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Potential Uniformed Disciplinarians Of Times Gone By

The cinch waisted tunics and tight breeches of 19th century uniforms seem particularly flattering to the female form and the militaristic styling just oozes authority. I do not want this irregular series of posts to stray too near the type of women that I would bump into in a day-to-day situation, who wear uniforms. So, a series of art images that depict the type of attire I would like to see adorning a woman, handing out some corporal correction to my good self (or bad self, depending on the scenario) in the fantasy world of my mind, seemed like a good way to go. These images took way more time than I planned for, to collect, so I do not have much time left to put this post together and will just let the images speak for themselves.

I am not sure if this kind of thing works as a spanking blog post. I will keep an eye on the stats and the comments, to decide to continue with this theme or not.