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MAW – Interview – Adding A Site – And Breaking The Ice


Men at work

man-at-work-mdCables and stuff are being dug up in my street and some cut cables have happened already, So if I disappear for a few days, that is why.

Adding a website


The photographs of Red Charls are interesting to say the least. This site is being added to the Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites page.

Magazine interview for Pandora Blake


The erotica magazine Jacques, has done an interview with Pandora Blake. Miss Blake tells us about it in this post Interview with Jacques Magazine | Spanked, Not Silenced. You can go straight to the interview through this link Meet Pandora Blake – England’s hottest spanking model and entrepreneur.

A clip about how to break the ice at pool parties


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Cartoon Spanking Game

I came across this fun little spanking game on the ‘net, you can go and have a go at it yourself through this link Cartoon Spanking. It’s pretty easy, you choose your spankee, dress them how you like and then use your mouse to whack away with various implements. And there are tutorials of how to play on YouTube.

There is another one through this link Maplemaniac plays Cartoon Spanking.


This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.

Whirligigs, For Fun And For Punishment

Whirligigs for fun

These kind of whirligigs are those little wind powered novelties with animated figures on them. I came across a website, Victor Moore Online, that offers several of these, themed on actual events and a couple of them did seem to have a kinky vent.

A Good whipping

And Early Morning Wood

Whirligigs for punishment

inspired by these finds I wasted some time looking for more kinky little windmills and had no luck but I did find another sort of whirligig that was used by the military as a form of punishment. Apparently people could be placed in them for any amount of time up to a whole day. They were then spun around at high speed.

Here is an excerpt that I pulled from a site called The People of Gibraltar.

The Whirligig, which was also known as the Whirl Gig or even the Pritty Whim, was a cage-like contraption in the form of a tube, large enough to fit one person and suspended on a couple of swivels at the top and bottom.  The offender was placed inside and the cage spun round at great speed by a couple of soldiers for a set period of time. The result was that the person became very giddy and extremely sick. A certain Mrs Malhone would have been able to confirm this. She ‘was committed for proper reasons to the whirligig during two hours. It gave great pleasure to the spectators.’

I can say that this sort of punishment does not appeal to me for kinky play but I would bet a pound to a penny that there is someone out there intrigued by this idea 🙂


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A Goodbyeeee – Adding A Blog – Moving A Blog – Hack Allert – And Check Out This Crow

Goodbyeeee Accountomax’s House

Not sure what happened to this blog but I hope that it was not another Google Blogger hate crime victim. Whatever happened to it, it is now gone. This was a very enjoyable, mostly picture based blog and although infrequently updated, it was always a joy to see a new post there. Farewell Accountomax’s House and good luck for the future for it’s owner.

A new blog for the rolls

Bright Bottom

Bright Bottom is the blog of Spanky and very well written it is too. This blog is being added to the second blog roll.

Moving a blog

Discipline her,  the blog of a college spankee, has gone to a protected log in and is being moved to the Dormant Blogs page.

Tumblr hacked

Thanks to The Blog of Fred who gives details of this in this post Tumblr Hacked Alert!. Apparently if you have a Tumblr account you should be wary of logging in after clicking on some adds that are on Tumblr.

This crow is amazing!

I have never seen any bird do anything like this before, without being trained.


>Spanking Tube – A Couple Of Questions For Readers


Question #1

Spanking Tube has changed it’s format recently and part of this format change has included some unasked for pop up windows for a live chat show website. I am not against websites making an honest buck but in my opinion unwanted pop ups are not acceptable on any site. I am very protective of the contents of my side bar links and would not have linked Spanking Tube there in the first place if the site had had this from the beginning. But this site is such an excellent resource for spanking clips that I am loathed to lose it as a link now. So my question is…..

Do you as a reader think that I should dump the link on ethical grounds or keep it, as this is just an annoyance on an otherwise great site?

Question #2

I have had trouble embedding clips from Spanking Tube on this blog before but the embedding seems to be working now, when I view it in the post preview. Taking into account that this is a scheduled post and I will be at work when it appears on the blog my second question is…..

Can you see this clip and is it playing OK?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help on these matters.


>The Spanking Court


To start off I would just like to remind readers that this is a purely amateur blog and no money or other profit is made from affiliate programs or any other means from links to commercial websites. I just thought that you might like to know about this.

The Spanking Court website

Normally, when I come across a commercial spanking website that I have not heard of before I do not post about it on this blog as it is usually the case that one of the commercial bloggers, with a more appropriate venue for such things, will soon be doing so but I found out about this website about a month ago now and I have not seen one post about it (even after doing a Google blog search). It is hard to say if this is a good spanking site or not as I have not joined it and certainly would not join a site offering F/f or M/f spankings without at least having read a review of the site from Brushstrokes first. It does sound like an interesting concept though, a spanking site where the spankings are handed out on the basis of a courtroom style decision. Disputes are argued out in court before sentencing and punishments awarded. If you wish to visit The Spanking Court site you can through this link where you can see a preview clip that is the same as the one posted below but with the interesting bits not blacked out. If anyone has anymore details about this site please share.

The YouTube preview clip