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Dead Dead The Bitch Is Dead

Finally Thatcher has gone to hell


Normally I never blog or use any password on WiFi but for this one occasion I had to make an exception. At last, after 87 years of spreading her destructive malevolence upon the face of the earth, the piece of filth that was Margret Thatcher is no more. It is time for all good people to dance and make merry in the streets to mark this most joyous of days. I feel privileged to have lived long enough to see it.

To mark the occasion I have started a little song, to be song to the tune of “The witch is dead” from The Wizard of Oz

The Bitch is dead

Dead dead the bitch is dead

Which old bitch

The stupid bitch

Dead dead the stupid bitch is dead

Dead dead the bitch is dead

Howd she die

No one said

But I hope a house fell on her head

Dead dead the stupid bitch is dead


Please feel free to create more verses and sing them with joy and happiness


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13 responses

  1. What a shitty attitude and an equally shitty post! Not ever visiting this blog again. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!

    • No she was the one with the shitty attitude that destroyed the lives of many thousands of good people and ruined the country of my birth. Added to which it was Thatcher and Reagan that set up the financial systems that put the markets and the banks on the road that ended up with the world in the financial mess that we see today. In comparison to how bad she was, my post is moderate and over lenient.


  2. Oh dear, I had no idea she was so unpopular.

  3. Pref,

    You didn’t like her then:) She divides the nation in death as she did when she was alive.

  4. It was running reckless balance sheets and lending 125% mortgages etc that caused the banks problems. This happened almost exclusively under Blair/Brown.

    • You are correct and it was the weakness of the Blair/Brown regime and others in other countries, in not putting proper controls on these financial practices that shows a failure of political will and is why I was not a supporter of New Labour or other regimes that failed in that period. But it was the deregulation of banking and the markets during the Thatcher/Regan era that set the lack of rules that resulted in the bad practices in the first place.


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