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Sit Back And Have A Giggle

This is a bit of an emergency post, due to computer issues. But more about that later in the post. First watch and enjoy

Computer Problems

My computer wanted to restart for a BIOS update, so I restarted it. And then it crashed. Only a few months out of the box, not very impressive Hewlett Packard. All I get from it is a black screen and the on light. I am writing this on a borrowed computer, from a friend who kept his old computer as an emergency back up, luckily for me. I have looked around the ‘net for some tips and tricks, none of which worked. Apparently, now I have to get a BIOS download, from HP, put it on a flash drive and try that. I can do this if I can find my computer’s serial number, which is not on the computer, so I have to go hunting for the box it came in. I do not want to go creating files and stuff like that, on this computer. So posting might be a bit unusual for a while.


PS – If anyone has any good tips on deleting browsing history, they will be gratefully received


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  1. LoL at the gifs Prefectdt, these are hilarious. Gotta love the last two LoL

    Ugh, sorry to hear about the computer issues, that sucks. Bloody downloads often cause the machine to crash so it seems. Hope you are able to resolve it relatively easily and quickly. We’ll be here waiting 🙂


  2. I vote for 2, 4, & 6. 3 actually creeped me out a bit.

  3. Bad luck, Prefectdt. I would hurry to the nearest computer repair shop and get it fixed there.

    To delete browsing history, go to the settings on the computer’s browser. There’s usually a place to delete history. In Firefox, it’s under Privacy and Security, and you can tell Firefox to never remember history.

    Good luck!

    Oh, and Ron will love the pictures.


    • I have managed to get a BIOS download fix, from HP support, on a pen drive Hermione. It seems to be doing something to the computer. I will let that have a go tonight and then it is back to the shop if it does not work. I have a 12 month guarantee. Thanks for the tips on browser history


  4. I loved the gifs Prefectdt…….. but I will confess I didn’t ‘get’ #2.

    As for the computer issues….. if the computer is less than a year old – I’d take it back to the shop … or contact HP……… that’s unacceptable!! We had a similar issue with the lil one’s new computer a couple of weeks ago……….. it would start but I’d get nothing but a black screen and the green glow of the on button……… took it back to the shop and believe it or not the guy hit the on/off button and held it down for about 5 minutes. Then he restarted it………. and it worked! He said that it cleared the memory or something like that…….. probably not your problem BUT just thought I would mention it…. in case …………

    • Number 2 – Look what the recoil does to her buttocks

      As soon as I could, I got on YouTube and looked for tips and tricks, morningstar. There are a suspicious amount of them for HP computers. I tried all the relevant ones, they did not work. I have a bios fix, on a pen drive, stuck into the computer right now. The fan keeps going on and off and the screen keeps going from black to slightly less black. So I presume something is happening inside. I will give that a bit of time first


  5. Sorry to hear of your computer troubles. I am always leery of updates, but little you can do except use the update. Loved the gifs. Red

    • I am used to problems from updates, Red. But never with a computer this new. I had not thought to get some fix drives, pre-prepared yet. Normally I tend to do that when a computer is two and a half to three years old. New computers should not do this


  6. Once you are back up and running, you might install CCleaner…it is what I use every couple of days…deletes browser history, cookies, etc., and seems to keep the computer running well. I’ve been using it for years.

  7. HP used to be better but haven’t had one for a while. Have had several Lenovo’s and they’ve been pretty reliable… which is a good thing since I always seem to wait until after a problem occurs to remember to set up the Recovery disks!

    And on the history, you might check your browser settings. Some these days have a setting to auto-delete history and other items when you close them.

    • Thanks for the tip, txdwer. Personally my best experiences have been with Medion computers, but only Aldi sells them in Belgium, So you have to wait for a special to get one. I believe Lenovo owns Medion now


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