written part of the post. This post is about a device that I use to give myself an electric equivalent of a spanking and to be honest might be a little dry to some people. This is still a general entertainment, spanking blog, so the GIFs, of other people enjoying very different kinds of electric play than I use, are simply there to entertain everyone.

Getting Spanked By The Sanitas SEM 44 Electric Muscle Stimulation Device

I told nora, in the comments to one of her post, of the blog…


that I should one day do a post about the machine that saved my sanity, during the COVID-19 lockdowns, by administering electric spankings to my rear end, when no other options were available. And this is that post.

I have posted before about another electric device that I have, twice…



The Sanitas device is different to that one, which is from MyStim, a dedicated BDSM play device, that is better used between two people. The Sanitas device is a generally available, TENS, EMS and electric massage unit. I got it at my local Lidl, a discount food store, that remained open during the lockdowns. It was not very expensive, less than 30 Euros, although I cannot remember the exact price now. It was a case of thinking that it might be worth a shot and if it did not work out, not much money had been lost. Luckily for me, it was a winner.

During the lockdowns and the periods in between, when it was still not possible to play with anyone else, I had tried self spanking, but this does not do anything for me. My emotional, psychological and mental state were starting to suffer, due to the lack of spankings. The Sanitas SEM 44 helped to rectify this situation. It has three modes, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and electrical massage.

I found that program 31 in the EMS mode could deliver the electrical equivalent of a spanking to the buttocks. Two of the sticky pads should be attached to the crown of the buttocks (not the sit spot, as I first thought), about a closed hand’s width apart, symmetrically, either side of the butt crack.

I then set the unit to EMS mode program 31. This can be varied in intensity from a grade of 1 to 50, on the device. I found that anything above 35 could produce a painful sensation. The device can then be left to run on a timer and required no more interaction from me. This program went in cycles that started with a tensing of the butt muscles, uncomfortable but not painful, then went on to a sensation that was like sweet relief washing across my rear end muscles. The third action was a few seconds of no stimulation and then the fourth, electrical pulse (that I nicknamed the cane stroke effect) sent a painful sensation across the buttocks for a period of about 20 seconds. The program then runs on its own, repeating these four sensations, until the allotted time is up. At maximum intensity (50) I could do little else but lie face down on my bed and process the pain. All this from 3 AAA batteries.

This was not as good as getting a spanking from a real life person, but it was better than self spanking. This is because, once the program was started, I did not have to do anything myself, except concentrate on the pain, that I was experiencing. It might be a useful device to use for those that are distanced from their disciplinarian or for whatever reason cannot interact with another live human being, for a spanking. It definitely helped save my sanity during the period of COVID-19.

I hope that the written part of that post was helpful to some people and that everyone else was entertained by the GIFs.



Double Pumped Iron, A Sex Toy For The Boys

I have been humming and hawing about doing this review for some time, as it is not spanking related. But I have seen many reviews on Girls sex toys, on female Spanking and BDSM blogs and so thought that it was time to even things up a bit on that front.

What Is The Double Pumped Iron?

This is a non vibrating, male masturbation aid made of soft silicone, contained within a hard plastic tube, with entry points for the penis at both ends. It cost me just under 30 Euros to buy. The full kit that you get looks like this.

One end is designed to simulate a vagina

And the other end simulates an anus

All closed up, it resembles a training weight

The only thing that you need, that is not included, is water based lubricant.

How to use it

Firstly, remove the plastic caps from both ends of the toy, so you have one end to enter and the other end to expel and intake air. Unless you like that “Dead Flesh” feeling, warm the device before using it. I tend to do this by dumping it in a bucket of hot, but not boiling, water for half an hour before I require it. The hard, black plastic easily wipes dry and the vagina end being a bit damp just adds to the realism of the experience. Alternatively, you can hang it on a string for a couple of hours over a heat source, such as a radiator. Do not put it directly on a radiator, as from experience I can tell you that this could melt the silicone. Then apply water based lubricant, to the end that you desire, and insert an erect penis. The rest I will leave to your imagination.

