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Last week, in this post Questionable March – And Too Angry!, I asked if there where any questions that readers wanted to ask of me and today those questions are answered.


You lost your beloved lurcher over a year ago, I believe. Do you have a dog now? If not, are you thinking of getting one?

I have not got a canine companion at this time but the moment that it is feasible, I will be hunting around the animal shelters, in my local, for a furry friend. The problem at the moment is that I cannot afford to have a dog if it gets sick. It took me until one year and one month after my old pal died to pay off the debt from his vet bills and I cannot find animal heath insurance here in Belgium. Once I have enough in the savings account, for a sick pet emergency fund, there will be another dog.


If you won the jackpot of a spanko quiz and the prize were the chance to play out a scene you always dreamed of, no matter how difficult and expensive it would be to bring that fantasy to life, how would that dream scenario look like?

From a distance it would look a lot like the illustration above. And it would be expensive, we are talking about around a thousand people in authentic period costume with visually accurate equipment of the time.There would be some concessions, such as floggers that are not skin ripping (still painful ones though), the regiment could be at least half female and the people doing the flogging would have to be female. Otherwise it would be traditional military flogging (600 lashes should do it) as performed by red jacketed British troops of the Napoleonic wars era. With the whole regiment in attendance to view punishment.


What implement do you hate being spanked with?

The one in the photo above. It is not the most painful toy that I own (it does hurt a lot though) but it is the sensation it gives when used with even mid range force. Even though it never has, it feels like it is actually slicing the flesh of my buttocks open. This toy plays merry hell on my inner mental workings. I’m not even sure what it is made of.

Have you ever been to a spanking group/party and if not would you consider attending one?

I have been in small closed spanking groups in the UK and The Netherlands but not since the mid 1990’s. All of these groups have been very quiet in the way that they operated and did not like public attention. Even if any of these groups still exist now they would not welcome me back because of the public face that this blog gives me. I would like to meet more open groups but my present situation makes that difficult.

Thanks to everyone for the questions and I hope that you enjoyed the answers.


Questionable March – And Too Angry!

Ask me a question

Apparently it is going round some of the blogs that this March is the time to ask blog owners questions. So I dare you to delve into my mind and psyche and I will do my best to answer as I can. Alternatively, no one can ask a question and that will make me cry.

How angry is too angry?

That ticking off before getting a butt warming can be a wonderful part of a spanking but as with all things too, much can be not good. I would like now to explore good angry versus bad angry using photographs to illustrate.

Just nicely angry

Too angry

Glasses and angry = MMMM! nice

Safeword! Safeword!

And finally

So that’s how she got her nickname

Or was it the curry that I made for her?



Versatile bloggers award

This blog has been nominated for this award by The Blog of Fred and LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST. According to the rules I have to share seven things about myself.

7 things

1/ I am a very highly skilled topiarist.

2/ After getting final results to some tests and scans this week, it has finally been confirmed that I do not have bowel cancer (massive relief here).

3/ Having my longest dry spell in years, I have not been spanked for over four months right now.

4/ I am a pipe smoker (in the evenings)

5/ My favourite tipple is Pastis

6/ I have met Prince Charles (is that name dropping or what?)

7/ After so many years of blogging it is getting very hard to think up things about myself that I have not already shared with the readers here 🙂

Nominated blogs

now I have to nominate 15 blogs for this award. Some of these blogs have been nominated already but what the hell.

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OK so that was 17 not 15 spank me for it if you like 🙂

It feels like something is missing

AH there she is and she is still right.


My Favourit Spanking Picture Of All Time

This is a Meme going around the blogs, so I thought that I would join in. My favourit spanking image of all time usually changes a couple of times a year, as I see new images, hence the title.

My favourit spanking picture of all time at this moment in time

If you have a blog, why not join in, if you haven’t already.