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Ecce Homo – All This Over A Few Art Photos!

The last supper

This is one of the images in that was displayed in Belgrade, Serbia, called Ecce Homo, featuring the work of the Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin. The images are challenging to accepted Christian concepts but hardly OTT blasphemous.

But they caused quite a stir in the Balkan capital as written this article ­Blasphemous’ display enrages thousands in Belgrade. According to this article the reaction was large and nasty.

Around two thousand policemen were present to avoid violence breaking out, as thousands took to the streets to protest


The city had to cancel the gay pride parade fearing there won’t be enough policemen to keep order in the city

This is the artist who caused all the controversy

Personally I think that these religious nutters need to grow up. Are these images really anything more than one persons opinionated take on the subject of Christianity? I for one do not want to live in in a world where something so harmless causes such reactions and the thought that this is happening in Europe is sickening. I cannot say that I like the type of images exhibited but that just means that I would not go to the gallery. There are more important things to protest about.


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Tuesday Spanking Art – A Hiatus Post

This is a scheduled hiatus post

A drawing by Chen Herouard


Paddled For Art

Question – Would you like to spank her?

With one of these?

Well you can if your an art lover in Toronto (Canada). The event is Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s annual art auction for Art Attack and is auctioning artworks to raise money for art related projects. This event likes to have a surprise element and this year Sasha Van Bon Bon (the lady pictured above) will be….. Well lets read it in her own words

“Lisa Jay [organizer of the auction] asked me what I thought about people spanking me with their auction paddles,” she says. “And I said, I think you’ll make a lot of money, because there’s a lot of people who want to hit me!”

If you want to find out more you can click through to this article Art so good you’ll have an attack.

I hope that they raise a lot of cash 🙂


Animal Crackers?

But I hope that you find these images as funny as I did when I found them. Normally the I would avoid posting images of the this subject matter but even I could be tempted to have a go at sporting some body art after seeing these. Well on a warm day anyway.

All of the above were created by body painting, except one, which is a tattoo, can you spot the tattoo?


Caning Position Illustrations

I found these illustrations on a Thumblogger blog (I was surprised that they still existed) called BEAKYS SPANKING BLOG. I’m not sure who they are by, perhaps the blog owner but they are such simple and effective profile images that I thought that I would post them here.


Full stretch


12 O’ Clock