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Spanking Bench Found In Public Park

Monday was a public holiday in Belgium and I decided to go to the Zoute Markt in Kemmel, which is a once a year event, where vendors come from various parts of Belgium to promote and sell specialist baked goods and sweets (Candy). It was a hot day so I got an ice cream and headed for a break in the nice shady park that the village has. Here I found a nice kinky surprise….

A public spanking bench in the park

It even had diagrams for suggested positions, although I think only a small paddle or toy could be used in the diaper position, on this bench.

A little further on I came across another but far simpler piece of spanking furniture.

Again with suggested positions for use.

Then I returned to the Market and as I am supposed to be dieting now, purchased something that should earn me a spanking.

Beer and hop flavoured chocolates

An “Only in Belgium” product 🙂


Belgian Day Of Mourning

My apologies to those expecting the Thought For The Week, this feature will be posted as normal next week.

Due to events in Switzerland (information links at the end of the post, for those that need them) today has been declared a national day of mourning for Belgium, which is being observed on this blog

A minutes silence will be held at 11:00 am in Belgium (10:00 am GMT) for those who wish to participate

For more information

Switzerland Bus Crash Claims 28 Lives, Including 22 Children Belgian tourist was first at crash scene

BBC News – Belgium Switzerland crash: Eight survivors return home


Pole Of Shame

I’ve been passing by the subject of this post for a few years now but was inspired to do a post about it after seeing Public humiliations – historical inspiration on the blog Leia’s New Musings!. I see this particular historical item on a regular basis.

The schandpaal

More commonly referred to as a Strafpaal in spoken Flemish (it’s great here, you get to speak in Flemish but read and write in Dutch, just to make life interesting), the Dutch name literally translates as “Shame Pole”. It was the equivalent of The Stocks or Pillory, commonly used in historical times, in other countries.

Those to be punished would have a metal collar placed around their neck and then be attached to iron rings, by a short chain, set into the stone around the pole, for the purpose of public humiliation and pelting with rotten veg and various other nasty things.

The rings were set at such a hight as to be too high to allow the victim to kneel but too low for them to stand erect, thus leaving them in a muscle burning, stress position. As a usual sentence was between two and six hours, it can be imagined that this added greatly to the distress of those being punished.

There are multiple rings set into the stone, so that up to three miscreants could be dealt with at any one time.

There are also some accounts of this type of pole being used as whipping posts on some occasions but the main purpose of these facilities was to publicly show and shame petty criminals.

The images in this post were taken by myself and I am happy for anyone to use them for free but a link back to this blog is always welcome.


It’s Not Hogwarts

But it is a school for Witches

A few weeks ago IN THIS POST I posted a couple of clips from a local Witch festival. One of the traditions of this festival is that people, in the village, make witches and put them in front of their homes, shops and offices. One of these displays was the above. I wonder what the disciplinary policy is at this school?

The school must have a Quidditch team, as their half time support band was out in full force

Quidditch support band


A Mobile Torture Chamber And Some Medical Play

Torture on wheels

Every two years, not too far from where I live, there is a Witches Parade. Last time I saw this I got another clip of this torture on the move, you can see it through this link Are You A Kinkster On The Move? Then Get One Of These. This time I managed to get the medical play carriage as well 🙂

A big injection


Happy Spanking Flemish Day

Some Flemish spanking for the 11th of July

Today is the national day of Flanders, if you wish to find out more you can read this post Thought For The Week – Happy Flemish Day. It is difficult to find spanking pictures involving the Flemish but a few have come to light. And to celebrate this day, here they are.



And this is a spanking that I took whilst living in Flanders 🙂

Happy Flemish day to one and all

My thanks to Real Life Spankings for the M/f images used in this post.