What Was The Vagina End Like?

I was very happy using this end of the toy. It felt as realistic as I would imagine a device like this could be, without being part of an actual woman. Of course, it cannot provide the muscular contractions and other real life qualities of having sex with a real woman, but otherwise, entering the toy and the feeling around the penis, of the walls of the silicone, was surprisingly realistic. This is the fourth such device of this type that I have owned and the main criticism, that I have of the other three, was that they were too “Snug”. Unrealistically tight, to be frank. This type of device was not available when I was an inexperienced teenager, but if they had have been, I would have been doing my damnedest to get hold of one. If I had obtained one of the other ones that I have owned, that would have left me with unrealistic expectations about the internal size of a real vagina, when I finally encountered one. So for the inexperienced, I would get one of these instead, so that you have a more realistic idea of what it is like to enter a real woman. On the whole, I was very contented, interacting with this end of the device.

What Was The Anal End Like?

This is where I am at a bit of a disadvantage in comparing this to a real life experience, as I have never entered another person’s anus with my penis. So I will just tell you what it felt like to me and perhaps someone with more experience in this field can comment on if this sounds like the real thing or not, to them. Entering the anal end felt very tight and as I moved around, inside the device, the entrance point remained tense around the shaft of my penis. However, the internal part of the silicone felt a bit baggy and did not stimulate the rest of my member much. This did the job, but I was not so impressed with the experience at this end as I was at the vaginal end.

And Sanitary Considerations At The Point Of Orgasm

Using the vaginal end, all bodily fluid produced remained within the Toy, until it was removed. This I consider a good thing. Using the anal end of this device, there was a little fluid ejected from the vaginal orifice, so it is a good idea to keep some tissues handy, when using this end, unless you enjoy cleaning the furniture.


This was pretty straight forward, for this type of Toy. Remove the silicone from the plastic shell. Turn the silicone inside out and clean it and the plastic shell in a bucket of soapy water and then rinse with pure water. Pat dry as much as possible and then leave to air dry for at least two hours. Next turn the silicone back the right way out, wipe it clean with soapy water, then wipe with pure water and leave that to dry for a couple of hours. Then use the provided plastic bag and the instructions to reinsert the silicone into the plastic shell.

In Conclusion

The vaginal end of this device was pleasing and as realistic as could be expected of something like this. The anal end was not so pleasing to me, not in the sensation or the potential for making a bit of a mess.

The Report Card

This human body part simulator performs exceptionally well at one end that should earn it high marks. However, it is let down by the other aspects of its nature. One end gets a good, solid A. The other is instructed to report to the Head Mistresses’ office to have its very poor D dealt with.

Other Options

The same company also offers the Steel version of this toy, with a vagina/mouth combination and the Gold version with a mouth/anus combination. I have not experienced either of these.



A Focus On The Tawse

As leather toys go, a real Tawse, not a wannabe split leather strap, is just about the most fearsome, short range, toy that you can get. As The images above and below illustrate.

But it is not the Tawse used on the bottom, that this post will be focusing on but….

Hand Tawsing

Although impacts on the buttocks, back of the legs and even the back can be far more satisfying than hand play, there is something psychologically thrilling and scary, seeing the blow coming in, that can really get the endorphins flowing. You might get a better idea of this from the following video.

The Tawse is about the most painful impact toy that you can use on the hands. If you used a cane to cause the same level of pain, you would be at risk of damaging all those small bones, that are found in the hand. The severity of the Tawse, relies on its proportions. Traditionally, the Lochgelly Tawse was 22 inches (about 56 cm) long and came in varying thicknesses to vary the severity level. But even the least severe was by no means skinny. The following images give an idea of the various thicknesses of Tawses

A light Tawse

A heavy Tawse

(I could not find an image of the thickness of a medium Tawse)

An extra heavy Tawse

And the following GIF illustrates what instructions a recipient might receive before having their hands Tawsed. Although the Tawse being used here is the traditional Glasgow, 3 tailed Tawse, this should whip up those stomach butterflies into a veritable storm, if this was seen through your own eyes 🙂

The impact of a Tawse on the palms is brutal, to say the least. The after effects are equally disturbing. It feels like the centre of your palm has developed a black hole, whose gravity field is dragging the rest of the skin on your hand into its depths. Even when people are only pratting about with this toy, you can tell that it causes a lot of real pain on the paws, as can be seen, in the following two videos.

