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Women Who Should Be Spankers – Mega Mindy (Free Souffriau)

Mega Mindy (Free Souffriau)

I cannot say that I get much pleasure from watching children’s TV programs, except when it’s Mega Mindy  who is just hot 🙂 Mega Mindy is a female Flemish superhero played by Free Souffriu, who gets her superpowers from a machine that her grandfather built. As well as looking great in her pink, superhero outfit, she also looks great in her day job, as a police officer called Mieke Fonkel, in the small village where she lives.

But it is in her super guise that I would like her to spank me using her super strength and super speed to deliver the mother of all OTK hand spankings. You never know, after the spanking she might use her ability of Teleportation, to take us somewhere nice for some after care 🙂

Move Over Barbie, Pink Has A Better Heroine

Free Souffriau was born Frederique Souffriau in the Flemish town of Gent, Belgium in 1980 and is married to the music composer Miguel Wiels, with whom she has two children. As well as her successful TV acting career she is also an accomplished singer, with hits both as Mega Mindy and more serious music in her own persona. For more information she has a Wikipedia page Free Souffriau – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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LOL Day 007

A message from M

I am afraid that LOL day will be more difficult this year, as a consortium of ex Bond girls, who have decided to become spankers, have tried to kidnap Prefectdt and Dr Malford (his fictitious Head Mistress). They managed to escape and have gone into hiding amongst the other kinky blogs. Intelligence has managed to find the location of the secret punishment room/hide out of the spanking four and an entrance to it via the comments box of this blog. You are being recruited as agents and your mission is to try to run the gauntlet of spanking Bond girls, enduring their lashes or turning the tables on them (whichever is your speciality) and gather in the comments box in preparation for a mass assault on their lair (abseiling down ropes, machine guns blazing, you know the drill). The experience of old hands will be useful but the unknown identity of new commenters will be an advantage to completing the mission. Brief profiles of the four spanking Bond girls trying to stop you are below.

Q has two items to help you on your way…

Some music

And the DB5

Your enemies

Solitaire (Jane Seymour)

She will use her psychic skills to track you down and predict your movements

Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman)

A skilled pilot and experienced kidnapper, there is no knowing where you will wake up if she gets her hands on you

Mayday (Grace Jones)

A hand to hand combat specialist, if anyone can subdue you and tie you to a spanking bench it will be her

Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress)

Tired of being one of the good girls, she has swapped sides and will be attempting to stop you at any water obstacles that you encounter, for a wet spanking

Good luck agents and a happy LOL day to you all

I’ll see you in the comments box

Thanks to Bonnie Burns of My Bottom Smarts for organizing this event and the JAMES BOND 007 MUSEUM  NYBRO SWEDEN website for the images used in this post

M (on behalf of Prefectdt)

Women Who Should Be Spankers – Katie McGrath (Morgana)

Katie McGrath (Morgana)

Some of you might have seen the TV series Merlin, if not I can recommend it to any Sci fi/Fantasy geeks out there. Amongst the cast is Katie McGrath, playing the evil sorceress Morgana. When trying to describe her the words “Smouldering”, “Irish” and “Hot” tend to string themselves together all to easily. With her dark hair and pale blue eyes she oozes Celtic sexiness.

Being the bad girl of the series makes her so attractive as a potential spanker. Especially as her character has access to whole castles filled with historically styled furniture, dungeons and a myriad of whips, floggers and other tasty toys. And she has a dragon for a pet (how cool is that?). I could easily imagine her using her magic powers to throw a guy onto the four poster (in the photo above), rip off his clothes and have ropes coil themselves around his wrists and ankles, like snakes, securing him to the bed posts. Then, forgoing magic, she would get very personal with a long leather whip.

Ms McGrath was born in 1983 in County Wicklow, Ireland. She studied History at Trinity College in Dublin. She then worked in several different fields from a cocktail bar to a fashion magazine. She also worked as a wardrobe assistant on the historical drama The Tudors before getting into acting, where she has done film, stage and TV work but she is most famous for her role as Morgana in the series Merlin. if you would like to know more try these links Katie McGrath – Wikipedia and Katie McGrath – IMDb.


