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Happy New Year – And Christmas Used To Start In September

Sorry for my prolonged absence from this blog and thank you to those of you that left the kind comments on earlier posts while I was away. Firstly I would like to wish all the readers here a…

happy 2013 bottom

Original image blatantly stolen from Spanking Blogg

And now something that is in reply to a request from Morningstar at The Journey. It is not spanking related, there are no illustrations and my literacy condition will make sure that the grammar and punctuation are terrible. So for the two or three of you who are now left here is a little recollection from times gone bye.

When Christmas used to start in September

It was back in the 1990’s that I needed to go to a friends house to drop off some camera equipment. It was a beautiful Sunday in the first weekend of September and I had decided to walk to my destination. I was happy and usually am during this weekend of the year as it holds fond memories from my childhood and youth.

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s, the first weekend in September or sometimes the last in August was when the family, young and old, descended on my parents house for the yearly ceremony of the making of the Christmas Cake. The largest mixing bowl and cake tin were dug out for their once a year use and all of the measuring and mixing was done by hand, with no mechanical help, as this might bring bad luck to the December celebrations. As the long winded mixing took place, any children in the house would be ushered into the front room, with my father, to help craft some handmade Christmas decorations (it took weeks to vacuum all of the glitter out of the carpet). Whilst all the adults sat in the kitchen topping, tailing and peeling a huge bag of small onions and throwing them into large jars ready for my mother’s special, spicy pickling mixture (that my brother in law blamed as the cause of his ulcers).  Enough onions would be pickled for the whole year but they had to sit until Christmas before they were deemed properly pickled. Nips of Whiskey and other drinks would compensate the peelers for their time and tears and the banter would be light hearted and fun. Eventually The Cake would be ready and all the house would gather to give the mixture three stirs each, for good luck, before it was put in the large cake tin and put in to bake. Between the baking and Christmas, the cake would be doused three times a week with three spoonfuls of Brandy so that it matured properly for the big day. The vinegar and spices would be put in the onion jars and they would be sealed for their maturation period. A tea of sandwiches and cakes would be enjoyed by young and old before people started to drift away home. It was a nice day and personal to our family, with no commercialism or outside pressures to determine how we enjoyed the day and is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Back to the 1990’s. I arrived at my friend’s house and when the door was opened found chaos and bedlam. His four, usually very well behaved, children were in very bad moods and determined to upset their parents in any way that they could. My friend looked decidedly unhappy and his poor wife looked like she was on the point of breakdown. Enquiring into the reason for the situation my friend informed me that the kids were always like this on the last weekend of the long Summer holidays, as were many children facing the return to school and then asked me. Wasn’t it like this, on this weekend, in my house when I was a child? I had to admit to him that it was not and I had to admit to myself that sometimes it can take decades to realize what good parents you have.


During a medical procedure that my mother had over the holidays, to clear fluids from her liver and pancreas, a large cancer was found in her pancreas. At 82 the treatments for such a cancer would be likely to kill my mother before the cancer could be cured and so her condition was pronounced terminal. It is unlikely that she will see the end of 2013 and so I will be travelling back to the UK as often as I can to spend time with her and help with her care ( I am going back on Sunday). This will effect the already limited time I have to spend on this blog and posting will be erratic at times. I apologize for this in advance.


Farewell For Christmas

By the time you read this I will already be away from Belgium and unable to post until I return. My mother, who is 82, is ill and in hospital and so I am going back to the UK earlier than I had planned. Unfortunately this means that I have not had chance to put the scheduled Christmas posts, that I normally do at this time of year, into a scheduled posting system. So I’m afraid that this blog will be shut down over the Holidays. Until then…

I wish you all


A very

kinky-santa the bondage blog






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Happy Sinterklaas day

In my little corner of Belgium it is Sinterklaas day and a very happy one to everyone celebrating it. If you have been good the saint can leave your shoes full of presents and chocolates but…

If you have been bad the consequences can be very different


Even running to a little kidnapping sometimes


Sinterklaas explained

For those of you not familiar with the customs of the Low Countries this clip of David Sedaris (My favourite comedy essayist) is a surprisingly accurate and also funny explanation of the saint, as related to the author by some Dutch guy.


