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A Goodbyeeee – New Pages – A New Blog – Of The Year – Transferred Blogs – And Earning A Spanking On The Beach


Goodbyeeee The Little Red Schoolhouse

The Little Red Schoolhouse has been around since long before I started to read blogs and although it had been getting a little sparsely posted on recently it did have an excellent archive of spanking stories from it’s owner Abby Williams. The blog is Gone from the sphere now and I am sure will be missed by many. Good luck to Ms Williams and I hope that the future treats you kindly.


New Pages

Instead of having an overly long side bar, I thought that I would take advantage of WordPresses facility to have more than one page on a blog. If you scroll up to the top of the blog you will see some tabs under the banner title. I have added a brief profile of myself and The Dormant Blogs List.


A new blog for the rolls

Dana Kane – Disciplinarian is the blog of Dana Kane, a disciplinarian (Duh!), from the USA. This blog is being added to the second roll.




Rear of the year

This years winners of the UK’s annual Rear Of The Year competition have been announced as Anton Du Beke and Carol Vorderman. I’m sure that this will be of interest to spankos world wide. Thanks to the blog Our Bottoms Burn for highlighting this in this post Rear of the Year.


Some more blogs transferred from the old blog

The Official Blog of Audrey Knight:

The Pink Report

The Woody Back to School Unit


Underling’s Humblings

Vintage Spanking Photos


How to earn a spanking at the beach

I hope that this blond lady has a flip flop handy as it definitely needs applying to the rear ends of these blokes (brilliant bit of bratting guys)


2 responses

  1. Great video…though she was dangerously high! I still think Kylie is top of the bottoms…for me half the charm of a girl’s bottom is in her face. So don’t rate Pippa much. Carol is pretty good, but would probably do Sudoku or something whilst otk…:D

    • Hi Wordsmith. I must admit that I have never been that big a fan of Ms Vorderman but she definitely has a hot rear end, especially when you consider that she is 50 now.


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