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Women Who Should Be Spankers – Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

There I am sitting in front of the screen thinking “I’m just not that into skinny blond women” when Gwyneth Paltrow walks into the story and blows my theory right out of the window. There is just something about the way that she holds a pose that suggests a natural Toppyness to her nature. Many of her facial expressions have a strictness to them as well.

It was as the appropriately office attired character of Pepper Potts, in the Iron Man films, that Ms Paltrow shone, giving off an air of crisp efficient authority. How wonderful it would be, to an office subordinate in an organization that she worked for, called into her spacious office to be hauled over the coals for an inexcusable mistake, knowing about the selection of canes, that she keeps in the cupboard near her large desk 🙂

Gwyneth Kate Paltrow was born in Los Angeles, in 1972. Her parents where also in the entertainment business, her mother being an actress and her father being a director. She grew up in Santa Monica and started off as an Art History student before dropping out to become an actress, since when she has had an extensive film career, that has included Shout, Shakespeare In Love and the Iron Man films and has won an Oscar and many other awards for her work. Ms Paltrow has also had considerable success as a professional singer. She has an active roll in many charities, including Save The Children and The Robin Hood Foundation. Gwyneth Paltrow is married to Chris Martin, of the band Coldplay and has two children, a boy and a girl. If you would like to find out more please visit Gwyneth Paltrow – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


>Women Who Should Be Spankers – Rachel Weisz


Rachel Weisz

A couple of weeks ago I watched one of Ms Weisz’s more recent films, Agora, in which she deals with an overly amorous student in her class by giving him a rather bizarre present. I immediately thought that if that was me, I would rather have been whipped (as would have been appropriate in the period of history that the film was set in) but then again I have fantasized about being chastised by Ms Weisz in whichever character she has played in all of her films.

Rachel Weisz always looks strong but amazingly feminine, even in the saggy communist uniform that she wore in Enemy at the gates. She has those dark smoldering looks that hits the mental “Yes Miss” button and has me diving, trousers around my ankles, for the nearest desk. I think that the image that suited her best as Top though, was of the adventuring explorer in the Mummy Films. Oh! to be a chastisable villain to this heroine.

Rachel Weisz was born in London in 1971 and was raised in the UK. She attended a private school for girls before moving on to Cambridge university, where she obtained a degree in English. Besides taking part in amateur dramatics from an early age there is no evidence (that I have seen) that suggests that Ms Weisz has had any formal stage training. Despite this She has been appearing on TV since 1993 and on stage and in films since 1995 and is enjoying a varied and successful acting career. Rachel Weisz has one child. If you want to find out more about Ms Weisz you can visit her Wiki page through THIS LINK.


>Women Who Should Be Spankers – Karen Gillan AKA Amy Pond


Karen Gillan AKA Amy Pond

At just 22 years of age, the latest companion in Dr Who, is the youngest mainstream star who has made it to the ranks of women who should be spanking men, on this blog. This Scottish lass is an ideal candidate as a spanker, with her long limbed, athletic presence and her shock of red hair (perhaps with the temper to go with it). In her character as Amy Pond she can visit any time in history or the future to pick up any spanking implement that she chooses. But the main reason why she should be spanking men is because a lot of them are so stupid. I am referring to all those guys and I suppose one or two women, who have been finding their way to this blog lately by typing “Amy Pond upskirt” into a search engine. Firstly does any one need an upskirt shot of someone who can present an image like this………

to appreciate her beauty fully and secondly Amy Pond is a TV character that she plays and if anyone must search for such an image they should be using the name Karen Gillan. So Ms Pond can jump into the TARDIS and pick up any implement that she wishes, form a Victorian era cane to a 34th century laser whip and deal with these lecherous miscreants.

Karen Gillan was born in Inverness in Scotland in 1987, where she lived until she was 16 and went to study acting in Edinburgh and then London. She worked as a fashion model before starting her TV acting career, that has found her playing several roles in a short time, most notably in the comedy sketch show The Kevin Bishop Show and Dr Who. If you wish to learn more about Karen Gillan you can visit her Wikipedia page through THIS LINK.