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Can You Tell Me How It Looks Back There?

A French Christmas Carol

The French celebrate Christmas too! Who would have guessed it? I wonder if they have brussel sprouts, with their roast whatever managed to crawl out of the bucket? Perhaps finishing the meal with a lovely garlic pudding, wearing seasonal jolly red berets with a sprig of holly on them 🙂 … Just a minute, I have been handed a note, it reads…

Your insensitive and inappropriate racial stereotyping has been noticed and will be severely dealt with. Report to the office of the Head Mistresses immediately

OO ER! I had better be off. Enjoy this carol while I am away. It might drown out my protestations 🙂

Noël Nouvelet


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  1. ok you got me!!! I was reading your french ‘editorial’ (for lack of a better word) and was half grinning thinking to myself ‘I wonder if he knows I am originally from Quebec and speak french’… LOL clever post Prefectdt!!!

    and your Saturday’s sore seat really DOES look sore!!!

    • In real life, I do my best not to be racist, morningstar. But I was just in such a bratty mood, when I wrote this post 🙂

      I think she took a hard strapping, by the looks of it


  2. I enjoyed that piece of music. Very haunting.

  3. Love her doleful expression. But question: is it me, or do a lot of spanked butts seem marked like 6″ or more too high? Shouldn’t a good whacking go from a good couple of inches below the top of the buttcrack to about two to three inches onto the upper thigh? I know mine do. I’m curious what you prefer? All I know is if this was a color overlay I’d slide the whole pinkened area down quite a ways.

    • I was thinking the same thing! XOXO

      • I was too! But beautiful bottom and spanking! Carol is lovely too.

        • Hello all. This performer was shooting with Real Spankings Institute, who are well known for their hard punishments. A spankee, producing videos for a site like this, would usually shoot for between 6 and 10 different scenes in a day, if the interviews that I have seen are to be believed, for such a company. Seeing as this is a heavy strapping, it is likely that it was a shoot early in the afternoon, lighter stuff in the morning, usually, But she probably has 2 or 3 more scenes to do in the day. It is likely that the lower half of her buttocks have been spared, enabling her to take more spanking there for the later scenes, that she would have been shooting. This company is a bit famous for their use of heavy American School paddles and that over an already harshly battered part of her buttocks would be too much. That is why I suspect that this strapping has been kept to the upper parts of her buttocks and not been spread out more

          It is a beautiful carol merksmith


  4. Ooh ouchh, very sore, and is it just me or do most pics show rather symmetrical marks across both cheeks?



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