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Back To School

Here in Belgium the kids go back to school on the 1st of September, no matter what day of the week it is (except Saturday and Sunday of coarse but that will change when I rule the world *evil grin*). This is a relief to many adults, myself included šŸ™‚ so I thought that I would post some apt “Back to School” images.

School kit has changed a bit since my day

Some are reluctant about today

Some not so much

But even some adults dread it

But with the kids gone from the house……

some adults get their own back to school fun šŸ™‚


Moving A Blog – As Seen On Spankedhortic II – Who’s Bottom – Hurricane Irene – And Aurora

Moving a blog

Caroline Grey – Getting ItĀ  blog has not been posted on for over six months but this blog has gone for long periods between postings before. So instead of giving it a Goodbyeeee, it is being moved to theĀ Dormant Blogs page.


I like to post clips on this blog, most of them from YouTube. YouTube has a new feature where it adds The legend “As seen on” under the clip, if the clip has received enough hits from one particular source and there is a YouTube page for other clips hit from this source. Enough hits have come from this blog to warrant a YouTube page for this blog, as can be seen through this link Videos mentioned by SPANKEDHORTIC II – YouTube. The image above is going to be added to the side bar, between the first two blog rolls and if clicked on it will take you to this YouTube page.

A nice weekly guessing game

TheĀ Strictly Spanking Network resource has a weeklyĀ Contest called “Who Dat Bottom“. There are no prizes but it is a nice bit of fun and it seems a shame that so few people have had a go at it so far. So if you like a bit of a bottom spotting challenge, it might be worth your while popping over and having a go.

Hurricane Irene

I have seen a drop in the number of visitors to this blog, in the last couple of days, as I suspect have other owners of kinky blogs. Using the “Recent visitors map on StatCounter, it was possible to see that the east coast of the USA, normally a busy area for readers of this blog, was notably lacking in hit markers. I have never been happier to lose readers, as I am taking this to mean that the type of people who visit here are the type of people who get their priorities right and are looking out for their safety and the safety of their loved ones, asĀ Hurricane Irene approached. I hope that all who found themselves in the path of this event are safe and that those around them are also free from harm.


As most readers of this blog know, I like to round of the weekly Roundup with something non spanking. This week it is something special that I have seen on YouTube. It is aĀ Steampunk based adventure story that was made on a budget of less than $2000. For that kind of money you might expect it to be a bit ropy but nothing of the sort. This is an entertaining, quality production that is well worth seeing. If this is the future of Amateur Dramatics, then play on.


Not Ken’s Finest Hour

But one I hope you will find fun šŸ™‚

Many a Ken had exited the Barbie singles bar thinking that his luck was in, only to find that cruel fate had dealt him a bad hand

Ken was in for a surprise when his date undressed

A grip action hand could have helped with the hair

Ken had been invited to see her collection. Now he was part of it

Only now did Ken realize why she had been so keen to meet his sister


Blog Moved – A New Resource Site – Spanko Apparel – And The Best In The World

A spanko on the move

Ā Pink has moved her blog. You can find her new blog through this link THE PINK REPORT. The new address is

A new site for the resources page

Spanking Flicks is a free clips site. It is being added to theĀ Spanking And Kinky ResourceĀ Sites page (link below the blog title).

Cherry Red Wear

Dave ofĀ Cherry Red Report has started marketing a range of spanko related clothing. You can read about it in this postĀ Introducing Cherry Red-Wear, the Summer/Fall Collection or go directly to the selling site through this link Cherry Red Report garments.

Well done England and Wales

The England and Wales Cricket team won their third Test match against India, this week. This not only ensures them victory in the Test series but ups their world ranking to the best Test Cricket team in the world. I must say that I am thoroughly chuffed and in the mood to celebrate. England and Wales are now officially….



A Goodbyeeee – A New Blog – Blog under construction – And Some Wimbledon Humour

Goodbyeeee Chloe Elise’s Spanking Adventures

Chloe Elise’s Spanking Adventures is still there but it’s author had stopped posting on it over six months ago. It is the blog of a well known spanking model and performer from the USA and is still worth checking out for the contents of it’s archives. It is time to remove this blog from the lists and wish Ms Elise the best in her future endeavors.


A new Blog

Sexsential is the vanilla blog of a veteran spanking blogger, Fred Blogs. It has been put on the Non Spanking And BDSM blogs page. The page link is just under the title of this blog.


Blog under construction

New Page – If you look just under the title banner of this blog, you will see some page links. A new one has been added for Spanking And Kinky ResourceĀ Sites.

Some scribbling in the side bar – At the bottom of the side bar (on the right) a statement has been added about the “Not for profit” status of this blog.



As this yearly tennis event draws to a close, it seems appropriate to post some related images about this that where found around the ‘Net.

Tennis cat say’s spank harder

New outfits cause rise in TV viewers

And enjoy the view


Funny Willies

But hopefully funny šŸ™‚


Like most of the weekly posts on this blog this was put together last night and then put in the scheduled list. I’m just having one of those (luckily few and far between) days when spanking just does not come into my mind. I have had some images of Funny Willie type things on my hard drive for some time and I thought that you the reader might find them a giggle.


Never go out with a loaded gun

More than one good prick

And she must be a big fan of Willie