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In the comments on a post in this blog last week, morningstar threw down a bit of a gauntlet. You can visit morningstar’s blog through this link


Her comment simply said

welllllllll Prefectdt – post some male bottoms and we ladies will gladly point out the cute ones

This is because I have no idea what constitutes a cute, male rear end. So I fired up Google Search and went hunting for some boy butt images and I would like to invite you to vote on them. I see no reason why the male readers out there should also not have an opinion on the matter, if they so choose. So simply list your favourites by number in the comment section with most favourite first and least favourite last and help guide me on what is and is not hot where the male posterior is concerned

Number 1

A bubble butt

Number 2

A muscle butt

Number 3

An idy bidy butt

Number 4

An athletic butt

Number 5

A plus-sized butt

Number 6

A twinky butt

I am very curious as to what peoples choices will be. As I said before, I have absolutely no clue as to which of these butts is hot and which is not