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Dani Daniels originates from California, in the USA. But has proven that she is a truly international model. She has a well-earned reputation as a spankee and has graced the websites of many spanking video producers

And we should be glad to have her presence in our little corner of the kinky world. Her receiving end performances are always a joy to watch

She did not start out in the spankoverse though. Back in 2011, she launched her career, performing in exclusively Girl, Girl pornography

Then later moved on to include heterosexual pornography to her portfolio

Expanding her horizons further, she started appearing in BDSM productions

Including bringing her slim and trim presence into the spanking world

Where she does tend to shine out somewhat

She does have a well deserved reputation for being able to take it very hard

And I have seen a few “Between the takes” videos where she is berating the spanker for taking it too easy on her

Ms Daniels does appear in a wide range of scenes, receiving many different implements, in a wide-ranging number of positions

Try as I might, I could not find a GIF of her on the wrong end of a large American style paddle. The spanking toy that I associate with her the most

She is not shy about handing out some licks herself

But I would rate her as a moderate to light spanker, despite liking it to come in hard when her own derrière is on the receiving end

She shines more as a spankee, than as a spanker

With her sultry, dark, 1930s Jazz club singer looks, (I wonder if she can sing?) let us hope that she continues to grace the spanking world with her presence for some time to come

Sometimes she can bring an added extra element to a spanking scene

It is not difficult to find evidence of Dani Daniels, around the internet. Some resources are linked below




And here is a toast to seeing more of Ms Daniels’ behind being roasted, in the future


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  1. I think I actually have heard of her, and no doubt seen her in pics. Interesting array of different scenes.


  2. WOW! I’m impressed with Dani Daniels !
    Pic #8 – that’s a really tough position – I have tried it once – hated it! for numerous reasons but mainly because it’s so damn uncomfortable.

    A number of the pics show the BDSM side of spanking – which I rather enjoyed. 🙂

    • I think that you’re talking about the one with the wrist/ankle restraint morningstar. That does look difficult.

      Searching the web, I get the impression that Ms Daniels has done far more BDSM shoots than spanko shoots


  3. Hmmmmm, I find it curious that as a guy on the receiving end, you never did an expose (to my memory) on a male spanking model. I was even wondering given the weird way this industry seems to work, whether there even IS such a thing?

    • The spanko video production world is infected with a lot of misandry, KD. I only know of one site, Dreams Of Spanking, that treats and pays its male submissives in the same way as it treats its female submissives. Many sites expect male subs to perform for free or even pay to appear in a video, that will be used to generate cash. I cannot find it in myself to be a fan of guys who allow themselves to be mistreated in this way. And one site is not enough to build up a fan base for those guys who are honestly employed in spanking video productions. So no male submissive focuses 😦


  4. Such a lovely girl! I adore her figure and her facial expressions ❤

    • Some of her content is a bit overly sexualized for me, nora. But she has such a high endurance level and in out-takes and in-between shots shows a lot of dedication to producing a great video, that she earns my respect. She is hot though. Pity that I never seem to be able to fancy girls that have tripped my “Fellow Sub” button


  5. Wow! Now we know how you spend your time, researching spanking artists. Never knew she started in porn, and progressed to spanking. Thought it might be the opposite career path. Fun to read. Thanks
    bottoms up


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