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Rememberance Sunday – Armistice Day

This weekend there is no Thought For The WeekSaturday Swishing or Blog Stuff Roundup, these features will return next weekend.

Two minutes silence please

Today is both Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday, a day to remember the fallen and those that return from conflicts fought to preserve the chance of a free world. Unfortunately I cannot make my normal trip to the Menin Gate in Ieper (Ypres) this year but I will still be observing the two minute silence at 11 am. Just as important, if not more so, as remembering the fallen of conflicts, is taking care of those that return and need help and support.

Please make a donation

Every year the The Royal British Legion. run The Poppy Appeal in the UK. For those from other countries there is a list of some of the other organisations raising money for and helping veterans, after the clip. Now please take look at some of those trying to raise money to help others that return from conflict zones.

Amputee rally team

It’s a lot less effort for most of us to drop a little cash in the pot.

Organisations outside of the UK

THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION / La Légion royale canadienne
Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veteran’s Association – APPVA
Support Our Troop

Soldiers’ Angels – Soldiers’ Angels
Help for Heroes

If anyone knows of other organisations please say so in the comments box and I will add them to the post.

And for those that never return

We will remember them

The Last Post at The Menin gate last year


Wear It With Pride – A Goodbyeeee – LOL Day – And More Stuff Than Can Go In This Title

Normally I try to keep the Roundup to a maximum of four items and a funny but there is more that I want to cover this week so it will be a little longer than normal.

Wear It With Pride

A bit late with this, this year,  as the The Poppy Appeal is well under way already. Next Sunday is both Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day so if this is observed in your country it is time to put so cash in the pot and get yourself a Poppy. If not please consider donating to a fund, in your country, that supports those that give so much, that we might sleep safe in our beds at night. There is a clip at the end of this post, showing some of the efforts of The Royal British Legion.

LOL Day 7

Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts has announced that Love Our Lurkers 7 will be on Friday the 9th of November. This event is a lot of fun and if you are a blogger that does not know about it I encourage you to check out the links and join in.

Goodbyeeee Miss Shanelle’s – Spanking Blog

Miss Shanelle announced that she was closing down her blog and now it is gone but she is continuing with her website and presumably her other spanking activities. It is time to wish her good luck with these things and give her a thank you for the blog now gone.

Announcement on Spanking360

Audrey Knight has announced, in the post Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight!, that she and Stefan are giving up their professional spanking activities. I’m not sure if the blog Spanking360 will continue or not, as an amateur blog but let’s hope so.

A victory over the pirates

This is not directly related to Spanking and BDSM sites but it may offer a little hope to those that are suffering from theft of their material by internet pirates. According to this BBC article Pornographic films on BitTorrent: Flava Works gets huge damages, pirates who stole 10 gay porn movies were ordered to pay out $1.5 million to the victims of their theft.

Chrossed and Spotted

I would like to thank both Chross of and Brushtrokes of The Spanking spot for sending so much traffic to this blog in the last few weeks.

What the The Royal British Legion does

A short clip illustrating some of the activities that The Royal British Legion engages in to help veterans.


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Marathon For Mind – Blog Name Change – Time For Europe – Debate Result – And Good Vibrations

Charity Marathon Run

Thanks to Leia’s New Musings! for telling us about this in this post New ladies at Bottoms Up 20th April. The well known model Jadie Reece is running a marathon and helping to raise funds for the charity Mind. There is no specific place on the internet for donations but it is possible for those that want to drop some cash in the bucket at a spanking event and directly to the mind charity, through this page Mind donation page. It may be wise not to mention the spanking/kinky connection when donating online, as Ms Reece has not done so in any online appeal for cash.

Blog name change

Spanking Pics has changed it’s name to The New Spanking Pics Sites. The side bar will be updated accordingly.

Time for Europe

UGH!, it’s that time of year again. If you live in Europe, it is time to get up and hour earlier. So unless you want that spanking for being late for work on Monday, it is time to alter the clocks, if you have not done so already.

A positive result

I did not find out about this until it was all over but LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST raised the issue in this post One Small Step For Man, about this forum thread Males as receivers? As a conclusion it has been clarified that images of men on the receiving end are acceptable on the Spanking Scouts forum, preferable appropriately labeled as such.

Getting the right vibe

I would have loved to have been in charge of the remote control in this situation 🙂


A Blogger returns – The Brit Awards – Spanking For Charity – And An Xmas Song

A Blogger returns

Emma Bishop, spanking model and blogger has returned to the blogisphere. Her blog has already been added to the second roll but you can also click on the following link.

The Lost Diaries of Emma Bishop

British spanking awards

Thanks to Leia’s New Musings! for this news. There is now a series of British spanking awards running on the blog Spanking England, which I am not to familiar with. If you wish to participate use the following links.

The Spank Brits Award

Spank Brit Awards. Your Best British Spankee Nominations so far

Brit Spank awards Best British New comer so far….

Charity spanking

Credit to All Things Spanking for finding out about this and sharing it in this post Spanking to raise funds. Apparently a catwalk model will be publishing self spanking videos to help raise money for charity. You can read more about it here Outraged by Children’s Deaths, New York Model Announces ‘Spanking-a-Day’ for Charity – MarketWatch.

Funny Xmas song video

Back in the 80’s there was a brilliant comedy program called 2point4 children, famous for doing a Christmas song and video every year that it ran. I loved these and found one on you tube. This is a scream, enjoy.


Remembrance Sunday And The Poppy Factory

Three little words

If, like me, you observed the silence on the 11th of November or pay your respects to those that do not return on the second Sunday of November. it is still important to remember our duty to those that do return but have paid a high price to preserve the peace that many of us enjoy. There is still time to give to The Royal British Legion or The Poppy Appeal or one of the organizations of other nations that are listed at the bottom of this post.

The Poppy Factory

I make my donation by buying poppys. these, poppys, wreaths and other things are made at The Poppy Factory. This establishment has given employment to ex-servicemen and women since it’s inauguration but has, in the last few years, expanded it’s mission to find employment for veterans in the general workplace. If you would like to find out more about their work, there is more info in this link The Poppy Factory or take a look at this clip.

Back to work

For those that did not come home

The last post at The Menin Gate at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 2011

Organizations in other countries

THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION / La Légion royale canadienne
Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veteran’s Association – APPVA
Support Our Troops
Maine Troop Greeters

Soldiers’ Angels – Soldiers’ Angels
Help for Heroes


Paddled For Art

Question – Would you like to spank her?

With one of these?

Well you can if your an art lover in Toronto (Canada). The event is Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s annual art auction for Art Attack and is auctioning artworks to raise money for art related projects. This event likes to have a surprise element and this year Sasha Van Bon Bon (the lady pictured above) will be….. Well lets read it in her own words

“Lisa Jay [organizer of the auction] asked me what I thought about people spanking me with their auction paddles,” she says. “And I said, I think you’ll make a lot of money, because there’s a lot of people who want to hit me!”

If you want to find out more you can click through to this article Art so good you’ll have an attack.

I hope that they raise a lot of cash 🙂