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The Blog Calendar For October

October is on its way and the shops are already displaying Christmas paraphernalia, which makes me feel kind of old-fashioned. That drew me to this image of an old-fashioned type of guy, in his pin striped suit, surrounded by things of the past, handing out a very old-fashioned hickory stick punishment to a very attractive bottom. And so we have the calendar page for October.

Star Wars – Inside An Imperial Walker

I don’t know much about the people producing these humorous, Star Wars based, animations, but I hope they keep on doing them. I just love ’em πŸ™‚



They Were Good But They Could Have Been Better

A Spanish Patting

This first scene is from a Spanish production, that I do not know anything about. Everything about this scene is great, the setting, the sub-plot, the atmosphere and all the technical details, except for the actual spanking scene itself.

I can see no reason why they could not get a professional stunt bottom in to take an actual spanking. There is no need to see the spanking itself, nor the paddle making contact with the bottom, but images of the actor taking some proper swings would have stopped this scene disgracing itself, like it did. Also, if they had taken footage of the stunt bottom’s face, while the spanking was happening, that would have given the actor playing the recipient a chance to see what real expressions she should try to recreate with her own face.

The Famous Handmaid’s Tale Belting

Again, a great scene. And apparently a real belting did take place, although protection from bikers protection gear was used to safeguard against any damage to the posterior.

But look at the way he is bringing that belt in. Top down on someone who is bent over. I suspect that if anyone did this at a spanking party, plenty of people would have interceded and told the spanker how it really should be done. Here, it would have been a good idea to get an experienced advisor, on how to carry out a belting, in this position. Perhaps someone like…

Mistress Baton, both an experienced Dominatrix and in her other role, as Yvonne Van Den Bergh, an experienced actor, who will know a thing or two about both spanking and professional, on film, drama production.

These companies spend a lot of money on producing their wares and do not seem shy about bringing in stunt performers for action scenes, advisors for technical accuracy and a whole host of other people, to make their productions look convincing. So Why, O, why, do they spoil the ship for the sake of a tuppence of tar, when it comes to spanking scenes?



If You Did Not Know That Madonna Gigs Were Also Spanking Shows, You Soon Will

On YouTube, I came across (no, not in that way, wash your mind out πŸ™‚ ) some videos of Madonna tour concerts and found out that they were also live spanking shows πŸ™‚

Madonna Gets Spanked

There is a long pre-amble on this. If You want to go straight to the spanking, it starts after about 3 minutes and 50 seconds

Madonna Spanks A Female Dancer

Again, the spanking starts after about 4 minutes and 30 seconds

Finally, Madonna Spanks A Male Dancer

The spanking starts at about 4 minutes and 15 seconds

Now I want to go to a Madonna Gig πŸ˜›



The End Of A Very Long Era

Today, Thursday the 8th of September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II came to her final rest. In my younger days, I used to be totally against the idea of monarchy and I would not say that I am very pro royalty now. But it is kind of nice having a national representative who is outside of political wrangling and biases. Also, I was an employee of a Commonwealth organization for about 11 years and so her majesty was, at least technically, my ultimate boss, during that time. The queen was a figure of stability for the entirety of her reign and should be respected and remembered for her hard work and dedication throughout over 70, often turbulent, years of service to the public and the countries that she represented. I would particularly like to thank her for her service during WWII and her recognition of the veterans of that and other conflicts.

And for having a sense of humour


I met that guy once, very briefly, in the 1990s

Normal service will be resumed at 12:00 Midday (Central European Time), on Saturday the 10nth of September



A Focus On The Tawse

As leather toys go, a real Tawse, not a wannabe split leather strap, is just about the most fearsome, short range, toy that you can get. As The images above and below illustrate.

But it is not the Tawse used on the bottom, that this post will be focusing on but….

Hand Tawsing

Although impacts on the buttocks, back of the legs and even the back can be far more satisfying than hand play, there is something psychologically thrilling and scary, seeing the blow coming in, that can really get the endorphins flowing. You might get a better idea of this from the following video.

The Tawse is about the most painful impact toy that you can use on the hands. If you used a cane to cause the same level of pain, you would be at risk of damaging all those small bones, that are found in the hand. The severity of the Tawse, relies on its proportions. Traditionally, the Lochgelly Tawse was 22 inches (about 56 cm) long and came in varying thicknesses to vary the severity level. But even the least severe was by no means skinny. The following images give an idea of the various thicknesses of Tawses

A light Tawse

A heavy Tawse

(I could not find an image of the thickness of a medium Tawse)

An extra heavy Tawse

And the following GIF illustrates what instructions a recipient might receive before having their hands Tawsed. Although the Tawse being used here is the traditional Glasgow, 3 tailed Tawse, this should whip up those stomach butterflies into a veritable storm, if this was seen through your own eyes πŸ™‚

The impact of a Tawse on the palms is brutal, to say the least. The after effects are equally disturbing. It feels like the centre of your palm has developed a black hole, whose gravity field is dragging the rest of the skin on your hand into its depths. Even when people are only pratting about with this toy, you can tell that it causes a lot of real pain on the paws, as can be seen, in the following two videos.

An interesting break from work

And fun at the local pub

The Tawse Helped End The Use Of Corporal Punishment in UK Schools (Hooray!)

It was a court case about the use of the Tawse in Scottish schools that did not end the use of CP in UK schools, but it did start the ball rolling in that direction. Leaving the use of the Tawse firmly where it should be, only between consenting adults. The following video not only tells you about this but also has some footage of how a real Tawse is made, that I found very interesting.

It is the pain and body chemicals that make impact play so wonderful. But actually seeing it coming can add a psychological element that can increase the sensation tenfold.

I hope that this post has brought back good memories to those who enjoy hand Tawsing and perhaps, tempted those of you who have yet to experience it to give it a go.



The Blog Calendar For September

The intense heat wave, that hit Europe, seems to be easing a bit, but the weather looks like remaining fine for September. So why not take inspiration from this month’s calendar page and put the restraining frame out in the garden and go get the sjambok into a good swing. Or, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, start making advance plans for the coming summer.

And Politics Back In The UK

I worry about my family, back in the old country, with the current political and social situation. For those of you who are not aware of the situation in Britain, this video sums up the situation, very accurately.