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Spank Me, The Smooth Version

This is the smooth and finished studio version of a song that I have posted before in a more rough and ready version.

Spank Me by Sheli and Abi


This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.

Pussy Spanking

This sort of reminds me of American Spanking Society and a Recent Discussion that they had. There is lots of pussy spanking in this clip and all at an open vanilla event too!

Public pussy spanking

The old style Folk Music is good too, for more of it please visit Lachlan – Iers & Schots Folk Duo – Gezellige Live Muziek – Irish & Scottish Folk Duo.


Adding Two Blogs – Adding A Page – And Celebration For Belgium

A blog for the Tumblr roll

What Bryan Likes is the Tumblr blog of Bryan from Bryan’s New Spanking Blog. It is being added to the Tumblr blog roll.

A blog for the Non Spanking And BDSM Blogs page

Pictures Of Vintage Americana is the vanilla photo blog of Richard Windsor and has some amazing historical photos of old USA. It is being added to the Non Spanking And BDSM Blogs page.

Vanilla photo page

When I started this blog it was supposed to be a mix of spanking and vanilla posts, as inspired by the blog of Amber “Pixie Wells. But my vanilla posts proved so unpopular that I hardly ever do them anymore and the vanilla blog that replaced these died a death, so  I will have added a Vanilla Images page to this blog, where the odd vanilla photo or two will be added occasionally. Take a look if you want or ignore it if you wish.

Happy Belgian Day

Well it was yesterday but the effort is there. To celebrate I thought it would be nice to post one of my favourite Belgian songs. This is from Plastic Bertrand, a strange French speaker from Brussels. I have not got a clue what this song is about but it has a great feel good factor.


It Got Set To Music

Lyrics and music meet

Some of you might remember that I wrote some lyrics, in this post Set It To Music, and asked if anyone would like to have a go at putting some music to them and to be honest I thought that, that would be an end to it. But Pandora Blake  put a guy called  Quai Franklin onto the post and he has actually done the musical bit as he posted about in this post The Quai Franklin Show – Episode 3 (Almost Live) « Quai Franklin Radio.

You can go directly to the audio of the episode, with the song through this link

The show with the song

It was kind of weird and a bit of a thrill to hear the song set to music. Quai has done it in his own style, which I believe was a good decision. People should do things in their own way.

What is it about

Generally about standing up for our rights and especially about the way that we are represented in the gutter press (tabloids/red tops). And in it’s title, is dedicated to someone that I regard as one of the greatest of Submissive heroes (at least for someone from the UK anyway), it is called Lawrence’s Grave.

A big thank you Mr Franklin, for doing this. Sooner or later and in one way or another we all have to stand up for what we believe in when the time comes.


Set It To Music

A kinky protest song

I have had the idea of writing a protest song for kinksters going through my head for some time and have decided to put what I came up with in this post.

I have been told that I  can sing a bit but apart from that I don’t know much about music, especially not putting those little tadpoley things on lines. If I am really lucky one of the readers out there might have the skill to come up with a tune for this. It is written in a fairly formulaic fashion, often found in many protest songs from the 60’s through to the 80’s.

Lawrence’s Grave

A stingy flogger

Canes and whips

Leather ropes and chains

We like it that way

For we are the chosen

The Dom(me)s and Submissives

With pain and power we like to play


They are the haters the mental castraters

Who threaten our families our lives and our jobs

They want to trial us judge and execute us

With lies that they print

In the red tops


We’ll stand strong and start shouting

Fight for our rights in the streets and the fields

We have a right to live how we want to

And to love the way that we feel

Boot up your phone and your Google box

Talk on the forums with tweets and on blogs

Tell the politicians they must hear us

For ours is the vote of

nearly twenty percent


They get their hard ons

And damp crotches

Driving us from our homes in the dark of the night

Sick twisted persecution

Is their turn on

And they have the gall to call us the perverts


Stand shoulder to shoulder at the barricade

Bottoms Subs Switches Tops and Dom(me)s

Kink honouration

We’ll win our station

This I swear

On Lawrence’s grave

Images courtesy of


Spanked, Not Silenced

Naked With My Guitar


The Spanking Song Will Be On An Album

Sheli and Abi

You may remember this song from when I first posted it AT THE END OF THIS POST, way back in 2010. Now it seems that it will be coming out on an album. I’m not sure when but I have been following this pair on YouTube and been getting their news letter, which is in French and I cannot read it too well. But I will link to some of their contact pages at the end of this post and maybe one of you guys can work it out better than me. I have been listening to a few of their songs and like them for those “Mellow Mood Moments”. For some reason, I cannot get Daily motion videos to embed on this blog but if you want to hear a medley of the album, click the link below. The spank me bit is at about 2mins 12secs.

Sheli et Abi Album sample at Daily Motion

Other links for this pair

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