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A Bad Combination But

There do seem to be some spanking related beers around like this one for a Yuletide celebration

Or even a little Star Wars toasting and roasting beer

And a French language variant

Beer and sex also seems like a bad combination but that does not seem to deter the advertisers

But yes I do want to get some beer glasses like these

And let’s not leave the Bondage community out of this very bad mix

At the end of the day you have to ask yourself “Do I really want to get spanked, tied up or laid by someone in this state?”

Cheers and Bottoms Up to all of you


12 responses

  1. Interesting assembly of shots…….and beers.

  2. LOL – trust me (speaking from recent experience) NO I do not want to be spanked or laid under the influence..

  3. LoL Prefectdt, Love these. I want those glasses too


  4. I love those glasses! and no. I prefer that no spankings take place if there are large amounts of alcohol involved. Altho I have had sex post-drink and a couple of shots makes for a nice buzz.

  5. fun pictures. i would like a set of those beer glasses also
    bottoms up

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