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>Poll Results – Who Is Going To The Planet Greenass To Spank The Aliens

>Well the results of the poll are in and it has been decided who is going to be our Spanking Ambassador to the Planet Greenass.

In fourth place with no votes was Pavel Statsney from RGE Films

In Third place with one vote was David Pierson from Punished Brats

And in third place with three votes (this was NASA’s choice) Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard

The winner with nine votes, who will whup ass where no asses have ever been whupped before is Cassie Hunter from Cassie Canes

Here She is all suited and booted and ready to give those aliens what for

I heard on the Internet ether that some people at the Full Force Forum where a little concerned about Ms Hunter’s absence. Well although she will be spending several years on the planet Greenass, because of the (insert your favourite SC-FI geeky word here) factor she will not seem to be gone from the planet Earth for more than a couple of minutes and will not have aged at all.

Houston we have a cane


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