An interesting break from work

And fun at the local pub

The Tawse Helped End The Use Of Corporal Punishment in UK Schools (Hooray!)

It was a court case about the use of the Tawse in Scottish schools that did not end the use of CP in UK schools, but it did start the ball rolling in that direction. Leaving the use of the Tawse firmly where it should be, only between consenting adults. The following video not only tells you about this but also has some footage of how a real Tawse is made, that I found very interesting.

It is the pain and body chemicals that make impact play so wonderful. But actually seeing it coming can add a psychological element that can increase the sensation tenfold.

I hope that this post has brought back good memories to those who enjoy hand Tawsing and perhaps, tempted those of you who have yet to experience it to give it a go.



Belts Can Feel So Good

I don’t get spanked often. So it can be no surprise that I am finding it hard not to recall the spanking that I received, about a week and a half ago and the best part of that was when I was belted, multiple times, during the play session. As There is a news item to blog, on Friday, now seems like a good day to celebrate the wonders of the belt, in photographs and GIFs.

It can be used doubled over

Or as a long flat whip

Remember to get the arc of the swing just right for impact

Harsh impacts are wonderful, but it can also be fun for lighter play

It is so sweet, that it has two purposes in life

So buckle up everyone, and enjoy the ride 🙂



This Is The Cage I Have Now

I have had this little beasty, for more time than I would care to remember. When I got it, it was a pricey, high-end model. You can pick up ones like this pretty cheap now. Although it is still a good, sturdy piece of kit that does the job well. I am not into chastity and denial and except for one occasion, have never worn this for more than a few hours. But in the past it has helped me get play dates with fellow amateurs, which might not have happened otherwise. Having met a potential playmate only a few times, often they can feel a bit nervous about going somewhere private with someone they do not know well enough to trust yet. Throwing this into the mix and the other party knowing that I am rendered harmless to them, indeed reliant on them, to release me has been a deal maker.

So What Is The Problem?

A small problem, is that the pins marked A, in the photo, fit into the sockets marked B. These can be very painful skin pinchers and are difficult to line up. The big problem, though, is that the ring, C, is fixed. I am pretty average in the porcelain pointer department, but my two veg are a little larger than normal. The fixed ring, on this, is 50 mm and is the largest available for this model. It has always been a struggle getting it on, but trying it recently, after not using this for some years, It was somewhat painful to get things to fit (I am sure they are getting bigger, as I age) and it is not hard to imagine that this might be a problem in a pressure on situation. The good feature, that I would like to keep the same, is the small padlock, marked D. These are easily available and some women like to bring their own, to make sure that I do not have a spare key.

The Solutions

I want to get a model with a hinged ring, similar to the ones above, but with no pins and sockets.

This Is The One That I Am Considering

A shop, not too far away from me, is selling this model. It has a hinged ring, no pins and sockets and is considerable lighter, than the one I have now. The weight of my current cage can be an issue, after a couple of hours. I really like the way that this looks, too.

I have only ever owned one Cock Cage, in my life. So if anyone with more experience than me has an opinion on the model above, or recommendations for something else, I would gladly like to hear what you have to say.

All advice welcome



Before the punishment (or funishment) with a leather toy starts the said toy can make some wonderful sounds that can play interesting tunes in the recipients ears. Leather is special that way 🙂

The slap of a belt on a hand

The crack of a well swung whip

A flogger can produce a whole pallet of sounds

Especially the soft swoosh of tails against a leg

Even in main stream movies, a well swung stretch of leather can produce that MMM! feeling

OK you have had your blog reading break, it’s time to…