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Where Is Wordsmith?

Has Big Brother got onto WordPress too?


Does anyone know what happened to Words On The Bottom? Wordsmith, if you are out there knock once for yes and twice for no.

If you have clicked on the above link you will see that this blog has gone and has apparently been taken down by WordPress. Does anyone know if this is a one off or has WordPress started to have Google Blogger style pogroms on kinky blogs? All information welcome.

This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.


Two Goodbyeeees – One For The Campaigners Page – Thank You – And Spank The Other Side


Firstly, due to the present circumstances I have not had time to keep up with reading as many blogs as I normally do and so it is highly likely that I have missed the type of thing that would normally be in this round up. I’m sorry for this but I am only human and do not have much spare time right now.

Two Goodbyeeees


MarQe’s Study is now gone, as was warned of some time ago. Fare well MarQe and I hope that all goes well for you in the future.

Holloway’s Road, the blog of a male submissive and video performer has not been posted on for over six months and so it is time to remove it from the rolls and wish it’s owner the best of luck for the future.

A new site for the Campaigners Page


We Consent is website dedicated to issues of Erotic Workers and their allies. It is a good point for information and news for several adult industries and is being added to the Campaigners Page.

Thank you

Thank you to Chross for linking this blog. The extra visitors are most welcome, especially now when regular posting may not be as regular as normal.

Please! Please! spank the other side

That side is just too painful, in a bad way.


If you like any of the images in this post or any others in this blog, you can vote for them, for the monthly Top Of The Click Pops by clicking or right clicking on them. The top five are posted at or near the beginning of every month, for the previous months result.

It Got Set To Music

Lyrics and music meet

Some of you might remember that I wrote some lyrics, in this post Set It To Music, and asked if anyone would like to have a go at putting some music to them and to be honest I thought that, that would be an end to it. But Pandora Blake  put a guy called  Quai Franklin onto the post and he has actually done the musical bit as he posted about in this post The Quai Franklin Show – Episode 3 (Almost Live) « Quai Franklin Radio.

You can go directly to the audio of the episode, with the song through this link

The show with the song

It was kind of weird and a bit of a thrill to hear the song set to music. Quai has done it in his own style, which I believe was a good decision. People should do things in their own way.

What is it about

Generally about standing up for our rights and especially about the way that we are represented in the gutter press (tabloids/red tops). And in it’s title, is dedicated to someone that I regard as one of the greatest of Submissive heroes (at least for someone from the UK anyway), it is called Lawrence’s Grave.

A big thank you Mr Franklin, for doing this. Sooner or later and in one way or another we all have to stand up for what we believe in when the time comes.


A Goodbyeeee – Campaigners Page – YouTube – And Scared Of Spanking

Goodbyeeee Spanking Art Wiki

Spanking Art Wiki has disappeared. I had not checked this site out for some time and so do not know when this happened but sadly, this useful facility is no longer there and so will be removed from Spanking And Kinky Resource Sites page. If anyone knows if it has moved to a new address or what happened to it, the information would be welcomed.

Campaigners Page

The more observant of you will have noticed that there is a new page on the blog, Campaigners Page. This page contains links to kinksters rights and freedoms organizations. It only has two links at the moment, Consenting Adult Action Network and the Spanner Trust, so suggestions for more are welcome.

YouTube thingy gone

It’s a shame but the “As seen at Spankedhortic” page on YouTube has disappeared and the link has now been removed from the side bar.

Scared of spanking


Set It To Music

A kinky protest song

I have had the idea of writing a protest song for kinksters going through my head for some time and have decided to put what I came up with in this post.

I have been told that I  can sing a bit but apart from that I don’t know much about music, especially not putting those little tadpoley things on lines. If I am really lucky one of the readers out there might have the skill to come up with a tune for this. It is written in a fairly formulaic fashion, often found in many protest songs from the 60’s through to the 80’s.

Lawrence’s Grave

A stingy flogger

Canes and whips

Leather ropes and chains

We like it that way

For we are the chosen

The Dom(me)s and Submissives

With pain and power we like to play


They are the haters the mental castraters

Who threaten our families our lives and our jobs

They want to trial us judge and execute us

With lies that they print

In the red tops


We’ll stand strong and start shouting

Fight for our rights in the streets and the fields

We have a right to live how we want to

And to love the way that we feel

Boot up your phone and your Google box

Talk on the forums with tweets and on blogs

Tell the politicians they must hear us

For ours is the vote of

nearly twenty percent


They get their hard ons

And damp crotches

Driving us from our homes in the dark of the night

Sick twisted persecution

Is their turn on

And they have the gall to call us the perverts


Stand shoulder to shoulder at the barricade

Bottoms Subs Switches Tops and Dom(me)s

Kink honouration

We’ll win our station

This I swear

On Lawrence’s grave

Images courtesy of


Spanked, Not Silenced

Naked With My Guitar


BDSMTag Clip – Two Books – And The Edinburgh Riots

BDSMTag Interview

Pandora Blake  posted this week of her visit to a  German BDSM lobbyist group’s (the BVSM) conference in this post BDSMtag. At the conference she had an interview style presentation with the cooperation of LUDWIG. The interview was recorded and you can see it here. To enlarge click “Watch on YouTube” or press your Ctrl button and use your mouse scroll wheel to enlarge this blog.

(Note – The clip starts in German but English is spoken after the brief introduction)

If you can read German, more info is available at BDSM- und Fetisch-Tag.

The Spanking collection launch announced

The Spanking Writers (Abel and Haron)  have announced, in this post “The Spanking Collection” is coming soon, that the book “The Spanking Collection” will be launched on the 31st of August. It is a collection of short stories, from multiple authors and all proceeds from this book will be donated to charities, especially Cancer Research.

Erica Scott’s book is out

After several delays Erica Scott’s autobiographical book, Late Bloomer, is at last available to the public, as announced in this post This is IT, kids. It is available from Late Bloomer or Late Bloomer.

The Edinburgh riot

Unlike the English Police, who blamed social networking for the spreading of the recent riots and therefore are trying to use them as an excuse to control and censor social networking sites, The Scottish Police monitored social network sites and used information gathered to stop riots breaking out in the first place. Well done Scottish Police and major FAIL English Police. So Scotland did not see the same scale of violence and looting that was seen in England. However, as the following clip proves, Scotland did not totally escape the rioting.

Anarchy on the streets of Scotland!