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It has been a long time since I have stumbled across a Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas video clip. So I just had to post it. A little F/f and F/m in this one.

Why Don’t They Open A Branch In Brussels?



All Things Spanking

Before I get on with this post I would just like to ask if anyone knows what happened to All Things Spanking. All seemed to be well with this blog, when I took off for the winter break but when I returned this blog just seemed to have disappeared, without trace. Any information is welcome.

Hog Tie Challenge Bad and Good

I did have a five year break from internet kink, so please excuse me if everyone has already posted this to death. I have come across some videos, mostly from vanilla channels, trying what is called the “Hogtie Challenge” on YouTube. It seems to revolve around someone being hogtied and then having to release themselves in a certain amount of time. Now, I am no BDSM rigger but I do know a lot about ropes and knots from vanilla life, both for work and hobbies. And I just thought I would post a bad and good example (IMHO) of trying a little first time bondage.

The Bad Example

This one comes from the vlog a couple who do loads of different and mostly vanilla posts.

My biggest beef with this is the use of shoelaces. These are almost guaranteed to cause pain and minor injuries. I think that this couple should have spent half an hour Googling first timer good bondage practices before they attempted this.

The Good Example

This is from the channel of someone who I believe does mostly make-up videos.

The use of scarves instead of rope does seem a good idea for the inexperience, any riggers out there know better than that please tell us about it. And the guy doing the tying at leasts seems to have gotten the hang of a simple granny knot. I get the feeling that a little research can make life a lot simpler and safer.

Play Safe



Searching to expand knowledge of bottom related artistry, that has caught my interests of late, I came across an interesting artist from the northern reaches of Europe and thought that the visitors to this blog might wish to see some of her work.

Riikka Hyvönen is a Finnish artist who has completed paintings of several bruised butts. Unfortunately these bruises where not caused by spanking but by Roller Derby injuries. This series of works are listed as Roller Derby Kisses and the bruises are regarded by the participants in this, all girl, sport as badges of honour.

To expand this project perhaps Ms Hyvönen could look to the spanking community for inspiration. I think that I would be happy to offer my posterior as a sacrifice in the name of art. And how hard could it be to teach her to swing a cane in a butt blisteringly artistic manner? 🙂

If you wish to learn more about the works of Ms Hyvönen you can visit her website through this link

Riikka Hyvönen

Or read this article about her and her work

In Riikka Hyvönen’s Art, a Bruise on the Buttock Is a Badge of Honour

To find out more about Roller Derby try this link




Adding some blogs

before I tell you which blogs I will say that all the blogs except one are being added to the

Blog And Vlog Roll Page

and not the blog rolls on the right of this blog. The reason for this is that I check out the lists on the right almost daily and so keep these lists to a reasonable length. But there are a lot of blogs I recommend but simply do not have time to visit every day or so, especially story blogs that I just wish I had more time to read. These blogs will still be listed on the smart phone friendly page linked above.

Blogs Being Added

Enzo’s Everyday Spanking Annals

Collected Submissions

O&P Spanking Stories

This last blog is an old favourite returning. But as it has a tendency to go through a spate of postings and then go silent for months at a time, it will also be added to the Archive Blogs Worth Checking Out list, on the right of this blog.

The Little Red Schoolhouse

Hope you all pop in to enjoy these blogs

Fort De La Creche

During my short visit to Boulogne Sur Mer I visited the coastal defence site of La Fort De La Creche. It is a gun emplacement site that was used from the Napoleonic era right up until 1944 in World War II and as a history buff was very interesting to me. It is run and is being restored by a group of friendly volunteers and costs 4 Euros to enter. It is not open every day, so it is best to check it out on the internet before visiting.

The site has been at peace since September 1944, when it was liberated by Canadian troops.



It is time, once more, to explore my obsession with how hot women look when wearing glasses. Especially when they are engaged in a spanking. A link in big is provided under each image to show where it came from.

From Spankingblogg

From The House Of Richard Windsor


From Spanking View

Some Snaps from Nausicaa, A Marine Aquarium

On a recent visit to Bolougne-Sur-Mer I visited the aquarium known as Nausicaa. On my accidental (honest, I’m not planning this, it just works out that way) life quest of visiting marine aquariums in towns and cities starting with the letter “B”, I would rate this aquarium in third place. After Birmingham and Barcelona but better than Brighton. I took some snaps while I was there. I hope you enjoy these.

If you want to find out more about this aquarium follow this link




How to polish up your BDSM play

This is an old advert but I only saw it recently. It is probable that other bloggers have posted this before but it tickled me and it is the brand that I use, so enjoy.

Cochem castle

Whilst visiting Cochem, in the Moselle valley, I managed to go on a guided tour of the small but interesting castle at Cochem. It only cost 6 Euros and was in English. Here are a few photos of the castle

Is it Kermit the frog? or a lion in a helmet?
My holiday read. Narrow Boat by LTC Rolt. Published in 1944 and never out of print since, this is the reminiscences of a trip on the UK canal system in 1939, just before the out break of WW II, in the Narrowboat Cressy. I highly recommend this book.
The “Little Devil” (my campervan) parked up on a camp site on the banks of the Moselle. It was nice to watch the boats and swans glide by, whilst enjoying my morning coffee.