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A New Toy

Bamboo Slapper

slapper 1I got this from an adult supplier, that was closing down, at the bargain bucket price of 4 Euros, which made me very happy (tight fisted bugger that I am). It is two, smoothed down strips of bamboo with a slim spacer separating them at the handle end.

slapper lengthAs you can see it is just over 70cm long but a nice slim 15mm width tapering down to 10mm at the tip.

slapper bendIt is fairly stiff but has some flexibility along it’s length.

slapper writingThere is some writing on the shaft but I have no idea what language it is in, let alone what it says.

Delivered with  a smooth swing it leaves a nice red mark, accompanied by a nice tingy smacking sound. It is not as severe as a cane of the same length but gives good solid sting and may be a good half way house for those that have not received a caning for some time and needs a little toning before getting back to a real cane. For topping too, it is not dissimilar to using a cane but it’s stiffer nature makes it easier to control and so could be useful for an inexperienced caner to practice with, to develop skills, before moving onto a real cane.

All in all I am very happy with my little bargain although it’s construction may compromise it’s working life, only time and use can tell on that.


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New Pyjamas And Fantasies

New pyjamas

As you can see, I have got my self some new Jim Jams I am very happy with them, not only are they of a classic cut and pattern but they are also made of Flannel, making them pretty similar (at least in my imagination) to those worn in boarding schools in the first half of the twentieth century. This has fuelled many fantasies. I can imagine myself getting caught by Matron, out of bed, with smoking contraband in my top pocket.

And forbidden sweets (candy) in the side pocket.

Then with only a single layer of cloth for protection, bent over, I await my punishment.

Before the inevitable happens, after the first flurry of swats the order comes to bare my bottom.

Worse is to follow as Matron decides that before the harshest lashes are to be laid on I am dragged back to my dorm to be left for half an hour in an embarrassing pose, having to endure the jeers and cat calls of my dorm mates and then after that to have the grand finale of my fate played out before their intense gaze. I had better not blub!

All that mental spank candy for just 15Euros. A good deal I think 🙂


If you like these images or any others in this blog, you can vote for it for the monthly, Top Of The Click Pops by clicking or right clicking on them. The top five are posted at or near the beginning of every month, for the previous months result.

Spanking Bench Found In Public Park

Monday was a public holiday in Belgium and I decided to go to the Zoute Markt in Kemmel, which is a once a year event, where vendors come from various parts of Belgium to promote and sell specialist baked goods and sweets (Candy). It was a hot day so I got an ice cream and headed for a break in the nice shady park that the village has. Here I found a nice kinky surprise….

A public spanking bench in the park

It even had diagrams for suggested positions, although I think only a small paddle or toy could be used in the diaper position, on this bench.

A little further on I came across another but far simpler piece of spanking furniture.

Again with suggested positions for use.

Then I returned to the Market and as I am supposed to be dieting now, purchased something that should earn me a spanking.

Beer and hop flavoured chocolates

An “Only in Belgium” product 🙂


New Toy, A Rawhide Switch

Or you live and learn

This is a new toy that I purchased in the UK, during my Christmas break. The blurb on the little tag that came attached to the toy said…

Lay down the law with this air splitting switch

that will definitely leave an impression on your lovers back-end and mind.

When a higher level of discipline is needed

you can rely on this switch to dole it out in spades.

Give them a spanking they won’t soon forget.

Well, I have to admit that I was in a hurry when I chose to buy this toy, did not look at it to closely and was very pleased by the nice swishing sound that it made when swiped through the air. Only a cursory glance at it, in the shop, showed that it did not have a raw hide coating and was cased in some kind of synthetic material.

I did not mind that as it was a budget item (only 13 pounds) and presumed that the core would be some kind of synthetic flexible rod. But when I returned to Belgium and took a couple of test swats I found the sensation to be alarmingly unpleasant (in a bad way), with a tiny area of horrible sting concentrated at the very tip of the rod. With further swishing and testing I discovered why. The rod once bent, stayed bent. The core is obviously some kind of metal wire.

In conclusion I think that I wasted my money when I forked out for this and am glad that I did not spend much on it. I suspect that this toy is not worth owning or using and I never intend to use it, mostly due to fear of the wire breaking free of the coating during use. It is manufactured by a company called Pipedream, in the future I will be avoiding their products.

As my old mum used to tell me

You live and learn

well you live anyway


Flogger Gift Ideas

Most of us have a flogger or two around but tootling around the internet I have found some with a twist that might make them novel gift ideas.

Double the sensation

Ping pong paddling with floggers attached can save a trip to the toy box

Alternative handle

For spankers with wrist problems

Rabbit hide floggers

Sensuous but not for vegans

That barbed wire effect

But luckily all made of leather


A New Pervertable

A dreaded bath brush


This is my new pervertable, a wooden bath brush. I have been spanked with a wooden bath brush before but this is the first one that I have ever owned (I did have a plastic one but it wasn’t very good and broke easily). I have never been spanked with a brush like this one before. Take a look at it’s profile.


As well as being 37cm long it is 2.5cm thick (that’s an inch to those of you that still work in rods and hog’s heads) at it’s impact point. I think that this is the thickest piece of wood that has ever met my rear end and it was a very different experience than I thought it was going to be. It was delivered over jeans, rather than on the bare and it felt more like being clubbed than spanked. It physically pushed me forward and the person on the delivering end decided that 10 swats was more than enough, as I was making a sort of “Ungh” sound rather than my usual “Ouch” or “Aargh”. It has left me with some DMT (Deep Muscle Trauma), that I can feel as I sit here typing this but did not leave any visible marks that lasted until the morning after. I think that this is one toy that is going to have to be experimented with and used with care. Still a good bargain, at just €4.00.