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Top Of The Click Pops – For October 2012

Hi there all you Top Of The Click Pops pop clickers and I hope that all the UK readers had a happy and safe Guy Fawkes night. If you want to know why those folks in the UK burn this guy in effigy every year, I have put a little clip at the end of the post that explains it. But now it is time to see which pics that you pop pic clickers picked for the top five pics for October. For anyone who wants to join in the fun and have their pic clicking counted, there is an explanation of how you can vote for your choice of images, at the end of the countdown. So now it’s time to…

Play the music!

And find out what made the top of the picture clicked chart for the month of October, in this…

Top five clicked pics for October

Number Five

From this Blog Stuff Roundup it’s not a spanking pic but it is a pic of one of the sexiest spankees on the ‘Net. with 75 clicks here is Kami Robertson

Number Four

From the same Blog Stuff Roundup it’s the scrumptious Danielle Hunt getting a jim jam spanking from Paul Down (I think) with 78 clicks

Number Three

And for the third time in this countdown a picture from this Blog Stuff Roundup makes the grade, as with 115 clicks this image from Hywel Phillips blog proves it’s worth

Number Two

Sascha Harvey bringing it on with the girls from this The Saturday Swishing gets the number two spot this month with 117 hits

Number One for October 2012

This one was a surprise image from the arty post Ecce Homo – All This Over A Few Art Photos! with 175 clicks it’s Jesus and some of his buddies getting ready for a good chow down

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Why the Brits have Bonfire night


A Sad Announcement – Two Goodbyeeees – Adding A Blog – Infinity – Marqe – And Revolting July

Good Bye Hollie Stevens

Spanking View announced in this post Remembering Hollie Stevens, that the Spanking and BDSM model and performer, Hollie Stevens, has sadly passed away. Her condition was documented in this article Clown-Porn Pioneer Receives Terminal Cancer Diagnosis. My deepest sympathies to those close to Ms Stevens.

Goodbyeeee Secret Spanko and Spanking Lilia Spinoza

Secret Spanko and Spanking Lilia Spinoza were both relatively new but promising blogs that have now shut up shop. Good luck to their owners and lets hope that the future treats them well.

A New blog for the Tumblr blog roll

The Pink Papers is the Tumblr blog of The Pink Report. It will be added to the Tumblr roll.

MarQe ‘s Study might be going

MarQe ‘s Study has announced in this post Should I Stay or …. ? that it might be closing. If you want to add an opinion on this matter, now is the time to do so.

Infinity and beyond

A note for WordPress bloggers, that might not have noticed this but if you scroll down to the bottom of the home page of your blog you will find that it infinitely expands as you scroll. It is a matter of opinion if you like this or not but it can be turned off (I’ve turned mine off) if you like, through the reader blog preferences.

Revolting July

July seems to be the time of year for countries to celebrate their revolts against their over lords. It would be nice to do separate posts for these national feast days but there are so many in July that it would take up half the midweek blog posts for the month. So I will do it on mass here.

Happy Canada Day

I’m not sure what lead to Canadian independence but happy first of July anyway.

Happy 4th of July

This is when the Americans decided to revolt against those damn Brits.

Happy Flemish Day

On the 11th of July the Flemish decided to Give the French a good licking, at The Battle Of The Golden Spurs.

Happy Bastille Day

And finally, on the 14th of July, the French decided to start the process of getting rid of their monarchs by letting a load of jailbirds fly free.

Have I forgotten anyone?


Happy St George’s Day – And Taking A Break

Happy St George’s Day

To all the English readers (and anyone else who just likes St George)


I have let things get on top of me a bit and have decided to take a break from blogging for a little while. I will put the Blog Calender up tomorrow and then put some simple picture posts in scheduled posts, just to keep the blog ticking over until I return. If all goes to plan normal blogging will resume with a Blog Stuff Roundup on Sunday the 6th of May.