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>A Spanko On The Move – Moving Some Blogs – Spankolife Returns – And Taking Bratting Too Far


A Spanko on the move with a bit of a name change

Devlin O’ Neill’s Web log has changed it’s name to Devlin O’ Neill’s Web Log & Poppy’s too!.The new address for this is The old web address will still get you to the site but the RSS feed will not work on the old address, when used as a link. As the new title suggests this is now the blog of Devlin O’ Niell and Poppy St.Vincent. Poppy’s Submissions is still alive and well but is now intended for shorter posts.

Moving some blogs

There are some blogs in the top blog roll that have become less frequent posters, over the last few months and so they are going to be moved down to the second blog roll. This is not a criticism of the posts on these blogs. it is just that the top list is of blogs that I check out every day and so the less frequently posted blogs sit more appropriately in the second blog roll.

The blogs to be moved are
Chronicles of Correction
Chloe Elise’s Spanking Adventures

Happy Blogging is not very frequently posted on but is still a useful place for tech advice for bloggers and so is to be moved off the third blog roll and onto the useful websites list.

Spankolife is back up and running

After taking some downtime, to change servers, Spankolife, the social networking website for spankos, is now back in working order. Thanks to Mitch, of All Things Spanking, for the heads up on that.

Unacceptable bratting

I have featured the vids of PrankvsPrank before on this blog but there is such a thing as taking brating too far. In this vid the male half of the duo posts a video of his female partner striping off, without her knowledge of the vid being made. In my book this counts as non consensual and therefor unacceptable. So I would ask those of you with a conscience to watch this clip and then go to their YouTube channel and leave a comment berating this breach of protocal.




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