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Expat Spankos

Being an expat and a spanko myself I tend to notice other expat spankos and BDSMers around the place.

I cannot help but to but to ponder if the kinky gene and the travelling gene are linked in some way.

When you think about it, the place that you find the most number of spankos posting and reading on the web is North America, especially the USA and Canada. nearly all of whom are descended from people who decided that they wished to move country.

Even spankos that decide to stay in the country of their birth tend to range far and wide in their free time.

Perhaps we are just looking for a place where we can feel comfortable with what we are and what we do. Maybe a fabled place that we can call Kinksterland (I would love to hear the national anthem 🙂 ).

What about you. Are you a BDSM or Spanko expat? Or if not do you get itchy feet and the urge to travel a lot? Are these things linked in your opinion? I would love to hear some views on this.

All the above images depict expat kinksters and come from the following sources

Spanking Model Database

On the Way of Exploration

Richard Windsor’s Spanking Blog

Caroline Grey’s Vintage Dress Spanking


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Musing On Rocking Chair Spankings

I have never been spanked whilst occupying a Rocking chair but coming across this post, Grandma’s Rocking Chair, on the blog British Spanking Mags did get the imagination flowing about this possibility. I was also firstly inspired and then put off a little by two very nice illustrations, used in this post.

Tender cheeks awaiting the start of spanking play

And being caned on the rocking chair

It was this second image that worried me a little. Liking to be caned hard I could imagine this small, old fashioned design toppling over resulting in the kind of head on floor “Ouch” that would be a less than enjoyable element of play. Still interested in the idea of being caned or strapped into motion, on such a chair, I did a little surfing, to see if modern designers have come up with something more appropriate and found two nice solutions to the problem.

Almost a purpose built spanking bench on rockers

And super futuristic

Although if found to be kneeling reversed on the second one a person might be forgiven for wondering if they were there to be caned or to pilot a space ship.

I like the idea of being on the receiving end whilst on a rocking chair and am curious about the practicalities of such an event. This one is a new item on the bucket list and something to fantasize about, and hopefully turn into a real experience one day.


If you like any of the images in this post or any others in this blog, you can vote for them, for the monthly Top Of The Click Pops by clicking or right clicking on them. The top five are posted at or near the beginning of every month, for the previous months result.

80’s Jeans Were Better

Focusing on the female bottom this post felt a bit sexist, so for those that prefer it I have included a clip about some male eye candy in (at least some of the time) 80’s Jeans. I hope that this balances things up.

Women’s bottoms just look better in 80’s style jeans

I recently came across some old adverts from the 1980’s and thought that the posteriors that they encased looked so much better than they would in modern jeans.

See what I mean. I think it is because of two factors. Firstly they have a waist that is where a woman’s natural waist is, enhancing the natural shape rather than biting into the hips and causing an unnatural and very often unsightly, second, false waistline.

Secondly they seem to be cut to follow the female hip shape in much more flattering way than modern jeans.

And there is a spanko advantage

This photo shows that the higher up back pockets style, usually favoured in the 80’s, left the most important target area covered in only one layer of denim, rather than the double layer that modern, lower down pockets result in 🙂

The above image was enhanced from this picture.

Now some male eye candy in an 80s jeans commercial

for those that prefer this

And a funny jeans ad rip off for everyone 🙂


One Of My Least And Most Favorite Spanking Positions

Is this one

Bent over, free standing, with hands on the back of the thighs or linked behind the legs

Least favorite because

I find this hard to maintain for any length of time. It forces your spine to be curved and uncomfortable. Your buttocks are highly tensed causing the muscles to be taught and hardened, increasing the pain sensation of each impact. After any length of time the thigh muscles start to burn because of the strain they are under. The more vertical that you are required to keep your legs increases the fear that you will tip forward at every stroke or swat. It forces you to keep your head down, making you feel like all the blood in your body is pooling in your skull. And it is psychologically hard to resist moving your hands up to protect your bottom.

most Favorite because

I like to see other spankees taking their licks in this position. This is not because of some sadistic satisfaction in viewing someone else in a situation that I know is hard to handle but because I like to be a fan of spankee performers. Part of this involves developing a certain level of respect for those spankees and knowing the level of difficulty of taking corporal punishment in this position develops my respect for the performer involved.

Although I do not like to be punished in this position, I have to admit that on those occasions when I have been and have managed to maintain my physical an mental composure throughout the event, I do feel a little proud of myself.