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Catchu-2bkinky Out Of Business

less than a month after starting this blog I reviewed a shop, that I had visited in Antwerp, called Catchu-2bkinky, you can see the review through this link Catchu-2bkinky – A BDSM Clothing And Accesories Outlet Review. I liked this shop but had not visited there in some time (more than 18 months) and had decided to go back and check it out again. Going to my own review to link through to the shop’s website, I found that the link no longer worked. I then Googled for the shop and found, in a legal document, the following –

Bij vonnis van de rechtbank van koophandel te Antwerpen van
1 juni 2011 werd het faillissement van Catchu-2BKinky BVBA, Nassaustraat
8, B-2000 Antwerpen 1, ondernemingsnummer 0882.829.761,
gesloten bij ontoereikend actief.
Beschouwd als vereffenaar : P. Van Der Parre, Nassaustraat 8,
2000 Antwerpen 1.
De curator : Mr. Van Passel, Marc, advocaat, Frankrijklei 146,
B-2000 Antwerpen 1.
De griffier-hoofd van dienst, (get) M. Caers.
(Pro deo) (25387)

Basically a legal declaration that as of the first of June, this year, Catchu-2bkinky had been declared bankrupt. Belgium is a small country and good specialist shops and facilities are not exactly thick on the ground, So I was a bit gutted to find this news.

Goodbyeeee Catchu-2bkinky

I’m gonna miss this shop and wish that I had visited more often


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  1. The bankrupt stock must have been interesting – wonder if they had a sale!

  2. I wish that I hadn’t put off my visit and gone a couple of months ago and could have found out for myself. It is a shame that this place has shut down, a victim of the global economic downturn, I presume.



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