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Family Guy Spanking

I found this image on a site with lots of Family Guy illustrations (mostly vanilla). Someone must have posted it before but I cannot remember seeing it, so it must be new to some other people out there as well. Someone must have made it, if anyone knows who, please do tell and I will add a credit to the post.

Lois learns about adult education


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  1. I’m not familiar with Family Guy but that’s a cute cartoon.


  2. Yep good cartoon. Don’t watch Family Guy. Thanks Prefectdt.


  3. @ Hermione and Ronnie – I don’t see Family Guy that often but it is a good laugh and there are a lot of spanking and kinky images, based on the show, floating around the internet.


  4. I may have to tune in! Haven’t seen it. Good cartoon!

  5. See, now I have to go and search YouTube for the episode where Stewie fantasies about Lois in bondage gear.
    Great, so another couple of hours wasted. Thanks!!

  6. Family Guy is fantastic – particularly Stewie. I was a bit like him when younger 🙂

  7. A mother can be naughty, very naughty, so a board of education implement, such as a paddle, can get to the seat of the problem, namely the mother’s bottom, A bare bottom at best.

  8. Creeping out of the shadows to say I think this was a submission from ‘Mr Hyde’ over at the Chross Blog. There’s some other Family Guy related stuff in the Chross Cartoons gallery ( 🙂


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