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A Posthumous Worthy Vanilla Cup

The fourth ever Worthy Vanilla Cup

This may not be the most prestigious award in the world but it is very sparingly given out. Since the start of this blog this is only the fourth one that Dr Malford (my fictitious Headmistress) has allowed to be issued. This one goes to…

Ronald Searle

Unfortunately Mr Searle has recently passed away, at the age of 91, you can read more of this from this BBC article St Trinian’s cartoonist Ronald Searle dies. But during his life he became an inspiration for Brats worldwide through his St Trinians cartoons, depicting a whole school full of the most inventive brats that could ever have been imagined. You can read some more about his work in this post St Trinians Cartoons And A Little About Their Creator Ronald Searle.

We thank you Mr Searle from the heart of our bottoms


>The Worthy Vanilla Cup – The Heresiarch:


The Heresiarch

Having only two of these awarded before it was a bit of a surprise when a note from Dr Malford (my totally fictitious Head Mistress) stated that she had decided that it was to be awarded again.
After reading who it was to be awarded to though, it was quite understandable why it was to be awarded once more.

The recipient is The Heresiarch, the anonymous author of the blogs Heresy Corner and Heresiarch’s Dungeon (you can find more details at Heresy Corner (FAQ) ). Although I do not agree with all of his (he could be a she but the illustration at the top of the blogs looks masculine, so he it is, until proven otherwise) points of view or the way he writes, I find that here is a vanilla who has taken a decent investigative stance whilst looking into our world. He (or She) did not come with preconceived ideas about us and then “cherry picked” items of information, about us and the way we play but took a deep breath, dived in and found out about us before passing judgment. It is unlikely that he (she) will ever totally understand us but then I do not totally understand people who have a balloon fetish but I would not criticize their fetish and am happy that they enjoy it and the Heresiarch has taken a similar stance to us. If only there where more people in the world who would investigate, rather than presume.

I highly recommend that you read the articles Everything I’ve Learned about Spanking, Extremely bad law, and Going to Extremes. More recently Pandora Blake, as was posted about in THIS POST, has guest posted on one of the blogs in this post, A view from the bottom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tops and Bottoms, Dom(mes) and Subs please give a big round of applause to The Heresiarch, a truly Worthy Vanilla.


>The Worthy Vanilla Cup – Tim Berners-Lee

>This, the second ever Worthy Vanilla Cup is awarded to –

Tim Berners-Lee

Or to give him his full name Sir Timothy Berners-Lee OM KBE FRS FREeng FRSA.

And what did Mr Berners-Lee do to to earn the Cup? he invented this –

The World Wide Web

Above is a 3D map of the World Wide Web. Working from the CERN institute in Switzerland, in November 1990, with the help of Robert Caillau, Mr Berners-Lee published the formal proposal for his idea. By Christmas 1990 the program for the first web browser was written and in August 1991 the World Wide Web became avilable for public use, opening up the Internet for all.
Whats more in April 1993 an announcement from CERN proclaimed that the World Wide Web would be free to all users, remember that the people involved in this could have been richer than Bill Gates but they gave this to us all for free.

All the spankos and other fetishists out there of my generation and older will remember how hard life was before the Internet became available. Now we can chat on chat rooms, sign up to sites for clips and photos, leave messages at forums and even read stuff like this on blogs.

Everybody give a round of applause to the worthy vanilla from England, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. We thank you from the heart of our bottoms.


>The Worthy Vanilla Cup – Paul M. Yates


The first ever Worthy Vanilla Cup, inscribed with the legend “Thank You From The Heart Of Our Bottoms” is awarded to Mr Paul M. Yates.

The Worthy Vanilla Cup

Awarded to Mr Paul M. Yates

What has Mr Yates done to earn this honour, well if you have a back side that has had –

– This done to it

and then had to cycle home on something like –


Then you will appreciate –

– This

On the 18 TH of May 1999, the Canadian, Mr Yates registered a US patent for the Gel Filled Bicycle Saddle, making the world a better place for cycling bottoms and subs everywhere. Personally if I ever have the honour of meeting this man I intend to buy him so much beer that he could drown in it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a big round of applause for the Worthy Vanilla, Paul M. Yates

The lovely bottom being caned is from SPANKINGSERVER and can be found on the gallery labelled SPANKSERVER 2 on SPANKING BLOGG.

If anyone has a nomination for the Worthy Vanilla Cup, please E-mail me at


>Kinky Island Discs (KID) – The Worthy Vanilla Cup (WVC) – Spanked Heroes

>While away two new ideas for the blog came to light, one from myself that may or may not work and one from Dr Malford, which will work (dam it out thought by a non existent character). Also something that may be resurrected.

My Idea – Kinky Island Discs (KID)

This idea may or may not work because it requires interaction from other parties and that I cannot guarantee. On the UK’s BBC Radio four is a program called Desert Island Discs, where vanilla celebrities who are to be marooned on a desert island have to pick their favourite music to listen to, over their next few years of isolation. In this version kinky models and bloggers are landed on the desert island with a solar powered DVD player and have to choose their favourite five kinky DVDs and some other items to help them pass the time on the island. I thought of calling this Spanking Island Discs but there are a few BDSM bloggers that I would like to approach, so the format was extended a little. Over the next week I will be sending out some E-mails to see if anybody is interested if I get responses this project will go ahead.

Dr Malfords Idea – The Worthy Vanilla Cup (WVC)

On return from my wanderings I arrived home to find several trophy cups, as in the photo above, engraved with the legend “Thank You From The Heart Of Our Bottoms” that had been acquired by Dr Malford (for somebody who does not exist she does like to keep busy). Dr Malford believes that the spanko community is becoming too inward looking and to help remedy this situation she has come up with this award. It is basically an award in recognition to those outside the community who have rendered great service to the world’s spanko community. Thus the name The Worthy Vanilla Cup or WVC. The first of these will be awarded in the not to distant future, if anyone has a nomination for this award please E-mail me and I will pass it on to Dr Malford.

Spanked Heroes

When this blog was started two posts where made under this label, since then it ran into a few problems. I am going to try to bring this back but am giving no guarantees.